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Developer, Staging and Mapping

Staging & Mapping Core Development (Stored Procedures & Azure Database)

  • Collaborates with architects and business partners to fashion out the technical vision for applications employing SSIS, SSRS, and SQL server, etc.
  • Gathering of business requirements and creating architectural designs related to staging and mapping.
  • Design, develop, and support new and current ETL processes employing industry standards and best practices to enhance loading of data from and into different source/ target systems.
  • Provide support to the organization’s business requirements in the application and consumption of information from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) or from other suitable source systems.
  • Participate in sessions to analyze, modify, and create ETLs, utilizing SSIS, testing, debugging, integration and implementation processes.
  • Document technical needs for ETL processes and databases, and ensuring optimal technical infrastructure is utilized.
  • Deliver data integration projects leveraging best practices, expertise, and experience as well as effective technology know-how.
  • Perform various complex assignments with minimal supervision; and must be able to carry out training for company and IT staff.
  • Consolidate and optimize available staging and data warehouse infrastructure.
  • Conceive analytics and business intelligence platform architecture for clients, including internal and third-party clients.
  • Design and implement ETL procedures for intake of data from both internal and outside sources; as well as ensure data is verified and quality is checked.
  • Design and implement ETL processes and data architecture to ensure proper functioning of analytics, as well as reporting environments and dashboard.
  • Collaborate with business and technology stakeholders in ensuring data warehouse architecture development and utilization.
  • Carry out monitoring, tuning, and database performance analysis.
  • Perform the design and extension of data marts, meta data, and data models.
  • Ensure all data warehouse architecture code is maintained in a version control system.

Staging & Mapping UI Development

  • Improve the look and feel of interactive computers and product software.
  • Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a website or product, from the layout menus and drop-down options to colors and fonts.
  • Build storyboards to conceptualize designs and convey project plans to clients and management.
  • Develop high performing, scaling and innovative end-to-end applications.
  • Collaborate extensively with system engineers, product owners, subject matter experts.
  • Work on enterprise-scale/complex projects that require you to connect the business needs and domain with technical knowledge.
  • Learn technical frameworks and apply best practices for scalable and maintainable code.
  • Breaking down problems and estimating time for development tasks
  • Designing interfaces and information exchange between modules and working on relevant Technology stack.

Senior D365 & Finance Analyst

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Job Description

The role of the Senior D365 and Finance Analyst is responsible for developing and maintaining software and other technological aspects, ensuring optimal use of automation and system capabilities to develop and formulate enhancements and efficiencies in system processes, collaborating with key stakeholders such as senior Finance Managers as well as CFOs to improve efficiency and deliver intuitive experiences.

  • Determine and document how the customer’s functional requirements fit into the product offering to architect a comprehensive solution that delivers value to the customer while utilising the best technology fit.
  • Obtain a complete understanding of the business and functional requirements.
  • Devise and document technical solutions within the limitations of the product that meets the functional requirements and is clear, concise, unambiguous and easy to understand.
  • Quote for development activities to ensure the scope of work can be performed in the quote timeframe and that the value of the solution is clearly articulated.
  • Install application stack, back and restore databases. database management and optimisation to ensure database availability high performance levels.
  • Design, code, and debug solutions that are bug free and confirm to specifications and are delivered timeously within the required timeframe.
  • Document source code.
  • Provide procedural documentation where required.
  • Upgrade software versions and customisations to latest releases according to best practices.
  • Develop seamless integrations.
  • In depth knowledge of scripting languages and database management.
  • Unit and system testing according to the Test Plans.
  • Ensure that code changes are released in packages for easy deployment.
  • Handover of development to required representative.


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