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Senior Manager, Credit Evaluation


  • To assist Business and Commercial Banking in their asset growth targets by providing effective value adding risk management, whilst maintaining a quality-lending book, through judicious and effective management thereof.
  • The delivery of a professional service to the business units, by assessing and evaluating credit facilities (new and/or existing) based on sound credit & financial principles which supports the minimising of risk to the bank.
  • Ensure the effective assessment of risk with respect to lending and related activities across all branches and suites.

Key Responsibilities

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Ensure the effective management of Credit Portfolio Allocated

  • Evaluates whether Business and Commercial Banking proposals meet sound business criteria and credit risk falls within acceptable parameters, approve and recommends appropriate credit facilities including terms or conditions of facilities.
  • Ensure accuracy and reliability of approvals within advised DA, or referrals to higher authority, on Business applications reviewed
  • Add value to the credit approval process by guiding originators as appropriate to reduce reworks on applications to < 10%.  
  • Identify, quantify and evaluate credit risks in relation to profitability of business proposals and financial viability of Business banking credits.
  • Manage adherence to the service level agreement that have been concluded.
  • Builds relationship with Branch based business and suite-based Business and Commercial Banking Managers to improve quality of business proposals and turnaround time on credit evaluations.
  • Detects and evaluate shifts or changes in key risk parameters and evaluate the implications of such changes on continued banking relationship.
  • Actioning of the daily referral report and make decisions to pay or not based on the reason for excess and source of adjustment, the terms of sanction in existence and the risk to which the Bank is exposed.
  • Issuing of sanction letters, clearly stating the conditions and requirements of the lending.
  • Actively hind sighting lending decisions to ensure that correct procedure are being followed in the approval of facilities, which will prevent new NPL’s.
  • Monitor watch lists process to ensure that irregular accounts are identified early and accounts identified as high risk are being managed effectively in terms of agreed action plans.
  • Review of relevant internal & external communications, such as circulars, economic reviews on industries, & financial or industry publications to ensure that any development, new requirements or external risks are properly taken cognizance of in lending decisions or conditions of lending.
  • Carry out other functions that could be assigned on daily basis in addition to present roles.
  • Liaising with Legal department on credit related issues.

Complete effective financial analysis of counter party credit risks

  • Undertake quantitative and qualitative financial analysis to develop a comprehensive understanding of counter party risks for new or increased facilities. 
  • Maintain a high-quality lending book by timeous, sound and pragmatic recommendations and decisions in managing accounts within portfolio.

Effective Management and completion of all other required administration

  • Daily management, escalation and control of portfolio irregularities.
  • Participate in projects as delegated from time to time.
  • Management of excesses on portfolio.

Keep abreast of industry specific knowledge and key developments

  • Participate in and remain abreast of market developments. 
  • Stay attuned to industry and market risk developments and trends in relation to counterparty exposures and their impact on the underlying portfolios.
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Ensure efficient and effective stakeholder engagement

  • Proactively develop and manage relationships with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Work closely with front office to secure deals by providing the appropriate structuring advice at the appropriate DA (Delegated Authority) level.


Minimum Requirements 

  • Undergraduate Degree in Commerce 

Preferred Requirements 

  • Masters Degree in Commerce 
  • 5 to 7 years experience in Personal and Business Banking with thorough conceptual and practical knowledge of credit procedures, policies and standards, as well as a thorough understanding of products and facilities that give rise to counterparty credit risk. Understanding of Basel and broader regulatory and compliance. Good understanding of vanilla lending and derivative products and facilities that give rise to counterparty credit risks, including the documentation required/presented to manage that risk. Sound Knowledge of available products including competitor products and industry trends
  • 3 to 4 years experience in Risk Management with well developed knowledge of financial markets, global economy and appropriate regional geographies in which portfolio operates.

Manager, Business Support & Recoveries


  • Manages the reduction of forward roll rates to prevent accounts from moving into impairment bearing brackets.
  • To manage and lead staff and serve as a subject matter expert in the capabilities of Pre-NPL loans
  • To ensure the effective and efficient rehabilitation, collections, and recovery of outstanding amounts in the Pre-NPL loans
  • To implement and manage Pre-delinquency Strategies
  • To support the development of self-cure models
  • To aid the effective management of technical arrears
  • Adherence and adoption of the Pre-NPL watchlist and monitoring policies and processes

Key Responsibilities 


  • Guides and mentors’ staff to identify opportunities where distressed debt solutions can be provided to customers and staff alike in order that they can be rehabilitated back to the performing loans portfolio
  • Designs the required strategies and formulates effective tactical plans to maximise collections on unwilling customers through instituting legal and collections actions in the most efficient manner to reduce the monthly impairment charges
  • Ensures that in-house and outsourced collections strategies are effectively executed in order to achieve agreed collections rates. The outsource strategies must be driven in collaboration with the Vendor manager
  • Operates within delegated authority levels and ensures that subordinates have the requisite mandates to perform their daily tasks
  • Actions delegated tasks from the Head, Rehabilitation and Recoveries within specified deadlines and reporting requirements
  • Reports suspicious transactions to Fraud Prevention Services and to the Money Laundering Officer where appropriate
  • Ensures consistency in the execution of Bank policy and procedures in order to adhere to all laid down governance requirements regarding actions instituted in the Pre-NPL portfolio
  • Ensures continuous improvement on set  performance benchmarks in order to yield optimal performance levels
  • Evaluates and improves on existing practices within Specialised Recoveries in order to ensure continued effectiveness and processing efficiencie
  • Acts within the prescribed mandate insofar instituting legal action and supporting of Liquidators
  • Represents the Bank during Court Cases as the primary witness and liaises directly with Bank’s Attorneys
  • Signs Legal documentation where required within mandate on all matters handed to Attorneys
  • Supports the appointment of vendors within mandate


  • Implementation of appropriate measurements and processes required for an efficient and effective team
  • Satisfactory ratings on internal and external audits
  • Maintain capabilities aligned to the CART assurance standards
  • Value of monthly provisions reduced within agreed budget
  • Collections rates as per agreed targets
  • Impaired portfolio within budget
  • Production and distribution of agreed performance outputs and benchmarks
  • Cost/Recovery ratios within budget


  • Guides and mentors’ staff to identify opportunities to increase recovery rates to exceed monthly targets
  • Designs the required in-house and outsourced strategies and ensures diligent execution to maximise performance, this must be done in collaboration with the Manager partnerships in as far as outsource strategies are concerned
  • Ensures that all the required processes, systems and controls are relevant to effectively manage the in-house accounts to achieve set recovery targets
  • Ensures that robust repossession, storage, and disposal controls are in place to facilitate the securing and realisation of the Bank’s assets
  • Operates within delegated authority levels and ensures that subordinates have the requisite mandates to perform their daily tasks
  • Adheres to the requirements of the Credit Agreements and Usury Acts
  • Ensures consistency in the execution of Bank policy and procedures to adhere to all laid down governance requirements regarding actions instituted in the Written off portfolio
  • Ensures continuous improvement on set  performance benchmarks to yield optimal performance levels
  • Evaluates and improves on existing practices within Recoveries in order to optimise processing efficiencie
  • Acts within the prescribed mandate insofar capital and/or interest compromises and the classification of accounts as ‘irrecoverable’


  • Ensures internal stakeholder management through regular reporting on the performance of the Pre- NPL Loans insofar the net provisions raised and recoveries on account of bad debts
  • Provides suitable advice as and when required, regarding the legal, collections and recoveries processes to internal stakeholders and external service providers to manage expectations regarding performance outcomes and trends in the portfolios


  • Analyses credit data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to highlight efficiency gains and identify adverse trends requiring management interventions that consequently assist in achieving set targets and credit process efficiencies – for Pre-NPL
  • Ensures the production and distribution of agreed performance outputs, i.e actuals vs set targets and reports that provide the required Portfolio insights to management  and other stakeholders
  • Dynamic Management Information that articulates the department’s activities, outputs, trends and performance
  • Provide accurate data and reports timeously, inclusive of the processes governing the outsourcing of accounts with regard to account distribution by performance
  • Provide relevant recommendations and suitable action plans to stakeholders as and when required, specifically as it relates to costly, protracted Legal matters


  • Manages Legal and Collections costs within agreed budgets for the Legal portfolios in the Pre-NPL and Recoveries departments.
  • Manages headcount for the Specialized Recoveries and Recoveries department within approved target.


  • Responsible for inspiring, motivating, leading, and managing the team
  • Responsible for the recruitment, development, and retention of relevant skills to meet the business needs
  • Ensures the effective selection of staff by matching the skills and competencies to the requirements of the job
  • Ensures skills assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required
  • Builds organisational capabilities through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with these 
  • Creates an environment in which learning, and development are emphasised and valued
  • Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others, especially as it relates to the correct application of the various Laws within the departments
  • Effectively delegates authority and responsibility, in line with business objectives, to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports
  • Promotes a culture where the values of the Bank are seen to be ‘alive’
  • Encourages team members to express their views, resolves issues raised by the team, escalates issues if required, and provides feedback to teams on an ongoing basis
  • Develops and maintains an open communication channel with direct reports
  • Monitors and manages the performance and development of staff within the area
  • Ensures staff are appropriately and consistently rewarded and recognised for their achievements and outputs
  • Ensures that disciplinary action and grievances are addressed and aligned to the Standard Bank policies and procedures
  • Maintain satisfactory ratings from all internal and external stakeholders including audit and similar functions
  • Number of external courses attended by staff
  • Frequency of internal connect and feedback sessions
  • Formal training programme in place which addresses skills shortages and EPM PDP requirements
  • Appropriate and consistent participation in the Bank’s Reward and Recognition schemes.
  • Diligent application of the Bank’s Performance Management processes


Minimum Requirements 

  • First Degree in Commerce or Legal 


  • 3 to 4 years experience in instituting the appropriate legal action against recalcitrant debtors by effectively applying the required litigation options in order to facilitate successful Court verdicts. Legal and Collections experience with a sound understanding of how the Law relates to the principles of financial credit risk management procedures. Exposure to and experience in Banking / Financial institution related legal and collections matters is a valuable benefit. Application of knowledge, experience and sound judgement in formulating solutions to rehabilitate through the application of various collection tactics, or via the institution of legal proceedings.
  • 1 to 2 years experience in managing a Collections department with the ability to manage and lead staff effectively to achieve the required results. Experienced in the understanding of credit risk assessment procedures to determine the best route of actions to be applied – both as it relates to unsecured and secured lending products.

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