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Equipment Operator

The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that operational excellence is delivered without compromising on quality, safety and service delivery.

Primary Duties / Essential Functions

  • Drive and/or operate ground support equipment to include tow tractors, tow bars, belt loaders, container loaders, baggage tugs, aircraft ground power units, aircraft air start units, air stairs, aircraft baggage carts, cargo dollies, ambulift , Vehicles and passenger vans in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance to license provided and within designated areas.
  • Ensure that company equipment is secured from loss or damage.
  • Reporting any incident, accident OR Damage of Aircraft or GSE in accordance with the written procedures.
  • Uphold and protect the company’s interests and image while at the Airside
  • Protect customer carrier–supplied products – e.g. ULD’s, Aircraft etc. from loss or damage by strictly adhering to written down procedures.
  • Ensuring serviceability of company equipment before operating it and reporting to the Supervisor where the equipment has been found to have a defect.
  • Preparing the ramp/apron area in readiness for provision of quality service to our customer carrier by setting up serviceable equipment, ensuring the equipment is parked within safe zones and performing FOD checks.
  • Loading and offloading aircraft hold of customer carriers off passenger luggage and air cargo, bulk and/or containers/pallets, onto carts and/or dollies as instructed by the Supervisor or person appointed to undertake flight Supervision.
  • Provide special handling of luggage/cargo as required/directed
  • Deliver passenger luggage to claim area and unload onto conveyor system
  • Collect and load mail, live animals, wheelchairs and child strollers onto aircraft
  • Inspect ramp areas adjacent to gate and aircraft for debris and remove/dispose of when found and maintain a tidy working environment.
  • Comply with all Swissport, airport authority, and carrier security requirements and ensure that driving license is valid at all times.
  • Strictly adhere to ramp safety rules and regulations at all times.
  • Check cargo and baggage for signs of hazards as per DGR requirements.

(NOTE: Average minimum salary 200K working as a Project Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Consultant, Financial Advisor, Technical adviso. Massive 2021 recruitment conducted by Government, Counties, NGOs, UN, UNDP, World Bank, international development community, UNESCO, WHO, USAID. Get the details click here)


  • KCSE Minimum C-
  • Professional Experience: Aviation industry or hospitality industry experience preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Valid Class driving licence with at least 3 years competence in driving
  • Experience: Prior experience in aviation and maintenance background is an added advantage.

Security Services Agent

The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that operational excellence is delivered without compromising on quality, safety and service delivery.

Primary Duties / Essential Functions

  • Aircraft Access Control: control access to the aircraft assuring that only authorized personnel enter the aircraft while on the ground.
  • Aircraft Ramp Access Control: providing access control and safety oversight while aircraft is on the ground.
  • Aircraft Search: meticulously searching all areas of the aircraft according to company and airline requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers pre-departure. Ensure all aircraft recoveries have been handed over for recording and recovery purposes to the duty supervisor.
  • Baggage Security: surveillance of baggage at sort area, Check-in, during escort and baggage/cargo in transit to ensure no baggage is tampered with, stolen or pilfered and nothing is put/introduced in the bags/cargo
  • Catering Security: providing surveillance at the catering kitchen, searching all catering equipment, and ensuring that nothing is tampered with in transit from the facilities to aircraft.
  • Passenger Verification: by providing exemplary customer service in airport terminal while making sure that all passengers have valid travel identification and are authorized to board flights.
  • Secure loaded and unloaded baggage/cargo and providing escort in and out of the aircraft to various destinations.
  • Comply with security regulations of customer aircrafts, passengers and cargo.
  • Adherence and compliance to all Standard Operating Procedures (Swissport & Carrier Specific).
  • Safeguard and properly handle passenger luggage at the baggage sort area to minimize chances of pilferage and damage to passenger luggage.
  • Monitor and screen all passengers/baggage using various methods including but not limited to x-ray, physical checks, body search to detect prohibited and dangerous items and make sure that safety is maintained.
  • Keep surveillance over porters, cleaners and all service providers in our operations ensuring that proper checks have been conducted and all incidents reported to supervisor.
  • Ensure proper documentation of flight clearance is done and submitted to customs and immigration within the stipulated timelines.
  • Secure all company property as well as customer airline property entrusted to the Company ensuring that proper inventory has been maintained during and post flight.
  • Ensure compliance with uniform standards in line with appearance, and personnel protective equipment policies (safety shoes, shaving, uniform cleanliness and jewelry).
  • Follow all safety and security guidelines set out by Swissport.
  • Remain alert and vigilant at all times while on duty reporting any incidents/concern areas to supervisor/HOD.
  • Collect and share intelligence reports/information with supervisors/HOD.


  • KCSE Minimum C-
  • Degree/Diploma in Business Related Course/ Certificate in Airport Operations/ Aviation Security
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Foreign language is an added advantage.

Passenger Services Agent

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The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that operational excellence is delivered without compromising on quality, safety and service delivery.

Primary Duties / Essential Functions

Check in

  • Prepare and clear check in counters pre and post flight with appropriate stationery and signage.
  • Provide a welcome service to our passengers at check in, and at other customer service touch points and to assist in providing a pleasant customer experience.
  • Verification of travel documentation and check in of departing passengers as per standard operating procedures.
  • Assist customers during flight irregularities i.e. delays, cancellations or diverted flights, coordinating communication with affected passengers to ensure passenger experience remains positive.
  • Maintain excellent customer service standards at all times.
  • Provide relevant information to customer queries and provide solutions to issues which may impact the customer’s experience.

Ticket Sales

  • Responsible for selling tickets for various airlines, including quoting fares and accepting payment.

Handling Baggage

  • Checking and weighing passenger baggage, charging appropriate baggage fees and questioning passengers regarding their baggage items as per airline requirements.

Gate Service

  • Counterchecking boarding pass, making announcements, ensuring that passengers are boarded efficiently.

Flight Control Operations

  • To prepare all documentation in compliance with IATA and airline requirements.
  • Ensure appropriate flight documentation is completed and filed.
  • Flight setup and close out.
  • Compiling and submission of post flight messages.
  • Completing airline-required gate operations for departing and arriving flights.
  • Provide flight editing function to ensure that any required service requests are applied to individual passengers.
  • Assist customers to resolve any booking irregularities to ensure passenger experience remains positive.


  • KCSE Minimum C-
  • Certificate/diploma preferably in the hospitality industry
  • Professional Experience: Aviation industry or hospitality industry experience preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Foreign language is an added advantage.

Method of Application

Application letter and CV should be forwarded via email with a subject line for example; Application for Security Services Agent – Mombasa Station


The Human Resource Manager
Swissport Kenya Limited
P.O. Box 19177, 00501 Nairobi

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