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Data Officers( 10Posts)

The Center for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (Ciheb) — Kenya is a local nongovernmental organization collaborating with the Ministry of Health and County Health Management Teams to strengthen health systems for improved quality of healthcare in Kenya. Ciheb-Kenya is collaborating with the county governments of Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Taita Taveta, Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Nairobi, Kisumu, and Migori to support the implementation and expansion of high-quality, sustainable, and comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs, and expansion of COVID19 vaccination with funding from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Through the County Ownership and Networks to maintain Nairobi Epidemic Control (CONNECT) program, Ciheb-Kenya and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) are working on a collaborative project toward the provision of high-quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment services to select health facilities in Nairobi City County. The project is therefore seeking suitably qualified persons able to fill the positions of the positions below. The positions will be based at the county health facilities in Nairobi within the County Health Services Department and mainstreamed into the county structures. These are one-year fixed-term contracts, renewable based on performance and funding availability.

Key Function

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The facility Data Officer will be fully responsible for patient health records and patient information management in the health facility.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Management of patient filing system at the facility, this will include day-to-day retrieval of patient charts, archival and safe storage of files and registers in all service delivery points.

2. Monitoring to ensure complete documentation of patient files and registers including filling of page summaries in all facility registers.

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3. Periodic data reconstruction and computerization of patient information from files, registers, and other reporting tools to EMR.

4. Data entry and updating of patient information from data capture and recording tools to EMR.

5. Conduction routine data quality audit of facility records, all patient beneficiary records, and registers.

6. Compile and ensure timely submission of facility monthly MOH reports as well as Program reports.

7. Timely and correctly upload all appropriate facility data into DHIS, DRAWS, 3 PM, National Data Ware House, and other databases as may be required by the program and MoH.

8. Conduct timely facility-level data analysis and implement DDIU strategies for purpose of facility data use.

9. Disseminate reports monthly, quarterly, and on the need to the facility’s multi-disciplinary team.

10. Monthly update of ALL facility talking walls for facility progress review.


Compile monthly MoH and PEPFAR/DATIM HIV-related reports

Qualifications and Desired Skills:

  • College Diploma with a specialization in Health Records and Information, Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Systems, Public Health Informatics, Statistics, or
  • Mathematics
  • Computer proficiency particularly with the MS Office suite
  • Must have enrolled in a Health Information and Records course at the Diploma level
  • A good understanding of health data management
  • 1 – 3 years experience in a health facility

HIV Retention Officers (4Posts)

Key Function
The Retention Officer will work with the facility teams to monitor progress related to continuity of care, patient retention strategies, and adherence support.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Examine retention strategies, and adherence support mechanisms and participate in the development of strategies to address findings.
2. Support facilities to initiate and monitor continuous quality improvement projects for continuity of care, patient retention, and adherence support.
3. Ensure that the program case management model is implemented with fidelity.
4. Ensure follow-up and retention of priority clients (new clients, transfer in, return to care, high VL, AGYW, GBV, PBFW, and children.
5. Supervise and mentor facility adherence officers and peer educators on strategies for continuity of care.
6. Ensure that a list of daily appointments and missed opportunities are generated and clients followed up to ensure less than 2% of missed appointments.
7. Ensure complete documentation of continuity of care tools (registers, FMATT, etc).
8. Ensure adoption of the Community Strategy implementation for the context of Nairobi County.
9. Distributes appropriate job aides, tools, and educational material for treatment support staff and counselors.
10. Ensure all facilities are implementing DSD and monitoring clients on facility and community DSD.
11. Provide daily/weekly/monthly/ quarterly updates to the retention specialist on daily/weekly activities and identify challenges so that they are addressed on time.
12. Participate in performance monitoring reviews of facility adherence officers.
Qualifications and Required Skills:
 Diploma in Psychological Counselling, Social Sciences, or a related field
 Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological counseling, Social sciences is an added advantage
 Training in Adherence Counselling
 Three (3) years experience in HIV patient retention at the facility level
 Excellent interpersonal communication.
 Good report writing skills
 Good communication skills.

Registered Clinical Officers (18 Posts)

Primary Function:
Reporting to the facility in charge the main objective of this position is to provide both clinical leadership and patient management at the facility level.
Key Activities:
1. Provide high-quality clinical HIV patient care according to national guidelines.
2. Provide high-quality TB/HIV collaborative care in line with the National guidelines.
3. Implement activities to improve the quality of care for HIV-infected children, adolescents, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.
4. Establish clinic systems that support patient care appropriate to the staffing levels and patient volumes, including supporting the establishment of patient flow with attention to infection control, and patient referral systems within the facility and with other institutions.
5. Participate in organizing training and mentorship programs including Continuous Professional Development.
6. In charge of Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings and case discussions at the facility.
7. Takes leadership in categorizing patients and initiating Differentiated Care Model (DCM) services at the facility.
8. Lead the team in PrEP/SGBV services.
9. Lead the evaluation and continuous improvement of medical practice (CQI Committee).
10. Support infection prevention control (IPC) measures at the health facility.
11. Participate in the generation, compilation, and utilization of site data to inform the delivery of services at the facility.
12. Perform any reasonable work-related duties as may be assigned from time to time.
 Preparation and verification of clinical site monthly reports.
 Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery or Clinical Medicine and Community Health from a recognized institution
 Certificate of registration from the Clinical Officers’ Council
 Certificate in Computer Applications Skills from a recognized institution
 NASCOP Certification in Provision of both adult and pediatric ART, and PMCT is an added advantage
Experience & Skills:
 Two (2) years of experience, 1 year of which should be within a busy HIV Comprehensive Care Centre.
 Demonstrable knowledge of HIV/ART management, diagnosis, and treatment procedures of conditions associated with HIV and Adherence support.

Registered Nurse (16 Posts)

Primary Function

Reporting to the facility in charge, the nurse will oversee the implementation of HIV care activities in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services integration in the health facility assigned.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Support ANC, PNC, and Maternity HIV testing.
2. Ensure ART uptake among HIV-infected pregnant/lactating women.
3. Ensure viral suppression among PMTCT women.
4. Oversee the provision of early infant diagnosis, care, and follow-up of HIV-exposed infants.
5. Ensure follow-up and retention of HIV-infected pregnant/lactating women and HIV-exposed infants (HEI) by use of the case management model.
6. Strengthen linkages between PMTCT and HEI services and Comprehensive Care Clinics.
7. Strengthen facility-community/community-facility linkages with the help of CHVs and case managers.
8. Supervise eMTCT services provided by the maternal case managers.
9. Work hand in hand with the clinical officers to implement patients’ Plans of Care.
10. Perform TB intensified case finding for PLHIV on every clinical encounter.
11. Initiate IPT for all PLHIV who don’t have TB or other Isoniazid Contra-Indications.
12. Send all PLHIV presenting with presumptive TB for GeneXpert as a first test.
13. Send all patients diagnosed with TB for HIV testing.
14. Initiate ART in all newly diagnosed TB/HIV co-infected patients within two (2) weeks of starting TB treatment.
15. Ensure that laboratory results are filed, documented, and communicated to the patients at all times.
16. Ensure 12-month/24-month HEI Cohort Analysis (HCA), PCR positive validation, and audits and PMTCT reports are done each month.
17. Participate in MNCH Working Improvement Teams(WITS) and initiate CQI projects on gaps identified.
18. Participate in MNCH in the generation, compilation, and utilization of PMTCT data.
19. Participate in Continous Professional development as required by the nursing council.
20. Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the organization.
 Diploma in any of the following disciplines: Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing, Kenya Registered Nursing, Kenya Registered Midwifery, Kenya Registered Nursing/Midwifery or Kenya Registered Nursing/Mental Health and Psychiatry from a recognized institution
 Registration Certificate issued by the Nursing Council of Kenya
 Valid practicing license from the Nursing Council of Kenya
 Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution.
 NASCOP Certification in Provision of both adult and pediatric ART, and PMCT is an added advantage
Experience & Skills:
 Two (2) years of experience, 1 year of which should be within a busy HIV Comprehensive Care Centre and/or in the provision of PMTCT services.
 Demonstrable knowledge of HIV/ART management, diagnosis and treatment procedures of conditions associated with HIV, adherence support, and PMTCT service delivery.

HTS Counsellor (24 Posts)

Overall Function:
Reporting to the facility in charge, the HTS provider provides HIV Counselling and testing services to all individuals at the facility and community level and supports the successful linkage of HIV-infected individuals in HIV care services.
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Provide HIV counseling and testing services as per Kenya HTS national guidelines.
2. Provide assisted partner notification services for all index clients.
3. Provide health education to clients as a strategy to increase demand for HIV testing services.
4. Optimize testing for all eligible clients at the facility level and ensure testing efficiency.
5. Provide counseling services addressing HIV prevention including risk reduction interventions and behavior change, use of ART for HIV prevention, etc.
6. Conduct risk screening for HTS clients and provide prevention services for HIV-negative clients including PrEP and distribute condoms and lubricant at the facility and community.
7. Ensure confirmed linkage (target of 95%) of HIV-positive clients.
8. Conduct defaulter tracing of pre-enrollment clients not linked to care in supported facilities.
9. Assess and document all referrals, make follow-ups and report on referral outcomes.
10. Compile and submit monthly HTS reports.
11. Initiate and conduct posttest clubs and support groups.
12. Participate in the site HTS QA/QC processes i.e., proficiency testing, directly observed practice sessions, and support supervision.
13. Conduct CQI activities to improve gaps identified based on data.
 Certificate in HTC Counselling (NASCOP Certified)
 Training in Assisted Partner Notification Services (aPNS)
 Diploma in Counselling Psychology
 Two (2) years of experience in HIV counseling and testing
How to Apply:
Kindly send your application which includes a cover letter and an updated CV including the names of three professional referees are advised to include the title “HTS COUNSELLOR” on the subject line. The Centre for International Health, Education and Biosecurity (Ciheb) — Kenya is an equal opportunity employer. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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