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Senior Backend Engineer


  • Mission-driven. You’re looking to use your skills to develop software that has a tangible social good. Social justice, open-source and international development are subjects that you would like to be directly involved with.
  • Result-oriented, independent, and intrinsically motivated. Given the freedom to work anywhere at flexible times, you can find your way towards commonly agreed results and work autonomously.
  • Open-minded and team-oriented. Our team is small, diverse, and tightly-knit. You are not afraid to ask questions and collaborate effectively in a remote environment. You understand how you’ll find more growth and success by extending collaboration beyond the circle of the engineering team. You demand and offer accountability with your colleagues.
  • Empathic and effective communicating in your day-to-day work.
  • You have experience developing with SQL databases (MySQL or other) and have a good idea of what may be slowing down a query or rendering a data interface layer inefficient.
  • You have experience designing REST API interfaces or a notion of the design choices and trade-offs.
  • Preferably, you have experience with modern PHP using Laravel or a similar stack with REST API implementations.
  • You’ve got some background or are willing to dive into these cross-cutting topics:
    • Data integrity assurance and auditing practices,
    • Information security,
    • DevOps, integration of development and release processes,
    • Open-source development.
  • Set up to work remotely: we’ll provide you with a laptop, but you’ll need a stable internet connection and an environment suitable to participate in video conferences.


What we offer

  • Socially responsible mission. Build technology directly for societal good.
  • Build a schedule that suits you. While we have meetings that everyone is expected to attend, there are no “business hours” at Ushahidi. We are a milestone-based company, not a sit-in-your-chair from 9 to 5 sort of organization.
  • Generous vacation policy: minimum 25 days/year.
  • Co-working space allowance of up to USD 250/month is available, or use of The Batcave: our office in Nairobi.
  • A laptop that becomes your property after 18 months.
  • Healthcare coverage.
  • Employees are entitled to parental leave of ninety (90) calendar days with full pay.


Because we calculate our salaries with a standardized location-based formula, we will send the salary range based on your location when we invite you to interview.


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