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Technical Assistance For Meat Processing Firms In Kenya

Background to the Technical Assistance Support 

KMT livestock program seeks to facilitate Kenya to become a leading global player with a modern, efficient and climate smart livestock sector that meets domestic demand and services premium international markets, sustain and improve livelihoods of millions of pastoralists and ultimately adapt to future challenges and opportunities by 2030. 

Kenya’s livestock sector is a significant contributor to its GDP and livelihoods. However, the sector is underperforming against its potential due to inefficiencies along the value chain and low value addition. A recent study by KMT confirmed that the inefficiencies and losses in the value chain as well as the inability to implement product/process innovation can be attributed to lack of skills and relevant technology and practices. This initiative seeks to break this deadlock by demonstrating productivity increases through skills, coaching and new technologies.

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The initiative will catalyze uptake of enhanced hygienic standards and competitiveness in the meat industry through provision of coaching and capacity building for a select 20 small-medium-sized firms. The primary objectives of the 12-months technical assistance initiative are to:

  • Introduce new business practices, technologies and skills to Kenyan meat firms through brokering relationships with local, and where appropriate and feasible German and European livestock experts and providers 
  • Improve operational performance and market opportunities for Kenyan meat processing companies by introducing new skills, technologies and product innovation – ultimately driving profitability and growth of these enterprises 
  • Strengthen evidence for the business case for meat processors to invest in skills, technologies and product innovation 
  • Distil learnings and share with sector institutions to ensure sustainability of solutions and relationships built during the project


The applicants should meet the following criteria;

  • The call is open to firms that are in operation and willing to invest in upgrades with technical support 
  • This call is open to all small-medium meat manufacturers and retailers, high-end butcheries and meat wholesalers 
  • Applications are also open to slaughterhouses linked to hotels and other large-scale buyers 
  • Applicants will be drawn primarily from Nairobi and its environs, including from Mombasa and Nakuru
  • Firms led by women and youth or offering youth and women employment are encouraged to apply


All interested firms are requested to confirm their interest by filling in an online application form which can be accessed via the button below. All applications should be submitted for consideration by Friday, October 15, 2021. 

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