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Intern, Food Initiative, Africa Regional Office

Job Description

The East Africa Food Initiative team is offering an internship for Kenya-based candidates who combine solid academic credentials with curiosity, creativity, and passion for social impact. We value our Interns and want to invest in and mentor future leaders who will grow personally and professionally and create impact in the philanthropic sector. As an Intern at The Rockefeller Foundation, you will have the chance to contribute to our initiatives through engaging on meaningful work assignments. Please note this position is open for current graduate students only. Cover letter required.

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Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

The Intern will learn how to develop innovative solutions to improve nutrition security in resource-poor settings through cross-sector and multidisciplinary approaches involving nutrition, renewable energy, agriculture, business, environmental science, information technology, data science, and other fields. Specifically, the intern will:

  1. Support the Foundation’s work of advancing a more nourishing and sustainable food system with innovative breakthroughs in science, technology, and cross-sector engagement.
  2. Review and synthesize literature in nutrition, Ag-energy nexus, agribusiness value chains, supply chain innovations to inform decision making.
  3. Assist the Food team in the design, implementation, and on-going management of the Foundation’s new programs and further engagement with grantees and partners.
  4. Provide technical support to initiative staff, grantees and partners in Monitoring Evaluation, Research & Learning. 
  5. Capture notes and clear next steps during Food team’s engagement with partners in the areas of food system transformation, energy access and poverty reduction.
  6. Participate in field visits to current and prospective grantees and synthesize field trip reports.
  7. Assist in any other roles as assigned by the Foundation.

Education, Experience and Skills

  1. Currently enrolled in a graduate program in one of the following areas: global health, nutrition, epidemiology, agricultural economics, business, entrepreneurship, environmental science, or related fields. 
  2. Interest or experience working in the nonprofit sector.
  3. Strong research and analytical capabilities; able to think strategically about opportunities to advance The Foundation’s policy and advocacy work around energy access and poverty reduction. 
  4. Strong writing and editing skills in technical and scientific areas; strong attention to details. 
  5. Dexterity with large data sets and capabilities to interpret qualitative and quantitative data.
  6. Collaborative, innovative, eager to learn, and interested in how the Foundations create and execute strategies working alongside partners.  
  7. Must be a proactive self-starter. 
  8. Able to multi-task and work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment. 
  9. Must be authorized to work in Kenya. 
  10. A team player with self-drive in providing solutions to demanding tasks with tight deadlines. 
  11. A strategic problem-solver, capable of steering cross-functional collaborations and producing high-quality deliverables.
  12. Strong communication skills.

Manager, Demand And Enterprise Development

Job Description

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The position of Manager, Demand and Enterprise Development (DED) for The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet is a vital part of our commitment to enable upward economic mobility for 1 billion people by accelerating access to and consumption of reliable electricity in underserved, low-income communities by 2030, with a specific goal of reaching a minimum annual consumption of 300 / kwh per capita in our target communities. The Manager, DED will work closely with the Managing Director, DED, other Global Energy Alliance staff and partners to create and refine a standardized DED strategy to support enterprise growth and economic development across our energy investments in various African countries. Building on that strategy, the manager will work with partners, to support the design and implementation of closely linked in-country projects to ensure that energy drives economic development, supports improved livelihoods and ensures energy investments translate to equitable impact, particularly for women. A critical component of the role will be to build private sector and other key partnerships, with a specific focus on enterprise development and agriculture partners to achieve our impact goals, as well as to support the creation of a network of in-country actors who will continue to support demand growth post Global Energy Alliance investments.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategy and Design: 

  1. Support the development of a standardized strategy through which energy investments can drive enterprise development and economic growth. Tee up strategic choices and support executive decision making with a focus on both cross-country and in-country strategies. 
  2. Deeply understand on-the-ground realities of the countries The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet works in – including politics, other stakeholders, opportunities, and risks and support the design and execution of DED interventions at the country level.   
  3. Ensure the right data is being collected and we are tracking results over time and adjusting the strategy as needed. 
  4. Ensure that gender is mainstreamed throughout DED investments and support in-country investments to drive gender equity through energy. 

Partnership Development

  1. Support implementation partnerships at the country level, including but not limited to our target countries of Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Uganda. Create and manage a process to engage with external partners, with a particular focus on the following topic areas – agriculture, enterprise development, e-mobility and other emerging areas that drive demand. Focus on private sector, government and donor partners to ensure demand side strategies are mainstreamed by others (for example – large ag programs embracing and utilizing DRE to drive agriculture productivity).
  2. Work specifically to ensure that demand side strategies support the growth of small and medium enterprises and are mainstreamed and supported by the private sector. Provide support to private sector companies to scale up the use of DRE power. 

 Execution Management: 

  1. Support the selection of local organizations, and staff where appropriate. Work with these entities and individuals to design and implement projects and strengthen capabilities to deliver sustainable results over time
  2. Lead grant making/contracts/investments related to DED investments, including documentation for internal approvals, proposal development with partners and 
  3. Oversee the work of grantees, contractors, and partner organizations in priority countries, tracking progress and learning and ensuring quality of their outputs and delivery against the goals of the DED strategy.

Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s degree is required. Master’s degree in international development or a related field is preferred. 
  2. 7-10 years of highly relevant experience with a focus on rural economic development, agricultural systems and/or development partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa. Knowledge of interventions to support gender equity preferred.  
  3. Familiarity with the energy sector is preferred, however, if not, you should have an ability to quickly learn and synthesize technical content.
  4. Experience working directly with the private sector a plus. Ability to analyze and understand private sector business models. 
  5. Experience designing and executing economic development projects, specifically in African geographies, with a range of public, private and non-profit partners. 
  6. Demonstrated ability to manage strategy development execution, strong presentation design and business modeling skills, a plus. 
  7. Previous work experience in a complex, fast-paced, and highly professional role, within a collaborative, dynamic organization and in an entrepreneurial environment where building policies, program and processes are necessary.
  8. Demonstrated interest in working to improve the lives of others.

Qualifications and Competencies: 

  1. Communication: Excellent interpersonal abilities; listening skills; writing and verbal skills. You must be a good writer. Assertiveness in presenting and respectfully challenging ideas, including those presented by leadership; able to present ideas to a range of stakeholders in a clear and compelling way.
  2. Entrepreneurial mindset: An inquisitive mind focused on addressing the root causes of problems and building interventions to address them. Anticipates future opportunities and consequences.  
  3. Collaborative: a good listener, showcases humility, ability to understand local context and genuinely partner and work with various stakeholders from varied backgrounds. Leverage functional and substantive expertise organizationally; demonstrates inclusiveness, collaboration.  
  4. Independent work: Analytical and strong problem-solving abilities, takes initiative, drives for results, ability to prioritize work, communicates problems and proposes solutions, as appropriate. Uses feedback to quickly improve on work and produce an updated product.   
  5. Execution: Meets deadlines; sense of urgency, responsibility, and self-motivation; ability to multi-task and work under pressure; flexible work style; detail oriented.
  6. Decision-making: Ability to evaluate risks and opportunities; uses analytical and problem-solving skills; takes initiative and drives for results; able to prioritize and recommend courses of action.
  7. Leadership: Thinks innovatively and creatively; demonstrates accountability and personal drive.
  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Committed to the mission of The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet, to inclusion, equity and diversity in every aspect of your work, and to challenging conventional wisdom through evidence, reason, and amplifying dissenting, unconventional, and marginalized voices.

Supervision Received

  1. The Manager, Demand & Enterprise Development reports to the Managing Director, Demand & Enterprise Development – Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet. 

Supervision Exercised

  1. This role will supervise the work of contractors and consultants in The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet target geographies.


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