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HR Generalist


The HR Generalist is an integral part of the HR team and our organization. In this role, the HR Generalist will provide the foundational support and functional expertise that drives productivity and results across a variety of our business. The HR Generalist will work closely with the Head of Human Resource to act as a strategic partner, change agent, employee advocate as well as an administrative expert along the employee lifecycle.


  • HR Leadership: develop other Managers to become HR Managers in their own teams by supporting them in performance management, effective communications, managing change, and tracking the value addition for assigned teams.
  • Strategic Partnership: take HR expertise in areas of business change and consulting with line managers, whom they partner with in reaching their goals through strategy formulation and direction.
  • Human Capital Development: recognize people as critical assets and provide learning opportunities at work to facilitate employee and organizational success.
  • Functional Expert: ensuring the administrative efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function.
  • Employee Advocate: listening to employee concerns whilst simultaneously adopting a customer, shareholder, and managerial perspective, communicating to employees what is expected of them to be successful in creating value.



Performance Management

  • Understand and cascade the performance management system from the banks strategy, contribution matrix, departmental contributions and cascade to staff and help staff appreciate thee part they play.
  • Support the development of the staff scorecards ensuring that they are SMART and well aligned to the bank’s strategic focus.
  • Drive the annual performance and planning and review (PPR) process, including calibration of talent and ensure adherence to the performance management calendar.
  • Induct all staff and managers in the region on the performance management system, balanced scorecard as well as the automated process.
  • Identify poor performance cases, track recommendations e.g. PIP, performance watch and trigger actions as per due date and ensure all documentation is in place for reference.
  • Support the Line Managers to understand Organizational Health Index (OHI) imitative as a strategic imitative to that promotes banks performance.


  • Build awareness and understanding of HR policies through consultation and engagement across the organization;
  • Serve as HR’s spokesperson internally and externally and nurture partnerships with relevant partners.
  • Contribute to HR’s outreach platforms, including intranet, internet and providing content monthly from assigned business units and liaise with Marketing for publication of the monthly Sidianite newsletter.
  • Ensure all staff are informed of joiners and exits through the monthly e-shot.
  • Ensure timely updates to all staff on any changes in policy, medical or statutory changes affecting the staff and staff act on the information accordingly.

Productivity measurement

  • Support Managers to effectively measure the workload and required staffing in a unit and to track all output from the staff to ensure optimal utilization of staff.
  • Provide productivity metrics for assigned business units to report value back to the business.


  • Use data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of tools and policies and understand the landscape for further improvement.
  • Generate a variety of reports as requested by HR, Finance, and other business leaders.
  • Analyze Human Resource key metrics (turnover, exit interviews, days to fill positions, cost per hire) and provide reports on a weekly and monthly basis and also utilize the data for process improvements.
  • Analyzing and reporting HR information to support with benchmarking and the development of HR strategies and solutions. Ensuring that all internal and external reporting requirements are satisfied through the provision of management information and HR returns.
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Change Management

  • Be an ambassador for the function and represent Sidian HR internally and externally (as appropriate)
  • Understand and anticipate the need for change, diagnose the underlying issues and build the case for change with stakeholders and actively partner with business leaders and work with them to collaboratively identify and practice improvement initiatives.
  • Develops and implements interventions to shape cultural change for renewal and transformation.
  • Induction of new staff into the Sidian culture, Sidian DNA and core values so that they understand and live the values from day one.

 Strategy implementation

  • Contribute to, and where accountable define policies and processes that support the banks and divisional /People strategy and objectives.
  • Develop, lead and monitor the implementation of the Annual HR Plan for the Region, including budget.
  • Cascade the HR annual plan to all staff within assigned unit and position HR as a strategic unit that supports the business to get buy in from Managers on HR initiatives.

HR Policies and Procedures interpretation:

  • Maintaining a clear understanding and providing up to date knowledge of the legal framework within which HR operates; developing HR policies in line with current legislation.
  • In depth understanding of the Employment Act of Kenya, Labor Laws and HR Policy and assist Managers and staff to appreciate and internalize.
  • Monitor and lead proper implementation of HR policies, guidelines, practices and Standard Operating Procedures in the bank and provide advice, when necessary
  • Use and understand Sidian People tools and policies, engaging with staff effectively to ensure their use across the bank.
  • Proactively seek feedback on HR policies and procedures and consult with Head of HR to update all HR policies and procedures to keep them relevant.


Talent Management

  • Drive the principles of meritocracy with business leaders in all talent decisions, including promotions, transfers, compensation adjustments, etc.
  • Work with business leaders and Head of HR, to create and drive a talent strategy across the business areas, to include identification of top talent, the import and export of that top talent and the overall career development of associates for which the HR GENERALIST is responsible.
  • Drive the biannual HR Review process for a variety of different Practice groups/business, including top talent identification (9 Box), organizational strategy and succession planning.
  • Annually drive the talent pool selection and ensure the talent pool is rolled out by ensuring the staff understand they are in the talent pool and offering for them.

Learning & Development

  • Conduct a comprehensive training needs analysis on an annual basis and prepare a training calendar for the year in line with the bank’s strategic focus and budget implications.
  • Prepare learning and development reports to track ROI as well as employee experience to ensure that any training conducted delivers demonstrated value/impact for the bank.
  • Coordinate with Development Financial Institutions, Donors and external parties on identifying the training needs in line with the funding and coordinating the process end to end.
  • Acting as an internal trainer for specific programs identified in the training calendar e.g. induction, HR policies, leadership, code of conduct, benefits and entitlements and HR for non-HR Managers.
  • Liaise with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) to seek approval of courses and follow up for reimbursement of training spend.

Succession Planning and development

  • Work with Managers to ensure that Succession plans are updated on an annual basis or on need basis when an identified successor exits the bank.
  • Prepare a development plan for identified successors to ensure they are ready for the role as per identified timelines.
  • Schedule coaching sessions for the identified successors with their supervisors as well as other leaders in the bank.


Human Resource Planning

  • Assessing the current skills capacity while forecasting HR requirements for the business and helping the business to plan ahead to be ready to deliver.
  • Ensuring that all proposed positions are approved in the annual plan, updated in the organization chart and have a recruitment plan in place.
  • Engage the Managers to ensure that all critical positions are mapped and there is ready resource in the market and also engage managers not only to fill in any vacant position but to ensure that the recruitment should happen.

Recruitment and selection

  • Drive consistency of approach across the group in attracting, managing and developing talent to support current and future organizational needs.
  • Partner with hiring managers to assess talent needs and strategy to meet those talent needs with both internal and external recruiting efforts.
  • Provide current and prospective staff with timely guidance on recruitment and contract policies, general conditions of services and business orientation.
  • Project and monitor vacant posts at business units.
  • Lead the recruitment process including attraction, long/short-listing, interviews and evaluation of candidates.
  • Ensure that all policy areas are adhered to including but not limited to approved staff requisitions, minimum hiring requirements, security vetting and documentation.

Probation Management

  • Provide guidance to potential and new staff and probation requirements in terms of documentation and performance management.
  • Ensure that an induction program is set and all logistics in place for the new staff as well as scheduling for the classroom induction.
  • Induct the new staff on all areas related to HR including a walkthrough for HRMIS, Performance Management and HR Policy.
  • Work with the Line Manager to ensure that the new staff has a probation scorecard in place by end of the first week and the performance discussion is held and signed off.
  • Follow up with new staff for a 3 and 6 months check in to ensure they have settled well into their role and all concerns have been addressed.
  • Coordinate to ensure that the Line Manager holds a probation review within timelines with the staff and appropriate action taken – confirmation and onboarding staff to pension, termination of probation as per procedure or extension of probation by setting an extended probation scorecard.

Compensation & Benefits administration

  • Track all payroll actions for all staff and ensure the same is updated in the correct payroll month whilst addressing any other payroll concerns with the Compensation & Benefits Officer.
  • Liaison between the staff and Compensation & Benefits Officer in all matters staff benefits to ensure the staff understand the scope of cover, process and remedy any staff issues on medical, pension, staff loans, telephone benefit, reliefs and any other benefit.

 Administration effectiveness

  • Ensure the administration duties of the HR function are effectively carried out by the HR Administrative Officer and HR Operations Officer (e.g. filing, updating employee records, producing accurate and quality written documentation, managing the starters and leavers process, liaising with payroll, etc.)


Union Management

  • Tracking of unionisable staff and ensuring that any actions taken are copied to the union to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Understand the Collective Bargaining Agreement as well as the banks position in order to clearly communicate to staff in case of any queries.

Disciplinary Management

  • Assist staff to understand the code of conduct, consequence management as well as the disciplinary process.
  • Give advice on the way an investigation report is presented, to ensure it addresses all necessary issues e.g. by HR making the investigator aware of previous cases involving other individuals in similar circumstances, to ensure consistency.
  • Providing HR advisory as a member of the disciplinary committee in addition to serving as the minute taker in consultation with the legal representative to ensure that the hearing is fair to the staff and handles as per employment act and also that all steps are followed from beginning to conclusion.
  • Strict adherence to dispensing the case within the required period as provided by the HR policy.
  • Execution of the recommendations of the disciplinary committee to ensure that the case is closed and action taken e.g. recoveries of monies, termination, warning letters and actions updated in disciplinary tracker.

Grievance Management

  • Advocate and facilitate resolutions regarding employee relations issues, with escalation to the Head of Human Resource when necessary.
  • Mediate and resolve employee relations issues; conduct thorough and objective investigations when necessary.
  • Follow through, update grievances in grievances tracker and ensure resolution of all staff grievances.

Health & Safety Management

  • Ensure that the Health and Safety policy is updated and that all locations have trained fire marshals and first aiders.
  • In liaison with Security Manager, follow up for the annual inspection by Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) to ensure that the workplace is certified as a safe environment wo work.
  • In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, ensure training and supervision as is necessary to ensure health and safety at work of all staff. 

Employee Engagement

  • Promote Organizational Health Index to all Managers to help them appreciate and implement initiatives to support organizational health.
  • Promote participation in employee engagement surveys and cascade the results to the staff in order to promote Sidian as a great place to work.
  • Thoughtfully engage with employees on general queries about compensation, career frameworks, internal mobility, and real-life scenarios in need of coaching.
  • Developing and implementing programmes and activities aimed at improving employee engagement as per the outcome of Organizational Health Index initiatives.
  • Ensure that people policies are reflective of our employee brand and value proposition.
  • Spends time listening and responding to employees and their concerns.
  • Provides direction and support to employees in HR procedures and through the employee life cycle.
  • Provide support to employees in managing challenges at work.


  • The HR GENERALIST is well guided by the HR Policy on scope of decision making and where policy is not clear or waiver is needed the HR GENERALIST needs to consult with the Head of HR.
  • HR GENERALIST can provide recommendation to Line Manager and Head of HR on talent – hiring, placement, movement and exits.
  • Provide feedback on benefits application as per qualification and other criteria e.g. disciplinary.
  • Autonomy in assigning tasks to direct reports and making recommendations based on their performance.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Human Resource, Business Administration, Psychology, Organizational Development, Public Administration or other relevant social sciences.
  • A first-level university degree in combination with two additional years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.


  • Minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible experience in human resource management;
  • Experience in recruitment and selection, benefits administration, and workplace relations are required;
  • Field experience is an asset;
  • Experience as a HR Business Partner is an advantage.


  • Proficiency with Digital Tools.
  • Cross-Cultural Competence.
  • Knowledge of the Business.
  • Project and People Management Skills.
  • Effective in Addressing Change and Transformation.
  • Exceptional Networking and Relationship-Building Acumen.
  • Ability to Maintain Confidentiality When Necessary.
  • Effective Communication Skills among Diverse Audiences.


  • Valid practicing certificate from IHRM
  • Certified Human Resource Professional Kenya CHRP(K) – added advantage

Credit Risk Manager – Digital Lending


The purpose of the role is to identify and analyse the areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity or success of the Digital financing and investing activities. The role shall, working with other stakeholders to establish effective mitigants to these risks. The role will also monitor the Digital Credit portfolio to ensure full compliance with Credit Policy, Banking Act, and CBK prudential guidelines; preparation of monthly and quarterly portfolio reports to management and CBK; support of credit information system (CreditQuest); review and recommendation of credit requests for approval; maintenance of MIS for credit facility renewals. He/she will also manage the portfolio of accounts with the intention of monitoring acceptable credit risk (including any recoveries) and maximizing the bank’s return from each client.


  • Credit Policy review and implementation
  • Financial Risk Management of the Digital Assets portfolio
  • Credit approval and Portfolio Management
  • Research, Product Development & Project Management


Credit Policy Review & Implementation:

  • Support in the formulation and constant review of the Bank’s Credit Policy and establishment of a regime of controls and disciplines that ensures compliance with lending principles and guidelines laid down in the Credit Policy Document.
  • Review existing credit policy guidelines and procedures to ensure they are consistent with prudent credit policy procedures and with external (Central Bank of Kenya) prudential guidelines.
  • Ensure a consistent approach in assessing Digital Credit risk by developing relevant risk assessment templates for use by the business.
  • Consider proposed business digital lending decisions and advise on expected impact/feasibility.

Financial Risk Management of the Digital Assets portfolio:

  • Partners with leaders in their assigned Line of Business, Risk/Compliance/Audit (RCA) Consultants, and other Managers to, depending on the function, oversee the successful creation, implementation, and maintenance of an effective risk management framework for the Digital lending portfolio.
  • Developing and maintaining credit scoring algorithms for the Digital Credit products.
  • Calculating the risk associated with the Digital Credit portfolio of assets and liabilities.
  • Developing appropriate benchmarks for all financial risks arising from Digital financing and investing activities.
  • Preparing feasibility assessments and business plans to advise on potential new markets or new products.
  • Conduct statistical analysis to evaluate risk and making recommendations to reduce/control risk, which may involve an insurance strategy.
  • Proactively and strategically lead efforts to identify risks for proposed changes and work closely with partners to address risk and/or escalate to leadership as required.

Credit Approvals & Portfolio Management:

  • Champion digital lending and determine opportunities for improving business processes through automation.
  • Review the underwriting criteria and decisioning for digital lending to ensure that all credit proposals and applications submitted comply with credit policy / CBK prudential guidelines.
  • Minimize NPL and ensure it is maintained at organization’s acceptable level.
  • Deliver automation on credit control key processes to enhance efficiency.
  • Offer Level 2 Customer support for specific queries associated digital lending concerns that may involve but not limited to System, data management & underwriting decisions.
  • Design and development of effective credit risk management models for the mobile lending product.
  • Use his/her customer experience and/or credit expertise to efficiently serve customers at every point of their lending journey and ensure prompt resolution to issues raised.
  • Monitor transactions and prepare regular reports detailing loans closed and funded through the online application process as well as applications taken through the digital channels.
  • Conduct a Risk based analysis and scoring of customers to ensure it to meets the bank standards for MCC and Board decision making.
  • Review prevailing economic trends, and risk and ensure revenue relating to provision of credit are being charged and collected.
  • Safeguarding the institution against loss by ensuring accuracy, completeness and credit worthiness of all digital borrowing customers and recommend appropriate risk mitigation mechanisms to minimize losses.
  • Approvals of credit proposals within delegated limit from all the branches and Head office Business teams to ensure that all approval decisions meet the agreed SLA between the credit department and business.
  • Provide a high level of service to the internal customer based on accuracy, responsiveness and turnaround time.
  • Provide liaison with Debt recovery unit, and Legal department on recovery of debts.
  • Credit portfolio management by advising and supporting Branches on actions to take in recovering and monitoring portfolio at risk in order to maintain low PAR as per set targets.

 Research, Product Development & Project Management:

  • Continuous research and testing to ensure effectiveness of the credit risk models, policies and tools in use by the business. Conduct sanity checks on the day to day operations of the Digital Lending Solutions as well as ensuring the resolution of issues are within the SLAs stipulated.
  • Work closely with internal stakeholders and external vendors on validation of executed change processes with respect to Business Policy Rules and system enhancements.
  • Support with system user acceptance testing & offer Business Units support and training in all bank Digital Lending Solutions.
  • Provide support and training continually to bank staff on new systems, products and policy updates.


  • Bachelors’ degree preferably in Actuarial Science, Statistics, Economics, Finance or Business Administration. Proven ability to analyse complex business issues and identify, design and implement effective practical recommendations.
  • Relevant professional qualification in Credit Management, Accounting or Banking qualification (AKIB).


  • Minimum 7 years working experience in Banking.
  • At least 5 years banking experience, lending/credit approvals and Credit Analysis will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of various functions of the Bank set up i.e. Digital lending, collections/ loan workouts for NPAs, Operations, Trade Finance, Treasury and Credit Operations (including Securities and Credit Administration).
  • Professional Banking qualification (ACIB) or Credit Administration/Credit Monitoring will be an added advantage
  • Proven track record of consistently meeting set targets.
  • Versatility, flexibility, passion and commitment to quality service delivery.


  • Excellent understanding of both Credit and IT policies and procedures.
  • Advanced knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, financial services, and regulatory trends that impact Digital business.
  • Proficient computer skills, especially Microsoft Office applications.
  • Advanced understanding of branch systems and digital applications.
  • Good understanding of CBK regulatory framework and IFRS 9 financial standards.
  • Highly effective communicator with excellent interpersonal and motivational skills.
  • Solid performance management and motivational skills.
  • Excellent relationship building and stakeholder management skills.
  • Strong planning, analytical, decision-making, lateral thinking and project management skills.
  • Strong leadership and management skills of processes, projects and people.

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