Management Job Opportunity at Standard Bank Group Kenya

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Management Job Opportunity at Standard Bank Group Kenya

Manager PBB Evaluation

Job Purpose

To support the bank’s Personal & Business Banking division  in achieving their asset growth targets by providing effective value adding risk management, whilst maintaining a quality-lending book, through judicious and effective management thereof.
The delivery of a professional service to the business units, by assessing and evaluating credit facilities (new and/or existing) based on sound credit & financial principles which supports the minimising of risk to the bank.
Ensure the effective assessment of risk with respect to lending and related activities across all branches and suites.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Evaluates whether Personal & Business Banking proposals meet sound business criteria and credit risk falls within acceptable parameters, approve and recommends appropriate credit facilities including terms or conditions of facilities.
  • Ensure accuracy and reliability of approvals within advised DA, or referrals to higher authority, on PB & Business applications reviewed Add value to the credit approval process by guiding originators as appropriate to reduce reworks on applications to < 10%.
  • Identify, quantify and evaluate credit risks in relation to profitability of business proposals and financial viability of Business banking credits.
  • Manage adherence to the service level agreement that have been concluded. Builds relationship with Branch Managers and Account Analysts to improve quality of business proposals and turnaround time on credit evaluations.
  • Detects and evaluate shifts or changes in key risk parameters and evaluate the implications of such changes on continued banking relationship.
  • Actioning of the daily referral report and make decisions to pay or not based on the reason for excess and source of adjustment, the terms of sanction in existence and the risk to which the Bank is exposed.
  • Issuing of sanction letters, clearly stating the conditions and requirements of the lending. Actively hind sighting lending decisions to ensure that correct procedure are being followed in the approval of facilities, which will prevent new NPL’s.
  • Monitor watch lists process to ensure that irregular accounts are identified early and accounts identified as high risk are being managed effectively in terms of agreed action plans. Review of relevant internal & external communications, such as circulars, economic reviews on industries, & financial or industry publications to ensure that any development, new requirements or external risks are properly taken cognizance of in lending decisions or conditions of lending.
  • Carry out other functions that could be assigned on daily basis in addition to present roles. Liaising with Legal department on credit related issues.

Key Dimensions of the job (to be completed in-country)

Daily Weekly Monthly

Preferred Qualification and Experience

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Minimum of 6 years banking experience, particularly pertaining to credit risk management, banking processes with regard to banking products and the operation thereof.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Minimum of a good university first degree in any of the social science fields.
  • Detailed understanding of accounting, including both management and financial accounting, in order to analyze the financial strength and weaknesses of clients, and identify potential risk to credit proposals.
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of credit criteria, credit policies, risk and financial analysis, credit control and the application thereof
  • Thorough working knowledge of the operating system and its related procedures, for analyzing the account behavior of clients, identifying trends or shift in credit risk profiles and the management of excesses.
  • Thorough understanding of all the bank’s product and facilities that give rise to counterparty credit risk, including their mechanisms and source of profitability for the client and the bank, and what constitutes credit risk in these facilities. Understanding terms of the facilities, and any conditions and covenants that will need to be complied with over the duration of the facility’s life, in order to manage risk within set parameters.
  • Sound knowledge of available products, including Group Company and related products, competitor products and industry trends. Must know product constraints and how to adapt to customer needs and profitability.

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