Massive Recruitment at Shamberere Technical Training Institute

Massive Recruitment at Shamberere Technical Training Institute

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Current jobs adverts,

NURSE ( One (1) Post)

Minimum qualifications

  • Must have attained KCSE C-
  • Must have a valid practicing license from the Nursing Council of Kenya
  • Must have a registration certificate issued by the Nursing Council of Kenya
  • Must have an experience of atleast one (1) year


  • Taking medical care of college students
  • Administering drugs/treatment.
  • Referral of serious medical cases.
  • In-charge of college dispensary.
  • Maintenance of drugs inventory.
  • Preparation of dispensary requisitions.
  • Advise the management on recruitment, training, development, promotion and discipline of staff in the department.
  • Submission of dispensary annual budget.
  • Perform any other duties assigned to him/her by the Principal

a) Minimum qualification

  • Craft certificate in either Building and Construction/Carpentry/Plumbing/Electrical/Mechanical engineering
  • Must have experience in the field for at least one (1) year
  • Diploma in a relevant course will be an added advantage
  • Must be computer literate

b) Duties

  • Supervision of subordinate staff and casuals hired by the college
  • Ensure proper maintenance of inventory, tools and equipment issued to workers
  • Raise requisition for repairs and maintenance of college property and infrastructure
  • Maintain and update the master roll on daily basis.
  • Report to Principal or authorized persons the performance of the subordinate staff
  • And any other as assigned to him/her by Principal /higher authority
HOUSEKEEPER (One (1) Post)
a) Minimum qualification
  • Diploma in Housekeeping or equivalent from a recognized institution
  • Must have experience in the field for at least one (1) year
  • Must be computer literate

b) Duties

  • Overall responsibility of the housekeeping section
  • Supervising the housekeeping staff and making their duty rota
  • Requisitioning cleaning materials when required from the store
  • Advise the Principal on the linen and beddings required to be bought in the housekeeping section
  • Prepare and submit the house keeping budget to the Finance Officer and at end of each financial year for inclusion in the college budget.
  • Keep all housekeeping records up to date throughout the year including ledger books, stock books, inventory, diary issues, laundry book, linen booklets e.t.c
  • Report all the repair needed in section for action i.e equipment and building which are under his or her supervision and where possible assist with repair.
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene in all areas under the housekeeping section
  • Maintain in good order and conditions all equipment, linen e.t.c used in housekeeping section.
  • Any other duties assigned to him or her by the Principal 4.

a) Minimum qualification

  • Diploma in finance/ accounts or its equivalent from a recognized Institution
  • Certified Public Accountant II (CPA II)
  • Proficiency in computer applications
  • Proficiency in accounting packages
  • Two (2) years of relevant experience preferably in a training institute
  • Must be 35 years of age and above
  • Must possess certificate of Good Conduct, KRA Compliance and clearance from EACC.


  • Timely submission of deductions to relevant authorities and beneficiaries in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Generate accurate and timely monthly payment vouchers for statutory deductions such as PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, HELB and other authorized pay deductions.
  • Processing payments and invoices accurately and within expected time periods
  • Preparing bank and general ledger reconciliations.
  • Assisting the Finance Officer in preparing monthly financial reports.
  • Excellent attention to detail

a) Minimum qualification

  • Must be 25 years of age and above
  • Be a holder of Diploma in Hotel Management/Food and Beverage/Hospitality Management or related field
  • Minimum of one (1) year experience in similar area
  • b) Duties
  • Ensuring that overall appearance of the guest house suites, hallways, conference hall, washroom and storage areas are clean.
  • Reporting to the production unit coordinator on any concerns that may impact on the outcome of the successful execution of products and services offered.
  • Arranging and ordering kitchen equipment, check inventory and keep records as necessary of the hall, guest house and kitchen utensils.
  • Providing and making timely beverages/meals for visitors in the guest house as ordered.
  • All correspondence to be made to the Principal STTI an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Deal with any guest queries/complaints in a polite and friendly manner ensuring guest satisfaction
  • Continuously seek to endeavor to improve the guest house efficient operation, and knowledge of own job function
  • Accept flexible work schedule necessary for uninterrupted service to hotel guests.
  • To comply with the Institute’s policies regarding the following: Fire, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene and Security
a) Minimum qualification
  • Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power option)
  • Diploma in Electronical & Electronics Engineering (Power option) will be an added advantage
  • Must have registered with ERC
  • At least one (1) year experience in a similar role
  • Proficiency in workshop Operations.
  • Registration with an Engineering Board would be an added advantage

b) Duties

  • Lay out, build, test and troubleshoot electronic and electrical components, equipment and units.
  • Perform preventive maintenance, inspections on electronic and electrical equipment and components to determine problems and need for troubleshooting.
  • Install, start up and shut down equipment and units to test their functionality according to the Institutes protocols.
  • Assemble electronic systems based on established technical specifications and ensure that correlating repair and maintenance needs are fulfilled.
  • Create wiring connections in a safe and accurate manner, and perform regular inspections to identify defects and replacements.
  • Provide recommendations for upgrades and modifications to improve system performance.
  • Create and maintain inventory of tools and equipment required for testing and repairing purposes.
  • Have practical experience in repair of measuring equipment’s and soldering.
  • All correspondence to be made to the Principal STTI an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution

a) Minimum qualification

 Certificate in Information & Communication Technology/Information Technology
 Minimum of one (1) year of relevant work experience
 Be 25 years of age and above.

b) Duties

  • Coordinate and prioritize advanced ICT support service and advice as required across the Institute.
  • Configure and test ICT equipment and networks, including hardware, peripherals, and software and ensure efficient performance and appropriate default settings.
  • Monitor performance of and to diagnose and resolve most network infrastructure, software and hardware faults, and perform a range of maintenance repairs and upgrades.
  • Work with the ICT department in the delivery of projects and support as required including ICT security and efficient use of resources including purchase of appropriate equipment.
  • Advise on, co-ordinate, and monitor Health and Safety and audit checks including electrical testing, warranties, licenses and risk assessments.
  • Support and develop the system recovery processes to minimize the risk and impact of a serious disaster and threats to continuity (including co-ordination of appropriate backup regime and virus protection.
  • Assist in strategic business and financial planning to ensure ICT service meets the Institute’s strategic vision
  • Perform maintenance of servers and ICT equipment to minimize breakdowns and interruptions to users.
  • Monitor internet connectivity for the entire Institute and report and liaise with providers to ensure there is at least 98% uptime internet connectivity.
  • Create user manuals for new applications introduced to educate the user on how to use the application.
  • All correspondence to be made to the Principal STTI an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
a) Minimum qualification
  • Bachelors degree in the following disciplines: Economics or Accounting Option, Business Administration/Management Option or its equivalent from a recognized institution Membership to Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Kenya
  • Certified Public accountant (CPA) and/or CIA, CISA, CFE from a recognized institution is mandatory
  • Member of a relevant professional association e.g. ICPAK
  • Certificate in Management course lasting not less than four weeks from a recognized institution
  • Computer Literacy
  • At least two (2) years’ experience in the grade of internal Auditor and relevant position preferably in a training Institution
  • Should be above 35 years

b) Duties

  • Plan, develop and monitor the implementation of internal audits and audit plans for the Institute
  • Develop Comprehensive reports and recommendations
  • Implement risk management policies, guidelines, fraud detection elimination policies and strategies

Applications to be addressed to the address below, or sent via email and copies of ID, academic and professional certificates be attached and submitted on or before 3rd April 2020:
The Principal/BOG Secretary Board of Governors Shamberere Technical Training Institute P.O. Box 1316 – 50100 KAKAMEGA
Shamberere T.T.I is an equal opportunity employer; persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply

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