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Business Portfolio and Revenue Assurance Manager

Job Purpose

To drive the growth of the Digital (Scored) Lending business through analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data.
To ensure the overall profitability of the scored lending portfolio within the country.
To oversee the measurement, monitoring and reporting processes and functions for scored lending.
To optimise the PBB balance sheet, responsible for setting product and customer pricing, managing risk/reward trade-off, concession management and price optimization.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Business accountability: Impact on end result
Primary – Has a controlling impact on end results

Drive asset growth through scored lending;
Through deep data analysis, identify new revenue opportunities, revenue leakage and revenue optimisation across the portfolio.
Calculate the potential value of these opportunities and where required articulate these in high level business cases to communicate and “sell” the opportunities within the business.

Use these insights and modelling to shape new solution development and/or execute champion-challenger models to optimise the performance of the portfolio;
Work with business owners, Journey teams and other enablers (marketing etc.) to define the required solutions / changes across customer journey (recognising need, exploration, take-up, through to account management and closure).

Seek to optimise Return on Equity by working with Credit to optimise risk appetite and related risk parameters.
Establish product strategies (for final ratification by Head, PBB Product) appropriate risk appetites, pricing strategies, and portfolio optimisation initiatives within the laid down PBB product strategy

Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the business pricing by keeping abreast of market developments and the competitor landscape.
Understands and manages key product drivers that influence revenue streams and risk exposure on specific product portfolios.

Identifies revenue optimisation initiatives, obtains required sign-offs and coordinates implementation. This can be done through customer insights collected by the team, engagements with segment heads and understanding of current processes and procedures and proposing improvements where necessary.

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Accountability for problem solving
Degree of guidance received to solve problems:

Generally defined – general principles with guidance from top management
Direction provided from high level strategy but this role has mandate to investigate the performance of solutions and problem solve how to improve such solutions.

Areas of problem solving / influence would include: product features, pricing, new products required, new marketing approaches, changes to credit criteria and parameters.

Degree of original thought required to solve problems:
Adaptive – Requires analysis, interpretation and significant judgement
Description or examples: Significant analysis required both of known metrics and the determination or investigation of un-explored data sources or connections.

Accountability for planning of activities
Integration of functions that are similar.
Planning activities generally up to 12 months business cycle.
Planning all related to business management and growth of scored lending solutions.

Discretion allowed for decision making
Directed – Broad practices, managerial direction

Jobholder will make decisions in conjunction with in-country Credit Portfolio Manager to change and manage the scored lending portfolio. This would include: Amendment of credit criteria within agreed risk parameters, changing of product features (tenure, amount, fees and pricing) changed within business parameters or proposed based and signed off if outside of agreed parameters.

Grow customer Base
Drive the growth of the Digital (Scored) Lending business through analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data. This role uses performance insights and customer feedback to inform the product strategy and direct the design of new solutions or changes to existing digital lending products that will meet customer demand and maximize the profitability. This would also include working closely with Credit to optimise the risk and reward trade-off decisions.

Increase penetration of scored lending solutions within existing customer base and support development of solutions to acquire new customers to the bank through providing scored lending solutions.

People Practices:
Work with Business Intelligence (data) team to extract customer insights.
Partner with the Credit Portfolio Reporting functions involved in Scored Lending. This would include the sharing of information and cooperating in modelling and investigation into risk management and growth opportunities and managing the tension between business growth and credit control.
Work with Centre Business Portfolio Manager to develop the capability of portfolio management in the country.
Work closely with other data related areas and teams such as Business Insights team and Data Engineers (Data Reservoir).
When required, present to customer-facing staff the rationale for price changes and the introduction of new fees and services.
Ensures correct implementation of pricing for all customers.
Interprets customer, competitor and market segment insights and analytics in order to derive an understanding of customer needs / wants /behaviours to identify opportunities for development of new products.

Product Performance & Reporting

Development and ongoing use of advanced insights for the Scored Lending portfolio and solution economics;
Track the performance of the different strategies within the scored lending portfolio;
Together with Credit, identify and monitor key risk indicators and credit parameters.
Monitor both lead and lag measures of business performance. This should include measures of profitability (including cost of capital) and portfolio quality for the scored lending portfolio;

Tracks product performance and profitability (financial performance) using financial reports and product performance reports from MI team, proposes and implements decisions on which products to focus on or revamp.

Contributes to product budgeting for both Net Interest Margins and Net Interest Revenues by working closely with the Finance manager, Head Products and Segment Heads.

Complies with the governance of product pricing by participating in the pricing committee discussions and adhering to the pricing manual.
Manages product costs through process rationalisation and building efficiencies through cheaper digital channels.

Develops accurate forecasts and outlooks on pricing based on the macro economic trends, performance of the market, customer feedback, etc.
Curbs income leakages by reviewing the transactions volume report from MIS, analysing it to check for leakages.
Works closely with support functions such as Credit to ensure appropriate policies and limits are in place as well as determining the correct pricing.
Develops effective acquisition and retention tactics to achieve profitability targets and share with the sales teams on a regular basis.

Analyses market dynamics, pricing trends, market opportunities, operating and sales margins in order to develop reports, procedures and tools for pricing and price discounting.
Assesses the impact of pricing changes on the bottom-line as well as on customers and shares report with Head, Products on a quarterly basis
Establishes metrics for evaluating the performance of the pricing strategy and implements for use by the liabilities and products team.
Validates that the metrics used are aligned with the pricing strategy and goals of PBB Product.
Continuously monitors price exceptions to determine whether process or policy adjustments are needed.

Monitors the financial results and performance of price strategies within the business segments in order to validate and recommend appropriate pricing strategies for each segment.

Risk Management
Ensures compliance with the Group Credit and Operational Risk standards. Represents Scored Lending Portfolio at the following forums for relevant decision making:

Credit Risk Management Committee (regular)
Pricing Committee (as required)
Guides and develops country understanding for in-country participation at the NAPPC, Pricing, CRMC and ALCO committees.
Develop appropriate risk management metrics, parameters, reports and dashboards with Credit as applicable to this portfolio.Financial Performance Management
Accountable for the overall product profitability and ROE of scored lending portfolio.

Optimize Client pricing
Setting the pricing of the lending products using the ROE models to optimize client and product profitability
Price Implementation: Get the pricing approved through the Pricing Committee
Ensures pricing is correctly implemented on the system/IT platforms.
Price Monitoring: Monitor the interest rates & fees offered to clients against the approved pricing.
Review concession management process
Responsible for tracking client covenants and adherence of the terms
Review portfolio yields & margin report on a monthly basis
Identifying and curbing any revenue leakage in the products

Improve Efficiencies

Assists with the resolution of operational issues and functionality problems on the different products.
Identifies and resolves issues around pricing and margin management.

Evaluates and summarises monthly financial reports highlighting areas of positive performance and focuses on areas of concern or weakness in order to recommend remedial action.
Identifies inherent risks of the portfolio and make recommendations in risk mitigation and / or exit strategies for high risk pockets.
Identifies business challenges and drive process efficiencies to improve service delivery and TAT

Preferred Qualification and Experience

Field of study:
Finance and Accounting, Business Commerce or Economics from a recognized university

Other preferred qualifications, certifications or professional memberships: Data Science qualification

Years of Experience: 5-7 years
Experience Description: Experience in product development and customer-focused design and the delivery of products/solutions. Experience in process re-engineering and change management. Proven track record of management of financial objectives, both value creation and cost reduction. Proven track record in business analytics and the use of data science in understanding product and customer economics.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Effective business communication
Ability to communicate information and ideas in a clear and concise manner appropriate for the audience in order to explain, persuade, convince and influence others to achieve the desired outcomes. Able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others.

Filtering Core Issues and Patterns
Ability to identify patterns and concepts from complex information or situations resulting in more successful and impactful ideas.

Portfolio Management
Involves the use of deep analytical investigation into data, market information and customer feedback to identify risks and new customer opportunities.

Risk/ Reward Thinking
Ability to provide due consideration to risks, rewards and the cost of control measures in evaluating business opportunities, process and system changes.

Risk Reporting
Ability to prepare quantitative and qualitative analysis on the risk landscape in the business including interpretation and analysis for use by business users.

Economic Capital Management
Understands the capital implications of the stated risk appetite, individual risk exposures, portfolio risk exposures, and determines capital requirements on a risk adjusted basis.

Database Administrator

Group Information Technology: Systems development, business analysis, architecture, project management, data warehousing, infrastructure, maintenance and production.

Job Purpose

To ensure effective and efficient management and support of Oracle Databases and other Oracle related applications. This also entails analyzing, documenting and proposing solutions for bank wide business areas and preparation of both functional and technical database system specifications (FSS & TSS) documents.  Focus on database system optimization through analysis and development with respect to the database systems in order to ensure that desired functionality and performance is achieved as required by business. This role is also charged with designing and development of appropriate solutions as required by business to advance tactical and strategic initiatives.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

• Proficiency in Oracle versions 10g, 11g and 12c, Oracle Cloud Control and Oracle ASM.
• Strong understanding of Oracle relational databases, data structures, and SQL.
• Responsible for ensuring availability and performance of the production and test databases that support the core banking application.
• Work with the team to ensure that the associated hardware resources allocated to the databases and to ensure high availability and optimum performance.
• To proactively monitor the database systems to ensure secure services with minimum downtime.
• Responsible for providing trend analysis to the service management team to enable them to make informed decisions regarding resource management.
• Responsible for all Oracle developments that are aimed at ensuring efficient management and use of the databases and ultimately aid all the application initiatives.
• Responsible for problem escalation to third parties as appropriate.
• Responsible for improvement and maintenance of the databases to include rollout and upgrades.
• Responsible for testing of all Oracle database changes including fixes, patches and upgrades in line with the laid down change control policies. • Responsible for implementation and release of database changes after thorough and comprehensive tests with sufficient engagement with all stakeholders e.g. application and infrastructure teams.
• Responsible for the management and support of Oracle Data guard solution with a view of ensuring a consistently efficient backup process which ultimately aids IT efforts of meeting the established Service Level Agreement (SLA) with business.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.
• Work experience required, 5 years of experience in design and administration of logical and relational databases or systems analysis required.
• Experience in the financial services industry is a plus.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

• Oracle Certified Professional
• Business Continuity certification and ITIL will be an advantage

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