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Careerpoint Solutions was founded by two brothers Daniel and Jonathan. The company has two Departments, Careers and ICT.


Careers Department

‘The idea of Careerpoint solution came when I was looking for a job after campus’ Daniel said. ‘I found some job adverts that am not qualified and I knew someone else who is qualified, so I forwarded the advert.’ After many years of hard work and research I realized so many people don’t get their dream jobs because their CVs are pathetic. So I took time to talk with HR consultants and know what they want to see in a CV. Now we have Professional CV writing service. We have written 1000’s of CV for our clients who range from Top CEO’s and Professional Executive to fresh graduates. We have testimonies of people whose careers have change just by having a Professional CV. The cost of getting Professional CV ranges from Ksh 500 to Ksh 3000 depending with qualifications and experience. To get a FREE CV Review just email you CV to For more info about Professional CV writing Services Click Here.


In addition to our CV Writing service, we offer a range of related services,  from cover letters, tips on interview techniques, Interview Coaching to online Professional profiles.

ICT Department

‘Daniel had the idea while I had the technical ability to develop web-based applications’ Said Jonathan. ‘He came to me with the idea of developing an online application that can link Job Seekers with Employers in an easy way. We started developing the application in 2010 December in our rural home bedroom. The idea was to create a platform where employers can post job vacancies and peruse CV posted by Job Seekers. That’s how we started our website and Careerpoint ICT Department was born. Since then we have developed more than 60 Websites and Over 10 web-based systems.‘ Some of the website we have designed include

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