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Program Research Assistant 

Essential Job Responsibilities


  • Work with the PMU Manager to support the teams in implementing the program’s strategy following the donor and Mercy Corps standards.
  • Contribute to preparing the global level reports by collating information from the country level reports and providing the gaps to PMU Manager for follow up with the countries.
  • Support the PMU team in administering the program budget by preparing procurement and expense requests, following up with relevant departments, and tracking expenses at the PMU level.
  • Schedule, organize, and document minutes for PMU-led meetings and events. The person will also follow up with respective staff on specific action points.
  • Working with the PMU team, organize and maintain the program filing system under the guidance, ensuring a clear trail of versions and appropriate filing.
  • Support the PMU Manager in tracking and reporting on the status of deliverables as per the PMU and Country Workplans, sending advance reminders to the responsible staff for upcoming deliverables.

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  • Provide administrative support to the MEL Manager to prepare various research protocols for ethical approval in Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, and Nigeria.
  • The PRA will track deliverables expected by the ethical approval body.
  • The PRA will schedule, organize, and document Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning (RMEL) related meetings and events.
  • Provide administrative and quality control support for RMEL activities led by PMU, e.g., baseline survey, midline assessment, end-of-project evaluation, ad-hoc research, and dissemination, among others.
  • Support in data collection activities such as desk research and key informant interviews to address specific research questions defined by the MEL Manager.
  • Support the MEL Manager in collating data from various countries to feed into; the global program log frame and periodic donor reports.
  • Provide support in implementing quality assurance and control for all program and research data collection/collation activities as guided by the MEL Manager.
  • Provide support in developing various data collection tools addressing adhoc research questions and problems under guidance from the MEL Manager.
  • Support in testing electronic data collection scripts prepared for various research and monitoring activities.
  • Support in various components of program implementation within the countries.
  • Other duties as assigned by the PMU

Minimum Qualification & Transferable Skills

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with at least three (3) years cumulative experience

working as an assistant in a program and research environment within the development sector

  • Experience in supporting multi-country program management in a program or research environment is desired
  • Experience in supporting/implementing quality assurance and control for programs and research activities
  • Ability to develop and manage work plans for complex multi-country programs within the development sector
  • Effective written and oral communication in English
  • Qualification in project or program management will be an added advantage
  • Proficiency in MS Office specifically in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint are required
  • Knowledge of an analysis software is an added advantage e.g. SPSS, STATA or R

Program Manager (GIRL-H) 

Essential Job Responsibilities

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  • Support the development of a clear vision for the program, as well as a clear and effective strategy for program implementation and evaluation and ensure that the vision and mission are aligned with contextual realities.
  • Ensure that the program strategy is clear and communicated to team members, local beneficiaries, and partners.
  • Ensure that program implementation is responsive to communities and partners and aligned with

Mercy Corps’ principles and values.

  • Collaborate with other related Mercy Corps programs to create synergies wherever possible.
  • Guide the technical implementation of women and girls’ leadership country strategies based on Mercy

Corps’ Country Strategy for Uganda, Haiti and Kenya.

  • Promote gender strategies across the country portfolio, adapt, and improve them as needed.
  • Lead the development of a resource mobilization and communication strategy for the program and support its operationalization at the country level.


  • Support program implementation, in cooperation with key project stakeholders, including local non- governmental organizations, local government officials, community-based organizations, other international agencies on the ground, and key donors.
  • Collaborate with program, finance and administrative staff to ensure program systems comply with donor and Mercy Corps policies and procedures, including adherence to Mercy Corps program management minimum standards.
  • Work with the PMs to maintain systems ensuring effective and transparent use of financial resources for timely and informative reporting in line with donor and Mercy Corps policies and procedures.
  • Increase Mercy Corps and partner organization staff capacity by designing and delivering technical training and coaching plans on topics related to building resilience and achieving gender-equitable program outcomes.
  • Provide support and guidance in all aspects of program implementation, management, and evaluation across the three target countries.


  • Ensure compliance with donor and Mercy Corps regulations related to gender, resilience, and safes spaces programming.
  • Support effective program monitoring and reporting systems for both internal and external use and ensure high quality input is obtained from team members.
  • Use reporting results to monitor program success, measure impact, and calibrate program strategy accordingly.
  • Ensure documentation of achievements and lessons learned to ensure best practices are captured and disseminated in quarterly and final program reports.
  • Monitor adherence to the donor grant agreement as well as Mercy Corps’ and donor’s policies and procedures for procurement and compliance.


  • Support country team adherence to Mercy Corps and donor policies and procedures.
  • Capture and disseminate best practices on operations, finance, and HR systems across country teams to ensure highest quality and standards.
  • Provide dedicated support to country teams in the event of an emergency.


  • Support Mercy Corps global and regional initiatives for human resources, including safeguarding and diversity.


  • Engage and support GIRL Program across the region to ensure that adequate risk management systems are in place.
  • Collaborate with GIRL Country PMs to support preparedness and response to major disruptive events.
  • Engage with country teams on the internal audit process to track findings and ensure country team compliance with Internal Audit findings and recommendations.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Masters or equivalent experience in International Development, Political Science, women’s studies, Economics, Sociology or other relevant field.
  • 7-9 years’ experience in gender and youth development work including experience developing and conducting gender training, gender/youth mainstreaming and engaging in gender advocacy.
  • Experience in program start up.
  • Demonstrated ability to implement a program, manage a team and develop their capacities.
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead the collection, analysis and utilization of information from a broad range of sources to ensure effective integration of gender and youth concerns throughout the project’s duration. In-depth understanding of gender, age and other socio-cultural factors in the context of food security / livelihoods programming.
  • Ability to foster commitment and build capacity among project staff and in-country actors around gender and youth integration.
  • Experience in the Africa region is preferred
  • Strong public speaking and facilitation skills required.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office


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