Money Back Guarantee – Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions to receive your refund. The 2 months (60 days) guarantee period starts from the day you received your final copy.

  • You MUST have picked the advance package and completed your payments.
  • You MUST have followed exactly the steps given in the Job Seekers Toolkit Training, How to apply a job by email and the Online Interview Coaching Program.
  • You MUST have evidence of the Job Search Plan for the 60 days.
  • You MUST have evidence of having applied for at least 1 job per day for the 60 days.
  • You have not been invited for an interview or changed jobs withing the 60 days.
  • You MUST send a refund request within 7 days after the 60 days guarantee period is over.

It’s that simple!

The guarantee is not to be used for those who have no intention of making this investment in themselves but rather taking up the service with the intentions of claiming the refund.