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Software Development – Technical Mentor

It is the goal out in front of us that keeps us striving for more and we are doing this through:

  • Creating products that connect people from where they are now to where they would like to go for their future.
  • Focussing on broadening the pool of people who can create their future by scaling into new geographies.
  • Offering Market-aligned skills education to create futures.

Our mission is to build talent and opportunities through transformative, tech-based learning experiences and we do this by:

  • Taking a student-centric approach where students define what opportunities they are looking for and Moringa works to meet their expectations.
  • Not teaching for the sake of getting students in the door, but to truly transform their sense of self-confidence and belief through soft and technical skilling.

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Our Culture

  • Employees enjoy a fun, collegial startup environment
  • You will be surrounded by talented, friendly, brilliant, & mission-driven professionals who work hard to provide the best student experience of its kind in the world.
  • We are committed to employee health & wellness- we truly believe that you need to take care of yourself first.
  • We understand the value in remote working & support it as needed.

Why We Are Hiring for This Role

Moringa School is in an exciting transition from a primarily Nairobi-based school to an international education organization via rapid growth across Africa and expansion into new course offerings. We are a premier advanced immersive program, training exceptional full-stack and mobile Software Engineers. Students train 10+ hours a day, 5 days a week, through 20 weeks in a curriculum focused on computer science fundamentals, frontend skills, and Python/Django or Java/Android. We are looking for a talented, organized, systems-oriented thinker to provide management, leadership, and accountability to a high-performance team in support of the mission and core values of the company. The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience building software systems, and working well in diverse teams, even in a chaotic environment. The Technical Mentor role provides the mentorship and supervision necessary to ensure that their students have a 5-star experience and achieve strong outcomes.

What You Have

  • 2+ years experience working, at least 1+ years experience professional coding in languages used in the classroom
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Lots of patience and empathy, ability to work well with and accommodate the needs of other people
  • Strong problem-solving abilities to handle complex situations involving many people
  • Ability to work with and mentor large, diverse groups of people
  • Positive, empathetic, team player with a systems-mindset
  • Ability to multitask and strategically solve diverse problems
  • Experience with Ruby and React coding languages (preferred)
  • Coding school alumni (preferred)
  • Experience teaching, working in education, or program management (preferred)
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What You Will Do

  • Carry out all TM responsibilities within the classroom
  • Facilitate daily standups, laboratory classes
  • Lead classroom team to identify, compare, select, and support in implementing new classroom technology and solutions that meet the current and future needs of students and the business
  • Support student growth through labs and practice sessions
  • Provide timely and effective feedback on student work and assessments
  • Support student development through one-on-ones and document notes and next steps from those conversations
  • Leads in managing the legacy product and the implementation of pilots and new products
  • Support in supervising classroom system infrastructure and help build quality assurance and data protection processes
  • Personal professional growth: Moringa is part of your professional journey. It is up to you to decide how you want to grow through that journey and to continuously improve in doing your work using the tools at your disposal.
  • Provide logistical support for students to engage in pair programming and study groups
  • Support classroom culture and relationship building with students

Values Alignment: The Moringa Way

Have each other’s back by figuring it out together to achieve a goal, support each other

Value each person’s part by being inclusive and making time for connection

Keep your eye on the ball by doing your part, taking responsibility for your actions and their outcomes

Stretch your limits by being bold, believing that you and those around you have the potential to improve through intentional practice and feedback from others

Career Growth & Development

We do not believe that an organization can grow without the growth & development of its staff. At Moringa School, we are consistently building systems to invest in the growth of our employees. We are deeply invested in offering career growth within Moringa, provide actionable feedback through “weekly check-ins” & thorough career reviews.

We will work together with you to craft roles that both support the needs of the organization and that you can be passionate about.

Kindly send your application before the closing of business on 9th February 2022

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