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Regional Head, Membership Services

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Deputy Regional Director, this role leads strategic coordination with National Societies – both Host National Societies and Partner National Societies (Membership Coordination) – and ICRC (including Movement Coordination) in connection with NSD issues. The incumbent:

  • Enable IFRC lead role with internal and external stakeholders in all aspects of governance and National Society development.
  • Promote learning and National Society networks and peer-to-peer support to further development and leadership issues.
  • Be the focal point for integrity issues, under the regional director’s supervision, in close collaboration with the IFRC task force on integrity chaired by the Governance Support Department, including ensure that CMC lead process receive the relevant support.
  • Provide strategic oversight and support to National Society development, including Volunteer and Youth Development, with a focus on branch strengthening and localization championning.
  • Provide regular strategic support to National Society leadership and governance development. This includes::
  • Supporting the processes of revision, amending or developing their legal base and/or their statutory base;
  • Ensuring that all new National Society senior leaders have undertaken Movement Induction Courses.coordinating the preparation, induction and participation in statutory meetings and Pan-African conference and maintain contact on the same issues with the file-holders from the Secretariat.
  • Ensure the coherent management of evidence-based knowledge and its effective orientation and application.
  • Lead the development, implementation and monitoring of Pan-African initiative on NSD through operational networks, peer-to-peer learning and support mechanisms for National Societies.
  • Ensure than NSD components in included in operations and programmes, particularly for emergency response and through all Pan-African initiatives (Zero Hunger, Red Ready, Tree planting and Care).

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

  • Facilitate NS compliance and accountability with a focus on enhancing capacity in fraud and corruption prevention, PSEA and reputational risk.
  • Promote and disseminate regional networks and reference centres to enable the effective implementation of knowledge dissemination systems as well as platforms for policy development, data gathering and statistical analysis.
  • Lead on youth and volunteer engagement and development in support to IFRC delegations and African NS in line with regional and global strategies and priorities, including for the protection, management and promotion of volunteers.
  • Establish support mechanisms for National Society sustainability, in close liaison with cluster delegations and other technical file holders, with a focus on domesticly-driven income generation and partnerships, management systems (finance, HR), digital transformation.
  • Responsible for identifying risks within their work area, monitoring the development of the risks, and implementing risk responses or escalating to the Director when necessary.
  • Foster a vibrant innovation and research culture that is strategic and centered around financial sustainability, linking to Movement networks and beyond.

Effective matrix and people management

  • Ensure a well-managed team while promoting a culture of performance and continuous learning.
  • Contribute to the effective coordination with technical units of the Regional Office.
  • Ensure effective coordination with focal points from Country Delegations, Country Cluster Delegations and Geneva focal points.


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Master’s degree or equivalent in International Affairs, Political Science, Law, Economics, Public Policy, Social Studies or other relevant field of study; or a first-level university degree combined with extensive relevant experience.


  • At least 7 years of experience in either Governance or National Society Development or a combination of these areas of expertise within the RCRC Movement.
  • At least 7 years of experience managing staff.
  • Experience working with external partners.
  • Experience with National Societies on capacity building as well as other membership services and policy issues.
  • Experience working in a multicultural, international environment.

Regional Head, Humanitarian Diplomacy and Regional Liaison

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Regional Director, this position ensures that IFRC engages and influences key stakeholder through various forums and events, engagement with the diplomatic community, governments, and international organizations and humanitarian diplomacy initiatives with the aim of advancing the IFRC agenda and better positioning the IFRC in the humanitarian field.

The role also includes communications with staff, National Societies, and a wide range of external stakeholders.

 As required, the Regional Director will directly engage on certain files such as communications and/or risk management as necessary.

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  • Provide strategic direction focusing on internal and external stakeholder engagement in support of humanitarian diplomacy goals.
  • In close liaison with communication and technical leads, facilitate the production of analytical pieces, briefs, or reports to support effective advocacy.
  • Collaborate with, and leverage support from, internal and external partners to support the development of innovative approaches and initiatives that build advocacy expertise and enable collective strategic positioning within the IFRC network.
  • Provide direction on content generation and communication materials and products as well as for outreach strategies and associated distribution channels, including media and social media.
  • Support the design of communication campaign and engagement strategies in line with regional priorities and Pan-African initiatives.

 External Relations and Events

  • Ensure thorough preparation and coordination of external relations and events.
  • Coordinate the preparation and content development of supporting documentation for strategic meetings.

 Engagement with the Diplomatic Community, Governments, and International Organizations

  • Ensure the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the Regional Director’s strategic outgoing correspondence by coordinating with relevant internal stakeholders, providing analysis on political and humanitarian issues and compounding contexts and stakeholders as well as finalizing supporting documentation.
  • Proactively identify opportunities for engagement with the diplomatic community, governments, and International Organizations and ensures effective follow-up as appropriate.

Risk Management

  • Manage the provision of strategic risk management to the Regional Director.
  • Ensure the successful implementation of the IFRC’s Risk Management Policy / Framework by ensuring its’ operationalization across country and regional teams.
  • Manage the successful embedment of risk management into day-to-day tools, processes and policies.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

  • Lead the analysis, collation and dissemination of salient information and advice pertaining to the management of risks facing IFRC in the region.
  • Ensure informed decision making based on tracking, assessment, mitigation, escalation, and reporting of operational risks faced by IFRC and its stakeholders in the region.
  • Provide proactive solutions to existing risk management issues.

Convening of Humanitarian Diplomacy Forums and Capacity Building

  • Serve as a trusted adviser in positioning IFRC appropriately in the humanitarian diplomacy space and liaises closely with key internal and external stakeholders to support the Regional Director in the advancement of the Federation´s Humanitarian Diplomacy agenda in the region.
  • Lead the planning, coordination, and management of the regional conference.
  • Identify key decision-makers, power centres and policy opportunities to develop engagement plans to strategically position the IFRC within the Region.
  • Prepare, coordinate, and promote policy position papers and briefs on relevant topics and ensure their implementation.
  • Establish a clear HD strategy for the region, taking in to account the challenges outlined in the Strategy 2030.
  • Facilitate support to and engagement of National Societies in enhancing their auxiliary role and national positioning as well as in contributing to regional and global humanitarian diplomacy goals.


  • Ensure proactive and effective coordination both internally and externally with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Movement, on humanitarian diplomacy and communications issues to further the IFRC agenda.
  • Manage high level PNS coordination, including mapping and alinement of regional strategies with IFRC planning.
  • Proactively coordinate with technical counterparts for each portfolio covered within the teams’ responsibilities.

Regional Liaison Support

  • Ensure the effective planning and management of strategic forums and relationship development with key external stakeholders.
  • Ensure smooth strategic and administrative support to both the Regional Director and Deputy Regional Director.
  • Responsible for identifying risks within their work area, monitoring the development of the risks, and implementing risk responses or escalating to the Director when necessary.

Effective Matrix and People Management

  • Ensure a well-managed team while promoting a culture of performance and continuous learning.
  • Contribute to the effective coordination with the technical units of the Regional Office, country/cluster offices and PNSs.
  • Ensure effective coordination with focal points from Country Delegations, Country Cluster Delegations and Geneva.


  • Master´s degree or equivalent in management, public administration, business administration, international relations, law, or other relevant field of study; or a first-level university degree combined with extensive relevant experience ( Required) 
  • Qualification or certification in project management or risk management qualification such as IRM (Preferred).


  • At least 7 years of experience in Humanitarian Diplomacy in the humanitarian sector or similar.
  • At least 7 years of experience managing staff.
  • At least 5 years of experience working on risk management in an international environment. 
  • Strong experience working in a multicultural and cross-disciplinary environment.
  • Experience in providing front office support.
  • Experience in managing external relations with International Organizations, diplomatic missions and other key actors.
  • Red Cross / Red Crescent experience. 

Regional Head, Health, Disasters, Climate & Crises

Job Duties And Responsibilities

Reporting to the Deputy Regional Director, this role ensures the relevance, coherence, and timeliness of IFRC emergency response and resilience development and regional thematic leadership in the critical areas of climate, migration, and health. Also, the job holder will position regionally IFRC at the forefront of development of humanitarian competencies such as health, cash-based assistance, shelter, CEA, Information Management and anticipatory action.

More specifically, the incumbent manages thematic lead in key strategic priorities in disaster risk management, health (health in emergencies, community health including First Aid, immunization, HIV, TB, malaria, public health and immunization, WASH, MHPSS), climate change, migration and displacement in the region and ensures the integration of cross-cutting issues.

Coordination and Regional & Country Support

  • Lead all operational technical teams that provide NSs with country level support and guidance for strategic plans for development, design and management of quality programmes and operations.
  • Lead overall emergency operations coordination and technical support involving health, WASH, food security and livelihoods, shelter, cash in emergencies, disaster risk reduction, Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA), Protection Gender and Inclusion (PGI).
  • Contribute to the overall strategic vision and planning for the IFRC in collaboration with other departments and programs and headquarters – with a focus on strengthening NS capacities for developing and implementing effective programmes and operations – through the support of IFRC cluster and country offices.
  • Promote and contribute to the development of IFRC policies and positions regarding the Strategic Priorities and enablers of the IFRC Secretariat Agenda for Renewal as well as other comprehensive risk mitigation issues, with a view to expanding the advocacy agenda in all operational areas.
  • Ensure coherence and a clearly articulated integration among relevant policies, strategies, frameworks, and tools related to all operations and programmes.
  • Ensure effective and efficient international disaster management and coordinates the multilateral disaster response and early recovery process of operations launched through the IFRC mechanisms which include the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) and International Emergency Appeals, IFRC Rapid Response system, Information Management for operations, and covers preparedness, readiness, response and recovery.
  • Promote National Societies Preparedness through the IFRC Preparedness for Effective Response (PER) approach and tools towards National Societies.
  • Provide timely and reliable service to the IFRC network through the development and maintenance of quality information management and data collection, collation and analysis tools for disaster and crisis prevention, response and recovery. Oversee the continuous improvement of an essential information management system for prevention, response and recovery and deployment of response resources.

Job Duties And Responsibilities (continued)

  • Manage thematic leads in key strategic priorities in disaster risk management, health ((health in emergencies, community health including First Aid, immunization, HIV, TB, malaria, public health and immunization, WASH, MHPSS), climate change, migration and displacement in the region and ensures the integration of cross-cutting issues.
  • Ensure coordination, engagement and support to the Pan-African initiatives and global flagships across the region, with a technical lead role on Red Ready, Tree planting & Care, Zero Hunger, climate resilience, pandemic preparedness and response, DREF and CASH expansion, cholera prevention.
  • Lead on and collects/shares innovative approaches and good practices for sustainable programmes.
  • Liaise with internal and external partners at international, regional and national levels to ensure operational coherence in disaster response operations, development actions within the disaster risk management spectrum.
  • Lead the strengthening of community resilience through ambitious and integrated longer-term plans, in cooperation with National Societies and other key partners, in line with strategic priorities.
  • Is accountable for institutionalizing and strengthening Community Engagement and Accountability and Protection Gender and Inclusion across all IFRC programmes and operations as well as those of National Societies in the Region.
  • Responsible for identifying risks within their work area, monitoring the development of the risks, and implementing risk responses or escalating to the Director when necessary.

Effective matrix management

  • Coordinate with PMER and Quality Assurance, Membership Services and Corporate Services Units to ensure that Health, Disasters and Crises operations follow the financial, human resources, reporting and general administration procedures.
  • Ensure close coordination with SPD for the resource mobilisation for plans and budgets.
  • Support the Deputy Director to ensure strategic coherence and alignment, as well as programmatic and operational coordination between different units.
  • Effectively manage team members under their responsibility through clear lines of responsibility and well-defined results-based priority plans.
  • Responsible for identifying risks within their work area, monitoring the development of the risks, and implementing risk responses or escalating to the Director when necessary.


  • Masters degree or equivalent in a relevant field or a first-level university degree combined with extensive relevant experience.
  • Successful completion of the Basic IMPACT Course.
  • Qualification or Certification in Project Management


  • 7 years of experience working for a humanitarian organization in humanitarian response to disasters and crises and health emergencies, and/or longer term programming for lasting needs.
  • 7 years of experience analysing, planning, and managing humanitarian or development programs and resources.
  • 7 years of experience managing staff.
  • 7 years of experience in building capacity of Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies, NGO, civil society organization etc. on health interventions, disaster management, resilience building, development activities etc.
  • Strong experience working in a multicultural, international context
  • Experience managing partners or partnership arrangements, donors and organizational leadership and government counterparts.
  • Experience working with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement.

Knowledge, Skills and Language

  • Demonstrated experience in programmes and operations, including in sectors relevant to IFRC.
  • Demonstrated success in project/program planning, budgeting, management, reporting and evaluation.
  • Demonstrated track record in innovating, contributing to a learning culture, sharing knowledge and new approaches to engaging partners.
  • Highly developed leadership skills.
  • Professional credibility, strong analytical skills, and ability to work at various levels of complexity.
  • Proven ability to motivate and manage a team.
  • Strategic analysis, systematic planning, and implementation skills.
  • Excellent collaborative and teamwork skills.
  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Good command of another IFRC official language (French, Spanish or Arabic)
  • Other Languages

Manager, Performance

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Programme Performance and Operation Oversight:

  • Set up performance monitoring systems at both National Societies and consortium levels.
  • Coordinate strategic planning, implementation and monitoring of Africa CDC programmes and operations to ensure a coherent approach to delivery/ implementation
  • Lead IFRC support to Lead National Societies in coordinating programmes and operations, and engagement with recipient National Societies, IFRC and other internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensure that the team responsible for programmes and operations works closely with relevant technical units of Africa and MENA regions throughout the programming cycle to facilitate a synergetic effort to programmes and operations.
  • Provide technical guidance and oversight to IFRC personnel in implementing and monitoring Africa FCDC Programme to ensure the application of the lead applicants’ policies, frameworks, procedures, standards, guidelines and methodologies in programme delivery
  • Lead the process of effective, timely and comprehensive reporting to Master Card Foundation (and any other additional back donors) in collaboration with the respective technical colleagues in National Societies and the IFRC PMU.
  • Promote and engage in systematic monitoring and evaluation of the AfCDC Programme to ensure that implementation is timely, relevant, effective and in line with contractual obligations and to contribute to the identification and synthesis of best practices and lessons learned for organizational sharing and learning.
  • Ensure that the team responsible for PMER/IM and Finance prepares accurate and timely monthly operational highlights, quarterly updates on operations and annual updates on operations as well as delivers inputs for standard reports.
  • Ensure that all the Lead Applicant and IFRC sub-contracted sub-recipient have continuous access to technical advice and guidance to support implementation and quality assurance, including backstopping for technical leads as may be required.
  • Provide leadership and coordination for performance management and improvement, ensuring their alignment to improving the programmes operational efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Ensure AfCDC Programme efforts to ensure that performance management and improvement for the programme are developed, implemented, and managed using a data-driven approach that sets priorities for improvements in line with ongoing program objectives.
  • Deliver and continuously improve programme’s monitoring and reporting working closely with teams across the PMU and National Societies to meet the reporting needs.
  • In close collaboration with the technical teams in respective offices in Africa and MENA, support National Societies and PMU to ensure ongoing alignment between the organisational approach to performance monitoring & planning and AfCDC Programme
  • Support the lead National Societies in setting up systems to facilitate effective and quality reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

Programme Financial Management

  • Responsible and accountable for the overall day-to day management and coordination of programme and operations, including assuming budget holder responsibilities, ensuring sound planning and financial management in accordance with Master Card Foundation and IFRC Policies and practices.
  • Ensure that budgeting, financial monitoring and financial reporting are managed in line with the requirements of IFRC, Master Card Foundation and other donors (where applicable)
  • Working with the Finance Coordinator, regularly monitor partner expenditures to ensure compliance with project workplans and grant agreements,
  • Ensure that all financial plans and reports are developed and submitted to high quality standards and on time (e.g. annual planned spend, budget by objective, multi-annual requests, requests for changes, donor reports, quarterly forecasts etc.).
  • Support the Finance Coordinator to make regular visits to NS for purposes of expenditure verification and validation.
  • Inform the Head of Programme Management Unit of financial management risks or abuses in good time.

Risk Management

  • Facilitate and support AfCDC Programme at both IFRC and National Societies to identify potential risks and develop appropriate initiatives to mitigate programme risks
  • Support the lead applicants to maintain, update, and facilitate the review of the consortium risk registers
  • Work with the lead applicant National Societies to ensure a consistent approach to risk management is utilised across all the implementing partners in the consortium
  • Facilitate regular risk discussions at PMU at IFRC and with lead applicants.
  • In collaboration with technical counterparts at Africa Region and MENA provide guidance and training on risk management to Lead Applicants on critical risk areas and support the development of effective risk mitigation action plans.
  • In collaboration with technical counterparts at Africa Region and MENA provide support, education, and training to staff to build risk awareness within the PMU and National societies.
  • Assist in preparation of risk reports and risk registers for stakeholders (internal and external) within the IFRC PMU level
  • Follow up on actions from the risk management discussions at IFRC PMU and Lead Applicants.

Human Resources Management

  • Line manage all staff that include Finance Coordinator and PMER/IM Officers staff
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning, individual and team accountability by setting individual and team objectives, monitoring team performance and conducting timely performance reviews.
  • Ensure that team members understand their roles and have clearly defined objectives.
  • Lead and motivate team members ensuring they make an effective contribution to the delivery of the programme.
  • Ensure that staff are supported to develop their skills and capacities in line with their aspirations and the needs of the programme.
  • Support recruitment of new PMER/IM Officers and finance staff and consultants.
  • Support lead applicants to recruit relevant staff, as required.


  • Relevant university education or an equivalent of qualifying experience. Required
  • Post-graduate qualification in management or leadership. Preferred
  • Basic Delegates Training Course (BTC), WORC, IMPACT or equivalent knowledge. Required


  • At least 7 years working experience in the humanitarian or development sector. Required
  • Prior work in a membership organization in roles that include member capacity development. Preferred
  • Management and supervisory experience in a multicultural environment. Required
  • Experience in coordinating with the authorities and other humanitarian/development actors. Required
  • Experience in narrative and financial reporting and proposal writing. Required
  • Experience in the Africa region. Required


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