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Sales Executives (Eye Wear Consultants)

Aug 5, 2022


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This role refers to a sales function but with detailed attention to the products, we deal with. Due to the nature of products, extensive training will be done during the training period.

Ideal candidate

Candidates with a relevant academic qualification who have a passion for selling and have keen attention to detail will be highly considered.

Fresh graduates

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An equal preference will be given for recently qualified graduates from higher educational institutions with no work experience.

Training period & evaluation

Every candidate will be routed through a structured training program to equip with a skill set to perform the role. Continuous evaluations within the duration of training will work as a great tool to assess and polish the skill set to a level we desire to attain.

  • Guiding the clients on choosing the correct lens & frame (In addition to the other optical products we stock.
  • The scope involves extensive guidance to customers when choosing the right product which will be greatly dependent on the correction required to the eyes, often interpreted from the prescription issued by our qualified optometrists.

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