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Fleet Management Associate


  • Apply UNHCR’s fleet management strategy when preparing plans for purchase of fleet assets or related maintenance and repair services. Conduct spend analyses using historical spend data to identify trends that can be used to plan procurement activities and Frame Agreements. Advise the office(s) on maintaining an appropriate-sized fleet and how to optimise vehicle use though a pool or allocation system.
  • Plan for acquisition, maintenance and replacement of fleet assets and accessories. Act as a focal person in vehicle ordering considering local fleet management replacement strategies and UNHCR short, – and medium-term requirements.
  • Coordinate activities of implementing partners and/or contractors performing fleet related activities and ensure that they understand and adhere to relevant UNHCR rules and procedures.
  • Respond to requests for information and advice, coordinate responses from a range of entities to provide a clear, consistent and timely response to the counterparts.
  • Provide support and assessment of fleet related needs within the AoR, including emergencies.
  • Collect information from concerned parties to ensure relevant and appropriate data is gathered and shared. Promote an understanding of concerns, objectives and priorities for fleet related issues by providing information or expertise to interested parties.
  • Provide fleet management reports, customised reports, and gather information on all fleet assets and provide in-depth reports periodically and when requested.
  • Monitor the quality and accuracy of fleet related data in relevant business systems. Compile and analyse statistical information, identify trends and developments in fleet related matters that will assist in decision making. Monitor the utilisation and perform updates of the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) for vehicles within the AoR.
  • Disseminate, promote commitment to and monitor compliance with UNHCR’s global policies, standards and guidance on fleet management.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications
Education & Professional Work Experience
Years of Experience / Degree Level

  • For G6 – 3 years relevant experience with High School Diploma; or 2 years relevant work experience with Bachelor or equivalent or higher

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