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Workshop Operations Manager

Job Requirements


Diploma, Associate’s degree

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Work experience:

3 years

Language skills:


Job Summary
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Contract Type:

Full time

The position will manage and lead a team of people in allocating workload and managing the day to day operations in the workshop. It requires the person to coordinate resources within the workshop different stations – Pre QC, Glazing, Surfacing, Final QC and Repairs and work with the Control Room and Packaging departments connected to the workshop to ensure Orders are delivered before time and of highest quality standard.


1.      Responsible for Job allocation and job flow in the workshop including job scheduling and manpower allocation
looking at the workload.

2.    Ensuring the orders that are coming in are being delivered well before the promised timelines to the branches for customers to receive the order in time.

3.       Manage the difference workstations within the workshop to ensure the jobs are being processed smoothly and no bottleneck or holdups taking place at any station. Incase a bottleneck or problem noticed be it manpower related, Machine related, IT related take fast action to resolve the same and follow through to ensure quickly resolved.

4.       Regularly check on the progress of orders and quickly communicate delays or concerns to the CS team to inform the customer on time.

5.       Incase of a problem with an Order or Machine, to make regular Follow up and follow through to ensure the work is completed and problem is resolved. Finding long term solutions also to ensure its not repeated.

6.       Supervise the workforce ensuring they are reporting on time to work and checking their hourly production work progress and output is on track as per the number of jobs the machine and technician can handle.

7.      Check on the Final QC team to ensure they are going through all the checks for every order and ensuring the quality s of high standard and not compromised.

8.      Supervising the person(s) if they are not working to the expectations and thus decide on if an ongoing
training is required to improve their skills done by the Technical Head or check on their machinery by Technical team if machine could be the problem causing the fall in productivity or quality of the jobs.

Investigate the rejections and
complaints from customers for orders they returned back to find the possible
cause and suggest appropriate solution and follow through to close these
solutions. How to reduce these complaints and Rejections should be the key

Look at the load in workshop to
decide if requires technicians to work extra after hours to complete the work.
Or allocate resources to use additional machines to making sure all jobs are
done in time.

Provide feedback to staff that
are not performing to the expected level and ensure human resources are
informed of the trends in performance.

Promote health and safety
culture within the workshop and ensuring the workshop is always kept neat and


Job Summary


KES 25000 – KES 35000

Salary Period:


Contract Type:

Full timeWe are seeking a service-oriented and self-motivated professional to join our IT support team. In this role, you will work on maintaining and monitoring the computer systems and networks for our business. You will be tasked with solving complex technical issues and will also collaborate with team members across all departments to assist them with their technical requirements.


IT Support Duties and Responsibilities

  • Install and configure software and computer systems.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues with software or hardware.
  • Walk colleagues or clients through steps to help them resolve their technical problems.
  • Maintain procedures and reports that provide technical support to the entire organization.
  • Analyze records and logs to spot underlying trends and potential issues.
  • Support the implementation of new solutions or applications.
  • assist with password or login problems.
  • Test, evaluate, and make decisions about new technology for the business.
  • Participate in business-wide meetings to provide insight into technical requirements.
  • Install and maintain CCTV systems across the company

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