How to prepared the Night Before The Interview Day

How to prepared the Night Before The Interview Day

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This evening should be a fairly relaxed one since most of the ground work has already been done a few days to the interview.

This includes:

1.  Get your clothes in order
This sounds quite basic but could be the deal breaker if not done well. Ensure you have your outfit well cleaned and ironed the night before. Never be tempted to think that could do this in the morning of the interview. Many things could wrong including loss of electricity.

Ensure your shoes are well polished as well and everything is laid out ready to put on in the morning,

It is safe to opt for smart dressing rather than casual wear irrespective of the nature of the organization.

2.  Revisit your previous preparation
It is wise to review your previous preparation so that you can have all the information fresh in your mind. You could set apart about 30-60 minutes to do this.

This review will help you to refresh your mind with:

  • The information about the organization
  • A full appreciation of the role
  • Confidence on why you are the best fit for the role
  • An understanding of your skills and knowledge gaps
  • Directions to the organization premise
  • A confirmation of what to carry to the interview
  • Responses to the most common interview questions
  • Questions to ask the interviewer


3.  Pack your folder
Once you are done with reviewing the previous preparation, pack all the documents that you will carry to the interview in your folder.

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This may include:

  • Copies of your CV
  • A pen and pad to take notes
  • Some prepared questions
  • The job details
  • The interview details
  • Your certificates
  • Work samples

When you have all things planned out and well packed the night before, you will save so much time in the morning and avoid unnecessary rush. Ever looked around for your socks in the motning and you can’t seem just to find where they are? mmhh!!

At this point it may be important to also check out on the next days’ traffic plans and weather updates just in case.


4.  Get a good restful sleep
You can never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep to your ability to function well the following day. Once you are done with the above, plan to get to bed early.

Avoid taking stimulants or rather drinks which will depress you off your good nights’ sleep. This will also be the evening where you will have to forego the night out with your friends. Avoid anything or activity that could disrupt your sleep pattern or cause you to wake up feeling not well rested.

Remember to set your alarm since you don’t want to wake up late.



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