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Valid Until 26th Nov 2021

Valid Until 26th Nov 2021

Make 2021 The Best Year Ever Despite the Crisis

To appreciate you this Black Friday, you’re getting a Professional Certification to your name. This makes it super easy for you to secure a job with NGOs and International Organisations.

Invest in yourself today and get your dream job that pays you well.

Finally, You’ll have a chance to work with…

Local and International NGOs

(HINT: here are some of them…)

Internatinal NGOs

Instead of complaining about how bad 2021 has been, get your dream job that pays you well.

Pick 1 Courses and 1 Free

Sign up for any of our online courses and get another for FREE

✅ Become a Certified Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist… …and learn how to use result based management, data collection, analysis, reporting and budgeting.

✅ Become a Certified Project Management Specialist… …and learn how to utilise the right methodology, toolset and system development life cycle.

✅ Develop your Strategic Management and Leadership skills …and enhance your employability, and competitive advantage

✅ Become an expert in Fundraising and Resource Mobilization. Develop skills, strategies and approaches to resource mobilization.

✅Become a Certified Business Management and Entrepreneurship Specialist.Gain the knowledge needed to plan, set up and run a business.

✅Become a Certified Customer Service Specialist. Learn how to communicate with customers like an expert, provide and maintain excellent customer services while creating loyal customers.

Why Should You Get These Certifications?

  • Earn More Money: As a Specialist in these areas, you can expect an average minimum salary of Ksh 200,000 per month working as a Project Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Consultant, Financial Advisor, Technical advisor etc. (Source: PayScale)

  • Job Security: With this highly sorted for qualification and M&E field experiencing growth, with very few qualified individuals, you can be assured of a job.

These are the Most Affordable certifications available. Better still, you start off the course without paying the full fees. With at least 30% deposit, you get access to the entire course material, notes, worksheets and additional resource. No other institution does this.

Why Online Courses?

  • Become very marketable in the NGOs, International and Development Job Market by acquiring these Certifications part-time. With the online courses, you don’t need to quit your job to go back to school.

  • These Online Certifications allows you to schedule your own learning program. You learn at your own pace and convenience, morning, evening, during commute time etc.
  • Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”

    (or…Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

    Let’s face it: Have you talked or thought about getting a better paying job? Increasing your skills through education and experience?

    So are you going to continue…talking or do something about it?

    Join Our Courses Today…

    And You’ll Get The Bonuses Below For FREE (Worth Ksh 11,000 In Value)!

    Bonus 1 Professional CV Writing (Value Ksh 2000)

    Bonus 2 Sample Cover Letters (Value Ksh 1500)

    Bonus 3 LinkedIn Profile Guide (Value Ksh 1500)

    Bonus 4 Online Interview Coaching (Value Ksh 1000)

    Bonus 5 Job Placement and Recruitment (Value Ksh 5000)


The End Month Offer on our Professional Certification Course ends On Friday 26th November 2021.

➠ Tuition for 2 Courses: Was Ksh 60,000

➠ Now Ksh 24,999 (60% off)

Payment Plan

START TODAY: Pick one payment plan now

1. One time payment Ksh 24,999 (60% off)

2. Pay in 3 easy instalments of Ksh 9,999

3. Or a commitment fee of Ksh 5,000 only to reserve the offer

Make payments through Lipa na Mpesa, Buy Goods and Service enter Till Number 715732. Your learning account will be ready in 30 minutes and your Professional CV in 24hrs.

Quote of the day: “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… The more you learn the more you earn.” Warren Buffett

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