One Acre Fund Latest Recruitments

One Acre Fund Latest Recruitments

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We are an international non-profit that works in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia. In these countries, our 5,000+ strong staff serves over 500,000 smallholder farmers and enables them to grow their way out of hunger and poverty.

Global M&E Director / Deputy Director

Job Summary: Seeking an exemplary evaluation professional to lead a large global M&E department renowned for its rigor.

Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic research and evaluation leader with strong quantitative and qualitative research skills, and proven ability to develop staff and to communicate results effectively. The Global Monitoring and Evaluation Director will lead all M&E functions in the organization and be a key member of organizational leadership. The M&E team has a presence in all countries of operation and employs a full time staff of data collectors.

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The overarching goals of this role are to:

  • Develop and continue to professionalize M&E staff at all levels to set the standard for excellence in rural data collection.
  • Ensure that M&E data and results continue to inform program strategy by working with program leadership to understand and devise strategies to implement results which maximize program impact.
  • Continue to deepen One Acre Fund evidence base including periodic experimental studies of our primary program impact on farmer profit as well as building evidence-based of secondary impacts on farmer quality of life.
  • Ensure that One Acre Fund’s newly evolving work in the areas of agro-forestry and nutrition evaluation work have a strong evidence base and make pivotal contributions to some of the fastest growing organizational programs.
  • Ensure the continuation of the highest quality of data collection and highest rigor of analysis that One Acre Fund has come to be associated with.
  • Oversee the analysis and recommendations which inform that ability of organizational leaders to choose among multiple investments.
  • Liaise with partners and donors to ensure that M&E data and analysis is responsive to their requests and requirements.
  • Internally support adjacent departments (e.g. the Agricultural Research Team, The Field Operations team and the Product Innovations Department).

Setting Vision & Strategy:

  • Work with senior leaders to collaboratively set and execute on long-term vision for all M&E functions, under the “Impact” umbrella
  • Build and reinforce Department culture of excellence and responsiveness.
  • Build and maintain strong collaborative working relationships across several global departments, and amongst key leaders in all countries
  • Identify and execute on key areas of strategic innovation

Building Team:

  • Manage the day-to-day work of manager director-level staff, overseeing a total staff of over a dozen M&E leaders.
  • Organize and conduct periodic skills-building and best practice workshops.
  • Ensure that the team has continual opportunity for upward growth in the organization and increasing scope of responsibility
  • Build a collaborative, positive and inclusive team culture, bridging the geographic distance among team members.

Executing on Key Organizational Initiatives: Deliver results on key organizational initiatives related to all aspects of HR and talent management, including working with our outstanding team of department directors in the following areas:

Routinize and standardize – ensure the highest level of quality as we move to a regional M&E manager structure

  • Ensure that the growing body of nutrition work has a strong and well-executed evaluation strategy
  • Build on the organization’s understating of the program impact on farmers’ overall quality of life
  • Support the organization’s strategy to rigorously evaluate our growing tree program, including leading an RCT to quantify long-term impact.
  • Grow efficiently – put in place strategy to ensure that the high volume and rigorous data collection undertaken by the organization is conducted in an economically efficient manner.
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  • Serve as the global voice for all M&E-related issues, to the organization and top leadership
  • Develop white papers and copy for our Website on M&E topics.
  • Liaise with partners and donors who seek to understand our M&E strategy and results.
  • Represent One Acre Fund at occasional conferences and strategic meetings.

Kenya Field Operations Deliveries Associate

Job Summary: Drive efficient processes and systems, allowing us to deliver a growing range of inputs to more clients in a wider geographic area as we rapidly scale.

Job Description

The Field Operations Deliveries Associate is tasked with collaborating with stakeholders in Business Operations, Logistics, and other teams to ensure that over 50+ unique inputs (totaling over 32 million kgs in 2018) are distributed to our ever growing client base.

Strategy & Vision

  • Contribute to the Field Operations 5 Year Plan, annual ‘Objectives and Key Results’ goals and planning processes for the Field Operations department. Ensure annual plans align with the country program’s long-term vision and targets.
  • Measure progress against goals, regularly report on progress, and hold the team accountable for delivering results in key strategic areas.
  • Drive Field Operations to scale our services to more clients efficiently while maintaining a high level of service.
  • In all high level discussions at a country and global level, you will be responsible for representing the synthesized view of your team on all things Delivery related for Kenya Field Operations.

Delivery Planning, Execution and TroubleShooting

  • Coordinate planning and execution of major seasonal deliveries. This involves:
  • Planning and coordinating the Input Delivery Working Group in collaboration with key stakeholders in Business Operations and Logistics
  • Updating and executing on key field-facing trainings (train Field Staff on their roles and responsibilities during Input Delivery)
  • Triaging and resolving field facing issues during input delivery
  • Collecting and analyzing metrics gathered during input delivery to drive future delivery improvements.
  • Manage and mentor one sub-department managers (Materials Execution & Issue Resolution Specialist)
  • Ensure the sub-department’s tasks are executed to world-class standards including:
  • Procurement and delivery of trainings, materials, and tools to field staff to facilitate weekly Field activities
  • Delivery of performance incentives to staff and clients
  • Field support issue resolution
  • Collaboratively set department KPIs and metrics to measure success
  • Regularly solicit feedback from the wider team and other departments

Strategic Improvements and Collaboration

  • Identify and prioritize operations improvement projects to allow us to scale to more farmers, more efficiently, and offer a better service.
  • Participate in other relevant Working Groups to collaborate with colleagues to move forward on key initiatives. These include Enrollment WG, Package WG, Expansion WG and others.
  • Participate in Global Operations work and collaborate with other country programs.

People Management & Training

  • Serve as direct management line to one mid-level management staff, who oversees the Materials Execution and Issue Resolution sub-department (all told, a team of three).
  • Management will include oversight, weekly reporting meetings, performance reviews and development, strategic direction and support.
  • Ensure that all staff receives effective mentorship to promote career growth and capacity to handle the organization’s rapid growth.
  • Personally lead training sessions for senior staff members.
  • Lead and support the hiring of staff members within the sub-department.

Team & Culture

  • Within your sub-department, ensure all staff members are connected to the mission and feel motivated to serve our farmers each day.
  • Serve as a leader and role model to the Kenya team at large. Embody One Acre Fund’s core values: Humble Service, Hard Work, Continual Growth, Family of Leaders, Dream Big, and Integrity.
  • Monitor team morale, plan and mitigate any changes that could create disharmony amongst staff.
  • Implement best practices and initiatives that contribute to a more diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • Make Field Operations and One Acre Fund a great place to work.

Spending and Budgeting

  • Participate in annual budgeting process for your sub-department; anticipate spending for the year based on annual plans.
  • Each month, flag any expected over-expenditures and identify possible ways to offset costs
  • Identify ways for the department to become more efficient


We are seeking exceptional professionals with 2-3+ years of work experience, and a demonstrated long-term passion for international development.

Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • At a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree is required for this position with strong demonstrated previous work experience.
  • Experience in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and/or Database Management are highly preferred.
  • Experience working in a complex organization effectively with examples of leadership in that environment, including strong skills in relationship building and management within organizations.
  • Well-organized with demonstrated experience in managing projects with a high degree of complexity and detail.
  • Ability and demonstrated experience to work under pressure, producing quality work with little supervision.
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator with a strong sense of accountability and responsibility.
  • Willingness to ask questions, comfort pointing out challenges or mistakes and an ability to give clear, direct and professional upward feedback.
  • Humility. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service to join our growing family of leaders.
  • A willingness to commit to living in rural areas of East Africa for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role. The ideal candidate will have at least one year demonstrated experience working in the developing world, although this is not a strict requirement.
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office and/or Google Suite required. Experience with any programming, statistical, database management, inventory management software is a strong plus.
  • Language: English required in Kenya. Swahili-speakers strongly encouraged to apply.

Kenya People Innovations Associate

Job Summary: Independently scope and execute high-priority People projects for the Kenya program by relating well to our team at all levels and discussing staffing issues effectively with the leadership.

Job Description

The People Innovations Associate’s responsibilities would include, but not be limited to:

Strategy & Vision

  • Together with global and Kenya leadership, contribute to setting a clear vision and set of priorities for team culture, diversity, and inclusion within the Kenya program.
  • Gather team feedback on ways we can make One Acre Fund an exceptional place to work. Turn that feedback into a clear project pipeline to help ensure we are meeting our career promises to all staff and driving forward career opportunities across our team.
  • Drive forward the results of two our key objectives for the long-rain 2019 season:
  • We have a clear, shared vision for team culture and are actively working towards it.
  • Every staff member at every job grade knows how they are performing against expectations in their current role.

Project Management

  • Scope and implement high-priority projects relating to team culture, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and People Ops.
  • Create and maintain a key set of team metrics to measure our impact on staff satisfaction, culture, and D&I.
  • Work with key stakeholders to execute and monitor projects, ensuring successful outcomes in creating a more positive, inclusive team culture.
  • Some initial projects the People Innovations Associate will work on include:
  • Standardized pay grade definitions: Work closely with department heads to ensure pay grade definitions clearly articulate the scope and responsibilities of roles at each level. Work with leadership to create plans for introducing the updated definitions to their teams.
  • People support hub: Create a People support hub for all staff which links to all HR, Training, and Corporate Operations policies, tools, and documents.
  • Onboarding review: Review how new staff are onboarded in Kenya. Create a more robust onboarding to ensure all new staff: 1. have clarity on OAF’s approach to career growth and professional development, 2. know how to access key project and management tools, and 3. are able to effectively contribute to OAF’s shared vision of culture.
  • Build career clarity across the Kenya program: The People Division will play an important role to ensure there is career clarity for all staff, at all levels. For example, this could include rolling-out an updated performance review system, ensuring managers are meeting minimum standards, and implementing strategies for increasing career conversations across the organization.


  • Proactively and effectively communicate up to country leadership, down to departments, and across to other colleagues.
  • Be the key point person for all global D&I and culture initiatives, ensuring a Kenya perspective is included in project scoping as well as initiatives are rolled-out successfully in-country.
  • Deliver regular culture, diversity, and inclusion communication to the Kenya team, ensuring your message is clear and the wider team aligns around key goals for these areas.
  • Write and lead trainings related to culture and D&I to create positive behavior change across the team.

Team & Culture

  • Serve as a leader and role model to the Kenya team at large. Model the One Acre Fund values, invest in people, and engage across the team.
  • Manage and create feedback channels to ensure all staff groups can be heard and receive clear communication from country leadership. Keep pulse on team feedback and concerns.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to relate well to staff at all levels, mediate conflict, and discuss staffing issues effectively with leadership.


We are seeking an exceptional professional with 2+ years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for international development.

Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • At a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree is required for this position with strong demonstrated previous work experience.
  • Strong work experiences. Examples include a demanding professional work experience, or successful entrepreneurial experience, e.g. starting a field program in a developing country, leading a conference, starting a business, solid Volunteer Service Organization accomplishments.
  • Leadership experience at work, or outside of work.
  • Humility. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service to join our growing family of leaders.
  • A willingness to commit to living in Kakamega, Kenya for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role.

Policy and Partnerships Analyst

Job Summary: Support the Senior Vice President of Policy and Partnerships on strategic planning, leadership initiatives, and special projects.

Job Description

One Acre Fund’s Senior Vice President of Policy and Partnerships oversees three of the organization’s external-facing teams: government relations and policy, communications, and partnerships. The Policy and Partnerships Analyst will enhance the Senior Vice President’s leadership capacity by providing executive and strategic support in a one-on-one working relationship.


Departmental management and strategic planning

  • Manage team goals and accountability mechanisms for all Policy and Partnerships teams
  • Support yearly work planning and strategic tools development for the Senior Vice President
  • Help support 5-year growth and strategic plan creation
  • Manage updates and annual schedule for budgets and staff charts
  • Support team retreat planning and team culture building through strategic initiatives
  • Support recruitment and hiring activities across all Policy and Partnerships teams
  • Lead targeted research to help guide strategic thinking on new projects or initiatives

Leadership support and stakeholder management

  • Help prepare the Senior Vice President for Board meetings and presentations
  • Help coordinate or create materials for General Partners meetings and related committees
  • Support the Senior Vice President on the organization-wide internal coaching program
  • Design and prepare trainings for the Senior Vice President to facilitate

External relations support

  • Vet external partnerships on behalf of the organization
  • Edit and complete first drafts of written communications to external stakeholders
  • Coordinate with the communications and business development teams to maximize the ROI of the Senior Vice President’s external meetings and outreach activities
  • Build and administer systems to ensure effective network management of top-priority Policy and Partnerships contacts, and support the cultivation of new strategic relationships

Executive and administrative support

  • Research, prioritize, and follow up on incoming issues and concerns addressed to the Senior Vice President, and determine an appropriate course of action, referral or response
  • Proactively build or improve on structures and systems to boost productivity and unlock additional strategic capacity for the Senior Vice President
  • Support scheduling and traveling planning for the Senior Vice President when required


We are seeking an exceptional professional(s) with at least 2 years of work experience and a demonstrated interest in partnerships or external relations.

Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Experience supporting a senior-level staffer, ideally in a non-profit or start-up environment (preferred but not required)
  • Demonstrated organizational abilities, particularly in unstructured environments
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Collaborative approach and ability to work across many different departments effectively
  • Demonstrated attention to detail
  • Experience in or understanding of international development is desired but not required
  • Good humor, patience and a humble approach to service
  • A willingness to commit to this position for the long-term (minimum 2 years)
  • English fluency required

Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist

Job Summary: Join a global team and support exciting initiatives to improve how we reach and engage our audiences.

Job Description

The communications team shapes One Acre Fund’s global brand and local reputation across Sub-Saharan Africa. One Acre Fund currently serves more than 600,000 smallholder farmers in six core countries, and we aim to serve one million farmers by 2020.

Responsibilities include:

  • Social media – Set the organization’s social media strategy. Drawing upon research, industry news, and internally produced content, regularly draft and publish engaging content as part of a wider content calendar. When appropriate, coordinate with teams at partner organizations to execute global social media campaigns.
  • Website (SEO) – Maintain the organization’s website and blog—regularly updating and publishing content on the site to comply with SEO best practice.
  • Website (Project Management) – Manage major site changes in partnership with our web development partners, acting as the primary liaison for One Acre Fund’s teams.
  • Digital analytics – Using common analytics tools (such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager), build and maintain existing dashboards to track performance and help improve strategy across our communication channels.
  • Email marketing – working within Campaign Monitor, partner with stakeholders across the organization to produce, publish, and improve all One Acre Fund’s e-newsletters.
  • Digital advertising – Support our online advertising efforts, publishing and maintaining paid campaigns on social media, and reorganizing our extensive Google AdWords program.
  • Administrative support – Assist in projects to keep the communications department running smoothly, such as supporting the team’s internal systems and tools.


We are seeking an exceptional professional with at least 2 years of work experience and a demonstrated passion for digital marketing and communications.

An ideal candidate will be very comfortable using a range of digital tools and enjoy both digital copywriting and data reporting.

Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Minimum 2 years of digital marketing experience
  • Strong digital communication and writing skills; comfortable writing compelling, consistently error-free copy for online audiences
  • Experience managing large social media networks in a professional capacity
  • Experience managing websites using a content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla
  • Experience producing and publishing email marketing campaigns using a large service provider such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, or Constant Contact
  • Experience with digital analytics reporting (website and/or advertising) and a familiarity with basic website and/or advertising metrics is a very significant plus
  • Strong detail orientation and comfort managing projects with multiple moving pieces and stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Deep familiarity with Google Productivity Apps and/or Microsoft Office
  • A strong track record of multi-tasking with speed and accuracy
  • Work authorization in Kenya is required for this position

Strategy and Research Director

Seeking an exceptional professional to lead One Acre Fund’s Internal Consulting Team by shaping strategy and driving key initiatives.

We are seeking an exceptional and results-oriented mid-career professional to lead One Acre Fund’s Strategy & Research unit, better known as our Internal Consulting Team.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Lead our Internal Consulting Team. This is a 15-person internal consulting unit, consisting of the Director, two managers, five analysts, four junior analysts, and two rotational staff; all of whom conduct strategic, change management, and operational projects on behalf of other One Acre Fund units across our countries of operation.
  • Lead all aspects of team development including hiring, staff capacity development, direct management of the middle management layer, budget, and organizational chart
  • Lead project identification, selection, assignment, and resourcing
  • Set team strategy and vision for the future
  • Serve as the primary link between the Internal Consulting Team and One Acre Fund’s leadership group
  • Drive key strategic and change management initiatives on behalf of One Acre Fund as a lead consultant and project manager (equivalent of a consulting firm engagement manager). Recent initiatives taken on by the Internal Consulting Team include:
  • Strategic planning: 5-year planning exercise – One Acre Fund is in the midst of a 5-year planning exercise in all major program units. The Internal Consulting Team is coordinating this process and providing strategic guidance around expansion, risk mitigation, and key business drivers to country programs.
  • New initiative: Set-up of a Direct Giving pilot – Internal Consulting Team members, led by the Director, assisted in the 18-month set-up of One Acre Fund’s Direct Giving pilot, including initial research, project design, and thought partnership with One Acre Fund’s CEO.
  • Internal change management: The Director is co-leading a revamp to One Acre Fund’s performance management strategy, including a deeper focus on managerial capacity and training, hiring, and org chart management. This work has involved heavy collaboration with the organization’s People Director.
  • Serve as a thought partner and business advisor to key One Acre Fund leaders, including:
  1. CEO – Serve as the key research desk for the CEO and respond to executive requests for communications support, research on possible initiatives, etc.
  2. CFO, People Division Director, etc. – Support C-suite executives with decision-making, for example by leveraging the Internal Consulting Team as a resource to assist in budgeting, resourcing decisions, and change management.
  3. Country Directors – Build relationships with our country leadership to ensure that they receive superior analytical and strategic support from the Internal Consulting Team. Cultivate operational leaders and drive value for them as internal clients.


We are seeking exceptional candidates with 8-15+ years of work experience in consulting, strategic, analytical, and entrepreneurial roles. Successful candidates will likely have progressively increasing responsibilities in management consulting, e.g. as an engagement manager or project leader. Prior operational experience in the social impact space is also a plus.

Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Demonstrated ability in strategic and consulting contexts, e.g. working with C-suite leaders, change management, or long-term planning
  • Proven ability to manage team performance and develop leaders; experience in remote management a plus
  • Ability to roll up one’s sleeves and directly move initiatives forward, as opposed to solely making recommendations or presentations
  • Strong data and analytical skills; advanced Excel a plus
  • Strong eye for and standards of talent
  • Humble and service-oriented approach to consulting work
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural workplace in a developing country a plus
  • Related Master’s Degree is an asset, but not strictly required
  • A willingness to commit to living in East Africa for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role

Method of Application

Use the link(s) / email(s) below to apply on company website.

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