Online Interview Coaching Lessons

Thank you for signing up for interview coaching. We believe that you will highly benefit from this program as most of our clients have.

As it is said SUCCESS is the combination of OPPORTUNITY and PREPARATION.

Do not waste your next Job interview, be prepared. You deserve that position.

Here are the lessons:

Lesson 1: Interview Techniques

Congratulations! Your CV has got you past the first hurdle and you have been called to interview! This is your chance to make a great impression on the recruiters at interview.The key to success is to prepare well to show the interviewer …Continue reading →

Lesson 2: Types of Interview

Some jobs will involve one interview, others may have two or three in a series as candidates are screened out. Recruiters may invite you to an assessment centre for a series of selection tests and activities. Remember that the first …Continue reading →

Lesson 3: Competency Based Interview

We spoke in a previous lesson about this type of interview. Here is a reminder about them, and then we will look at this technique in more detail. Whilst preparing the job description the company has identified what skills are …Continue reading →

Interview Research

Find out all you can about the vacancy. Go back to the original ad you responded to. Get hold of the job description. Most companies will provide this to interviewees if you ask for it. Think about the common interview questions you …Continue reading →

Interview Questions

Have a look at these typical questions and consider a response for each one. Try to quantify your responses i.e. “As a result of our efforts, we increased sales by X%. Obviously the answer depends on your circumstances, and it is …Continue reading →

At The Interview

Remember, you can never make a second first impression. That good old clichéd saying is true, “Your first impression is your last impression”. So make sure that it is a good one to secure that job. Here’s a little nerdy …Continue reading →

Interview Tips

Lets summarise some Top Interview Tips. The 50/50 rule Successful interviewees often use this rule. Half the time you should be talking, the other half of the time the interviewer should be talking. Two way street, remember? If you talk …Continue reading →

Interview Questions and Answers

Top Interview Questions for you to ask the interviewer. Never, ever ask about money or benefits in the initial interview. Leave this for later, unless the interviewer brings it up. What are the main responsibilities and key objective of the …Continue reading →

Interview Advice

Make sure you establish in the interviewers mind that you will be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Make sure they are clear on what distinguishes you from the hundred or so other people who have the …Continue reading →


You should have all you need now to write a fabulous, effective CV, and move on to our Job Search and Interview Preparation Courses.     Following these 5 tips should ensure your cover letter is read, your CV stays …Continue reading →

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