Over 1,000 Shortlisted Candidates for Advertised Vacancies at the Ministry of Defence Vacancies – Civilian Staff

Over 1,000 Shortlisted Candidates for Advertised Vacancies at the Ministry of Defence Vacancies – Civilian Staff

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The following is a list of shortlisted candidates for various advertised vacancies in the Ministry of Defence Civilian staff. The shortlisted candidates are hereby invited for interviews on the dates and time indicated against their names at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters, Ulinzi House, Lenana Road, Nairobi.

Candidates are required to bring along their original academic and professional certificates, national identity card and testimonials and ensure they are returned to them before leaving the interview room. Candidates are also advised to use the above telephone number for any inquiries.

NB; – Due to covid-19 mitigation measures all candidates are expected to wear appropriate masks all the time during the interview and abide by the Ministry of Health guidelines. Successful candidates will be notified through their telephone contact and through the Ministry website.

Interview will take place from 26th  October 2020 – 6th November 2020

Motor Vehicle Mechanic III- Advert No. 1/2020

1 Mugo John Wainaina 26/10/2020 0800hrs

2 Kenga Johnson Wanje 26/10/2020 0800hrs

3 Mogaka Amos Ommo 26/10/2020 0800hrs

4 Muli Joseph Kiema 26/10/2020 0800hrs

5 Karanja Joseph Ndungu  26/10/2020 0800hrs

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6 Kinyua Tony Mutugi  26/10/2020 0800hrs

7 Ogutu Daniel Ouma  26/10/2020 0800hrs

8 Lwambi Jackson Wale 26/10/2020 0800hrs

9 Thuo Stanley Maina  26/10/2020 0800hrs

10 Muasya Dominic Kilonzo 26/10/2020 0800hrs

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Driver III – Advert No. 2/2020

 1 Orenge Nemuel Obiri 03/11/2020 0800hrs

2 Wanyama Justus Wanyama 03/11/2020 0800hrs

3 Omondi Erick Timothy 03/11/2020 0800hrs

4 Boniface Mathya Kilonzi 03/11/2020 0800hrs

5 Gitiha Samuel Muiruri 03/11/2020 0800hrs

6 Gacingo Caesar Njue 03/11/2020 0800hrs

7 Ngetich David Kiptanua 03/11/2020 0800hrs

8 Omollo George Otieno 03/11/2020 0800hrs

9 Kogei Marius Kibet 03/11/2020 0800hrs

10 Kaunda David Nyaga 03/11/2020 0800hrs

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Artisan Panel Beater III – Advert No. 3/2020

1 Gagumi Dedan Gachugu 06/11/2020 1100hrs

2 Gathoni Samuel Muchina 06/11/2020 1100hrs

3 Branon Oloo Indakwa 06/11/2020 1100hrs

4 Ekwai Martin Okere 06/11/2020 1100hrs

5 Kevin Karanja Maina 06/11/2020 1100hrs

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Artisan Spray Painter III – Advert No. 4/2020 – 13 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Plumber III – Advert No. 5/2020 – 65 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Upholstery III – Advert No. 6/2020 – 9 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Sheet Metal III – Advert No. 7/2020 – 11 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Machinist III – Advert No. 8/2020 – 24 shortlisted candidates 

Library Assistant III – Advert No. 9/2020 – 15 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Sign Writer III – Advert No. 10/2020 – 5 shortlisted candidates 

Clerical Officer II – Advert No. 11/2020 – 150 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Carpenter III – Advert No. 12/2020 – 29 shortlisted candidates 

Cook III – Advert No. 13/2020 – 135 shortlisted candidates 

Waiter Assistant III – Advert No. 14/2020 – 50 shortlisted candidates 

Senior Support Staff (Sanitary) – Advert No. 15/2020 – 200 shortlisted candidates 

Artisan Tailor III – Advert No. 16/2020 – 85 shortlisted candidates 

View the complete list of shortlisted candidates click here

The list is also available on the ministry’s website www.mod.go.ke  and on www.mygov.go.ke.


Candidates should not give money to anybody purporting to be in a position to help whatsoever. Avoid being conned. Any corruption report should be made via email: publicaffairs@mod.go.ke.


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