People Operations Manager at Vibrant Village Foundation

People Operations Manager at Vibrant Village Foundation

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People Operations Manager

Full Time
The Vibrant Village Foundation is a private foundation that established operations in Kenya in 2014. In Emuhaya District, the Foundation conducts a number of development programs across the areas of agriculture, education, business, and infrastructure.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supporting Performance Management and Goal Setting for Each Department (30%)

– Lead goal setting and review workshops

– Collect, manage and audit performance data

– Conduct all performance management software administrative duties

– Lead monthly 1-1s and annual Performance Appraisal process

– Identify and manage any performance issues

  • Leading the staff development and learning program for all staff (30%)

– Identify learning needs and solutions for each department

– Develop relevant training content and outlines

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– Conduct quality training

– Empower managers to deliver quality training

– Oversee e-learning activities and provide technical assistance

– Develop and oversee stretch tasks for high performers

  • Managing Hiring Pipeline and supporting VV Managers to make great hires incl. establishing an Internship/Young Professional Programme (20%)

– Advertise, interview and hire for all vacancies

– Conduct the on-boarding process with all new starters

-To  lead the succession planning process with managers

– Develop formal attachment, internship and fellowship programs

  • Leading Employee Engagement Efforts and Organisational Improvement Initiatives (10%)

– Design and conduct staff engagement surveys

– Design and implement staff engagement trials

– Conduct feedback meetings and focus group discussions

– Resolve any staff conflict issues

  • Contribute to Strategic Planning through Succession Planning Reviews, Annual Goal Setting (10%)

– Create department operations calendar annually

– Lead team-related planning meetings with departmental heads

– Review department goals and align with VVF’s mission & values


  • Diploma or higher in a relevant subject- although work experience will be considered instead of formal qualifications
  • Previous experience leading and managing teams
  • Previous experience working in HR, capacity development, staff development, people operations or training


  • Strong training development and delivery skills
  • Strong mentorship and coaching skills
  • Strong conflict resolution skills
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Computer proficiency including MS Office, email and internet
  • Passion for community empowerment and working with others.

Applications to be sent to this link:https://vibrantvillage.freshteam.com/jobs/cnR8w0m1zgQs/people-operations-manager 

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