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Job Description Working closely with the Regional Business Growth & Development Manager and Senior Management, manages the branch and offers leadership to staff in formulation and implementation of business growth and development strategies at branch level.
The job holder is expected to aggressively drive the branch growth and profitability targets by identifying, developing and maintaining profitable relationships with customers

  • Lead business growth and development of the branch, agencies and other alternative service outlets attached to the branch
  • Manage and lead the branch team in achieving/ surpassing the set business targets
  • Provide superior level of customer relationship management and promote the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance and staff motivation;
  • Drive sales of all products and services at branch level through offering leadership and motivation to the sales team, sales drives , liaison with key relationships among others ;
  • Manage and offer leadership to the branch team.
  • Development of a high performing team at branch level through training , mentorship, and special assignments
  • Monitor and ensure 100% compliance to all the company policies, processes, procedures and other controls
  • Lead in optimal utilization of people, financial and technical resources within the branch
  • Chair the Branch Credit Committee and ensure compliance to Credit policy & procedures
  • Budget planning and cost management ; Continuous evaluation of branch financial performance against budgets and taking remedial actions where necessary
  • Promotion of Faulu’s brand visibility and image: Being the Key liaison point with the community, participate in community affairs to increase the company’s visibility and to enhance new and existing business opportunities
  • Initiate, nurture and ensure profitable business relationship and Partnerships with the customers, community and government structures
  • Monitor, on a continuous basis, all transactions to ensure that unusual and suspicious transactions are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)
  • Implementing and enforcing the board approved AML, KYC & CFT policy in as far as is applicable within my area of responsibility
  • Any other role allocated by the supervisor

Skills Business Performance Coaching

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Education Bachelor Of Art (Required)

Closing Date 30 May 2022

Assistant Manager – Branch Operations & Compliance

Job DescriptionEnsure risks accepted from branches are within the set underwriting guidelines and are covered under the reinsurance Programme

  • Ensure risks accepted from branches are within the set underwriting guidelines and are covered under the reinsurance Programme
  • Providing technical advice to branch staff on rating and underwriting of complex risks to ensure safe profitable distribution of risk
  • Managing branch underwriting processes like business on boarding, completeness of on boarding documentation, risk surveys and valuations, policy documentation issuance, certificates management, cancellations and refunds, review of underwriting manual.
  • Providing technical support and input on product development and business innovation initiatives to ensure continuous review of existing products to meet changing market needs.
  • Review and approval of risk pricing and quote requests coming through branch channels.
  • Response to daily operational queries from the branch channel to ensure smooth operation and efficient customer experience within the stipulated turn around times
  • Reviewing of underwriting business processes, systems, and standard operating procedures to meet the changing business needs and emerging control environment risks
  • Preparation and submission of monthly underwriting returns to IRA
  • Preparation and update of all compliance, risks, events, indicators, and actions into the risk management system.
  • Auditing and monitoring compliance levels on various compliance issues such underwriting guidelines , documentation, authority matrix, data completeness ,  risk cessioning in the system and compliance with filled and reinsurance rates.
  • Enforce and ensure 100% compliance in underwriting department
  • Review and approval of policy schedules and documents from the branch channels to ensure accuracy, clarity, and correctness of the same
  • Identify process and product training needs of branch staff and organizing relevant trainings to fit such identified gaps
  • Coaching and mentoring branch staff on underwriting guidelines, standard operating procedures, and technical product knowledge.


  • Sound Technical Underwriting skills
  • Intensive and extensive product knowledge
  • People Management and overall managerial   skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Computer Literate with good knowledge of  Excel
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  • Degree in insurance, actuarial or business related
  • Professional qualification (CII or IIK) or good progress


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience 

Closing Date 19 May 2022


Job Description

Responsible for maintaining branch security Maintains the security register. Conducts periodic cash counts on Tellers floats at least once a fortnight on irregular dates. Maintains branch dual control system. Manages and controls stationary for the branch Controls branch budget cleanliness etc Co ordinates the work of the tellers to ensure efficient service delivery. Trains new tellers on the job Operates as a Teller daily besides controlling duties. Ensures that all memorandums and standing instructions are read and understood by all Tellers before filing them. Performs any other tasks as delegated by Supervisor.


Education Bachelor Of Art (Required)

Closing Date 27 May 2022


Working closely with the Senior Credit Analyst he /she will ensure compliance with internal credit policies & procedures and facilitate prudent management of credit risks while ensuring compliance with the CBK prudential guidelines. He /she will also ensure that all Credit proposals from the branches are reviewed for credit risks in accordance with internal policies and procedures, CBK prudential guidelines and best practice .He /she shall safeguard the institution against loss by ensuring accuracy, completeness and credit worthiness of proposals, recommend appropriate risk mitigation mechanisms such as proper securities and their perfection, relevant sanction conditions and post disbursement follow ups.

Analyze the Credit requests against all the canons of lending (Character, Capacity , Conditions  , Capital , and Collateral  ) as a basis for making approval / decline recommendations

Prepare the Sanction sheets and offer letters based on 1 above and ensure accuracy , completeness and neatness of the same for further approval by relevant Head office  Credit Committees

Prepare draft board papers for facilities requiring approval by the Risk Management Committee of the board  for further review by management at Credit Administration departments Follow up  with the branches to ensure fulfillment of ALL sanction conditions and other covenants prior disbursement of the facilities

Submission of securities to security perfection officer within 12 hours of receipt from branches for further advise to legal department

Recommend policy reviews  for customer service and risk  management improvement based on experiences and industry trends

Do any other duties that may be assigned by the Management.


Education Bachelor Commerce

Closing Date 27 May 2022


Job Description Working closely with the Head of Credit, he /she will ensure compliance with internal credit policies and procedures, best practices and CBK prudential guidelines to facilitate management of credit risks within tolerable levels. The Job holder will ensure that all 100% timely and accurate reporting of all credit department reports and 100% product and system assurance through set up review.

  • Develop systems and processes for gathering and storing data for future analytic projects
  • Model management – IFRS9. FLI, Scoring. Counterparty and any other models that may relate to credit department.
  • Conduct independent IFRS9 parallel result analysis for comparison and planning.
  • Identify economic and financial trends that may present a risk to the company
  • Monitor internal and external data points that may affect the risk level of a decision
  • Analyze data to better understand potential risks, concerns and outcomes of decisions
  • To ensure loan schedules are correctly computed and set up in the core banking system (Principal & Interest)
  • To ensure the written contracts are maintained in the system
  • To ensure daily recovery reports are available
  • To ensure Loan Risk Classification is correct as per Central Bank’s prudential guidelines
  • To undertake detailed portfolio analysis and identify early warning signs so as to inform decisions
  • To undertake scenario & Sensitivity Analysis to assess impact of undesirable macro-economic and other industry effects on loan portfolio and advise management
  • To ensure loan portfolio recovery Process complies with Credit Policy and relevant regulation
  • To undertake data clean up and ensure various employers are mapped correctly as per MOUs, correct portfolio relationship officer responsibility mapping
  • To monitor portfolio sector Limits and advise management on trends
  • To prepare in a timely manner all credit department reports which includes Old Mutual Group reports
  • To undertake product set up reviews in the core banking system as per the approved fact sheet and assurance of other core system functionalities
  • To participate in all internal and external credit audit exercises, track and monitor audit recommendations to ensure closure
  • Monitor, on a continuous basis, all transactions to ensure that unusual and suspicious transactions are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)
  • Implementing and enforcing the board approved AML, KYC & CFT policy in as far as is applicable within area of responsibility
  • Do any other duties that may be assigned by the Management from time to time.


Education Bachelor Commerce

Closing Date 27 May 2022


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