Salary information for various jobs and their annual average:

Business and commerce present one of the best jobs for employees. It is best for the student to learn the average salary of various business jobs and their career path. The assists in figuring out the monthly and annual salary in the various fields of the business. The salary and income are always going to improve with the progression of a career path.

 A business professional can pursue a career path in fields like marketing, sales, accounting, Human resource management(HRM), and digital marketing experts. Online assistance like the online calculator is a great source for figuring out the average salary of various fields and their average salary.

In the topic below, we are presenting the average salaries of various jobs in the field of business and commerce.

The Marketing Manager:

The marketing manager is one of the most critical jobs in an organization. The job responsibilities of the marketing manager include the whole marketing campaign of an organization. The whole advertisement campaign is taken care of by the marketing manager. 

  •  A marketing manager has to analyze the result of the marketing campaign and the response of the target market. If the marketing manager is doing well, then the efficiency of the whole organization also improves. 
  • You can say the whole of the marketing manager is pivotal around which the whole organization is revolving. 
  • When you calculate income by salary calculator the marketing manager’s annual income falls between $99,638 and $130,364 annually.

Finance Manager:

The finance manager takes care of all the financial aspects of an organization. The accounting process and daily financial transactions are done with the consent of the finance manager. 

  • The finance manager is usually an experienced person and oversees all the accounting transactions. 
  • The roles of the finance manager are critical to identifying how an organization cna cut and reduce financial expenses.

 The salary calculation by the salary calculator reflects that the average salary of the fiance manager is around $112,432 and $141,933 annually.   

The Human Resource Manager:

The HR manager is responsible for creating the job description for every job in the organization. On the basis of this job description, the recruiting process is done. 

  • HR managers decide and evaluate the performance of various employees and their compensation plans. 
  • Various job descriptions and career paths are decided by the HR manager with the consent of the entrepreneur. 

The salary calculator may help to identify the average annual salary of the HR manager and it is around $59,953 per year or $28.82 per hour in the USA.


The changing business environment around the world also presents the best job for business students. The business world also offers great opportunities for students to have knowledge of the IT industry. The marketing manager should have the know-how of social media. Most advertisements and marketing campaigns have been done by means of social media and the internet in the modern-day world.

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