SEO Strategies That Work in 2022

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Ready, Aim, MISS!

Like it or not, the digital universe drives business today, and without relevant SEO strategies, your company’s accessibility will be the modern-day equivalent of a Yellow Pages hard copy. Your diligent attempts, your children’s efforts, or that of an overzealous marketing firm, have yielded little to no results in your brand awareness, or worse, your ROI! There is no shortage of self-proclaiming experts out there, so BE SURE that your associates, in Digital Marketing, check off the boxes we will discuss in this article. In other words, do not ask your mechanic to perform your root canal!

It is important to understand the essentials needed for successful e-commerce, as we explore the SEO strategies that work in 2022. The needle in the haystack of the massive world wide web is for you to reap the benefits of, “Free Organic Traffic.” Start-Ups, who lack both an advertising department and budget, should pay close attention. I have compiled a simple checklist for you to use:

  1. Optimize your SEO – ranking in the major search engines.
  2. Cultivate a reputation – maintaining a positive online image.
  3. High volume KEYWORDS -the most critical way to be found.
  4. Social Media – consistent reinforcement.

“Now Class, for our complex encyclopedia of strategies…”

Core Web Vitals, are a new algorithm with metric benchmarks. It’s all about SERP and Google offers a multitude of tools to measure and improve your scores.

Google Passage Ranking (1) using clear content on the subtopic within. It is helpful to incorporate keywords as headings.

Featured Snippets, should become part of your strategy in 2022. The latter appear at the very top of a SERP page and should be written with user questions in mind.

Time to EAT! (2) Not pizza. We’re talking Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. This is your brands reputation on the web. To compete with your competition, ask customers to leave complimentary reviews (i.e., Yelp) and earn high quality Backlinks. Be initiative-taking, showing off reviews and testimonials, on social media and your website.

CONTENT (3) may seem contradictory to the best SEO practices for 2022, but relevant– engaging quality absolutely matters! The secret SEO ingredient is optimizing by focusing on page titles, content headers, and the like, using new keywords for your target audience.

This brief piece merely scratches the surface of prominent new techniques. By the time you tackle these tasks, there will be new ones. The soundest advice in realizing results, is to partner with a Digital Marketing firm that is knowledgeable, listens to your needs, and has a proven record of achievement with the latest strategies.

(1), (2), (3) – Explore #GoogleAnalytics/#Google search these terms for detailed definitions.

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