The Best of 2020 – FREE Resources to Propel your Career to the Next Level

The Best of 2020 – FREE Resources to Propel your Career to the Next Level

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Through the tough times of 2020, you engaged with the resources we shared with you.

We are super grateful for your continuous support. Here are the Best of 2020 videos and articles that will propel your career to the next level 

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How to Get UN Jobs – Fastest and Easiest Way

If you have ever thought of working in the UN, you better watch this short video on How to Get a UN Job – Fastest and Easiest Way.💼 

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You will learn:  

  •  ➡️ 2 simple ways to get to know someone in the UN to guide you on getting the job. 
  • ➡️ The 7 Steps – UN job application process. 
  • ➡️ The courses you need to do get a job at the UN 

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Online Jobs in Kenya – Data Entry Jobs – Get Paid by Mpesa

Would you like to earn some Extra Cash part-time or full time? 

Find out where to get Online Data Entry Jobs in Kenya and get paid by Mpesa 

(Note:If you have ever wanted to work with NGOs, UN, UNDP, World Bank, International Development Community, UNESCO, WHO, USAID.Here is your chance, click here)

UN Jobs Salary Scale | United Nations Salary Range

The United Nations offers you an attractive remuneration package with competitive pay and benefits. The level of pay for staff is dependent on the staff category. 💵 🤑 

Find out: 

  • ➡️ The base salaries in the different job categories.  
  • ➡️ The post adjustment _(more money on top of the base salary)_ 
  • ➡️ Other benefits and allowances  


Best Answer to Salary Expectations Interview Question – Salary Negotiation Tips

It can be stressful to talk about money during an interview. 

No matter how great the job interview goes, this question can stop you short. 

Here is Best Answer to Salary Expectations Interview Question  

Salary Negotiation Tips

Tell Us About Yourself Interview Question – The Best Answer in 4 Simple Steps

After researching I have found out why you will be asked “Tell us about yourself” in 9/10 interviews you will attend. 

Here is a simple formula on how to answer tell us about yourself interview question. 

The Best Answer in 4 Simple Steps

Working and Making Money Online

✅ Top 5 Online Jobs in Kenya – Get Paid By MPESA

✅ 10 Legit Websites to Make Money Online – Online Jobs in Kenya

✅ Online Jobs In Kenya – Online Writing Jobs Beginners Guide

✅ Working Online Blogging With Jean Wandini – Her Blogging Story

✅ Online Jobs In Kenya – Top 3 Best Paying Online Writing Jobs

CV Writing, Cover Letters and Job Application

✅ How to Write a CV in 2020 For Freshers and Experienced Professionals- CV Format

✅ How to Write a CV in 2020 – Common CV Writing Mistakes

✅ How to Send Cover Letter and CV by Email – Professional Job Application Email

✅ How to Apply for a Job by Email in 2020 and Get The Job Interview

✅ How to Write a CV in 2020 with Keywords for freshers and experienced professionals

Interview Questions and Answers

✅ Tell Me About Yourself | Best Answer for Freshers & Experienced People | Interview Tips

✅ Best Answer to Salary Expectations Interview Question – Salary Negotiation Tips

✅ 10 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview – What to ask the Hiring Manager and Recruiters

✅ What is Your Weakness Interview Question – Best Answer + Sample Answers

Interviews With The Experts

✅ How To Improve Your Communication Skills – 3 Quick Effective Communication Tips With Regina-Re

✅ How To Bounce Back From Job Loss With Susan Kiamba

✅ Career Game Plan – How To Design Your Career Game Plan by Colleta Macharia

Personal Development

✅ 5 Habits to Financial Success | Smart Money Habits by Gladys Juma Personal Finance

✅ This is Why I’m Getting Double My Income

✅ This One Habit Will TRULY Change Your Life – Guaranteed

✅ Why you should read books everyday – 3 Key Benefits of reading books

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Job Application Cover Letter 2020 – Matching Cover Letter to the Job Description