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Area Sales Manager, Accounts Developer,

Area Sales Manager

Closing Date: 2021/12/31

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Distributor management DOSA
    1. Responsible for key distributor effectiveness and distributor operating standards compliance for all the distributors in the area of jurisdiction.
    2. Responsible for pack mix management at the distributor store through order generation, stock control and route loading processes.
    3. Responsible for distributor investment in proper & adequate storage space, glass holding, route to market equipment and adequate skilled personnel at the distributor store and on route.
    4. Enforce company operating procedures and standards in offloading of products and loading of empty glass at the distributor stores and be responsible for any inefficiencies occassioned to the delivery system by the distributor ommissions or commission.
    5. Manage distributor targeting, route allocation, route weighting and route coverage and completion.
    6. Monitor distributor operations to ensure profitability and volume achievement including drawing a monthly profit and loss account for every distributor in the area.
    7. Ensure the required floor stock holding is achieved and maintained, stock rotation is effected, and house-keeping at the distributor store is at top notch.
    8. Establish and maintain monthly review meetings with distributors with minutes and clear action points.
    9. Responsible for distributor debt and incentives management.
  2. Sell – in management and execution
    1. Set and agree with the distributor on monthly, weekly and daily sell-in targets and enforce.
    2. Ensure timely order generation based on floor stock standards, stock control records and adhoc strategies as may be directed by the top management and maintain consistent flow of stocks into the distributor store.
    3. Establish and maintain a system at each distributor store that ensures readiness and smooth clearance for every order placed.
    4. Properly manage order generation to drive both revenue objectives and full availability of the products across the range.
    5. Provide daily sales projections to the regional sales manager and ensure actualization.
  3. Sell-out management and execution
    1. Ensure all established market and sales routines are applied per excellence to tap into daily opportunities in the market.
    2. Drive outlet by outlet focused selling to ensure a continuous flow of products from the plant to the consumer.
    3. Oversee distributor salesmen effectiveness in their daily selling by ensuring that such salesmen are fully trained and inducted into the company’s way of selling.
    4. Monitor and drive corrective actions on Salesmen route truck loading, route coverage, route completion, order generation and success rate.
  4. Trade Execution RED
    1. Responsible for the application of all established PICOS that drive the selling business.
    2. Ensure vertical and horizontal market development and growth through excellent execution.
    3. Ensure RED is understood by ADs and applied, tracked, maintained above targets
    4. Drive RED execution of above 80% to ensure a ready market for the intake of more products.
    5. Responsible for all company assets in the market.
  5. Market share growth and protection
    1. Ensure creation of new outlets and their inclusion in the Company’s active EDS as may be targeted from time to time.
    2. Achieve numeric distribution standards in the sales area.
    3. Monitor, document and report competitor activities in the market within the company’s prescribed format.
    4. Propose initiatives aimed at protecting market share in the sales area.
  6. HR Management
    1. Coach and manage Account developers in the Area of jurisdiction.
    2. Ensure route design and mapping is optimized at all times and work with the Distributors to ensure timely resourcing for growth and expansion.
    3. Maintain continuous self-evaluation and regular appraising of the Account Developers in the area to maintain high standards of performance.

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Prepare and forwarding to the regional sales manager regular sales reports including but not limited to;

  1. Daily sellout report per distributor
  2. Weekly sell-in report per distributor
  3. Weekly competitor activity report
  4. Weekly distributor investment report

Skills, Experience & Education

  1. Bachelor’s Degree preferable in Sales and Marketing.
  2. Minimum 5 years’ experience. FMCG experience is an added advantage.
  3. Must be computer proficient, and a highly agile person.

Account Developer

Dates: 2021/12/31

The overall purpose of this role is to drive business performance through increased profitability, superior customer service and excellent execution in trade. This role reports to the Area Sales Manager.

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Key Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To identify and implement new business opportunities so that the customer base and profits can continuously grow.
  2. New business opportunities are determined by visiting potential customers and evaluating their suitability according to established criteria.
  3. Potential customers are assessed throughout the trial period to determine whether or not they will be as profitable as planned.
  4. After successful completion of the trial period dealers are developed and supported as per company regulations.
  5. Business opportunities are developed within budgeted parameters and implemented as per regulations and customer agreement.
  6. To optimize customer service so that superior customer relations and long lasting partnerships.
  7. Relevant customer service target are to be achieved at all times.
  8. Customer master file is continuously updated to ensure that accurate customer records are maintained.
  9. Customers are continually updated in respect of new products, merchandise standards, promotions and any other issues regarding business development.
  10. Customer’s needs and requirements are treated as important at all times.
  11. Problems and queries are handled in a professional, timely, tactful and friendly manner.
  12. Account Developers take ownership of problems from beginning to end. Requests and problems are followed up until rectified or answered to the customers’ satisfaction and company standards.
  13. To formulate account plans so that future business opportunities can be planned and implemented effectively.
  14. The outlets’ business model is well understood and opportunities for synergy with appropriate products’ brand propositions are identified and optimized.
  15. The account plan is formulated in line with the relevant quarterly reviews.
  16. The findings of the account plan are evaluated against the objectives of the channel business plan.
  17. Account plans are clearly communicated to the channel management team and agreed upon recommendations are implemented.
  18. Professional presentations of the annual account plan are given to customers to ensure their understanding of the plan.
  19. The terms and conditions suggested in the account plan are negotiated to reach agreement. Product lines are evaluated in order to eliminate slow moving lines and promote profitable lines.
  20. To manage and maintain assets so that losses are minimized and optimal returns on investments are achieved.
  21. Equipment contracts are accurately completed and signed by all relevant parties.
  22. The allocation and operation of equipment is in line with set standards and regulations.
  23. Coolers, vehicles and equipment are managed and maintained on a weekly basis to ensure optimal functioning.
  24. Placement of equipment should maximize return on investment at all times.
  25. The negotiated and agreed upon position of the cooler is maintained according to set standards.
  26. The ratio of sales to the cooler size is evaluated in order to ensure return on investments and non-conformance is corrected in line with set company regulations.
  27. Defective coolers are reported immediately and non-performance is escalated to the next level on the next visit. Basic fountain equipment and cooler maintenance training is provided to the dealer on a regular basis.
  28. To execute outlets according to organization strategies so that sales volumes may be increased and product awareness is enhanced.
  29. Promotional agreements are accurately completed and forwarded to the relevant Area Sales Manager.
  30. Promotions are executed as per promotional guidelines and set company standards.
  31. Dealers are educated and continuously advised on stock management and shelf-life dates as per company regulations.
  32. The account manager must monitor, assess and manage stock age in the store at all times.
  33. RED targets are achieved at all times.
  34. Point of purchase and built displays are positioned in order to ensure that products are more visible than any other products.
  35. Point of sale are removed immediately once a promotional offer has exceeded.
  36. To execute surveys so that the organization is constantly aware of current market trends and to enable a competitive advantage.
  37. Information regarding competitors’ products, prices, and quantities sold, and in-stock levels is gathered.
  38. On premise outlet surveys are conducted at selected outlets.
  39. Information gathered through surveys is evaluated and presented to the channel management team.
  40. Identified areas for improvement are rectified and follow up is conducted to ensure compliance.

Skills, Experience & Education

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Minimum qualification of a Diploma in a Business related field.
  2. Bachelor Degree in a Business related field shall be an added advantage.
  3. A minimum of 2 years experience in an FMCG environment.
  4. Strong experience in marketing and customer service with good networking skills.
  5. Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  6. General


  1. Good analytical and numerical ability
  2. Socially outgoing and confident
  3. Able to build positive relationships
  4. Ability to negotiate
  5. Team player who can also work independently
  6. Assertive and persuasive- ability to influence
  7. Open to change and looking for opportunities for improvement
  8. Good problem solving ability, solutions orientated and can be innovative
  9. Good analytical and problem solving ability
  10. Responsible, conscientious and dependable
  11. Willing to take calculated risks
  12. Self-discipline and well organized
  13. Good planning ability
  14. Flexibility
  15. Good ability to work under pressure and handle a demanding work environment
  16. High energy levels and drive

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