Tips to Help You Succeed as a Travel Nurse

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It can get exhilarating to live the life of a travel nurse. You get unique experiences from every city you work in and meet new people along the way. Consider this as an alternative to getting residency in one place. Here are some tips to help you succeed as a travel nurse.

Know Where You Want to Live

If you get hired by an RN staffing agency, you want to let them know where you desire to live. They might have assignments in a downtown city or somewhere rural. Think about the convenience it would be to work in each place.

A rural area might not get the same busy schedule as the city due to the smaller population. However, you may have to drive 45 minutes out of your way to get to the facility. If you live in a city, it might feel congested because of all the movers and shakers.

Also, do you feel more comfortable living somewhere warmer, or do you require all four seasons out of the year? It helps to know the destination and get comfortable finishing your assignment there.

Get Everything in Writing

You don’t want to leave any stone unturned. You want to get your hours, pay schedule, and everything else in writing. It’ll help clarify everything in case something comes up.

Also, find out if you’ll get a mileage check from the traveling. Ensure this is covered to prevent getting shorted out of your pay stub. Schedule for your time off.

If you’ll have to be on-call or work the graveyard shift, it’s a good idea to get your hours straightened out before your work starts. Go over all the details and make sure each side is comfortable with the situation.

It’ll help you get fewer headaches down the line.

Organize Your Life

Research what’s near the area for more convenience. Have your paperwork together from health forms, insurance, ID cards, and anything else you need to transfer to the new workplace.

If you have a house that you live in permanently, take the essentials you know you’ll use before moving back home. You might be on an assignment for a couple of months, and you can get more clothes, food, and other items in that destination.

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