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The Ripener is responsible for managing all aspects of Twiga’s warehouse ripening program to ensure we meet our customer’s ripening requirements and expectations. They will manage all activities related to fresh produce handling and ripening, including conducting quality inspections, actual ripening, and post ripening handling


  • Implement all aspects related to the set Twiga’s ripening program to ensure compliance with customer ripening requirements and expectations.
  • Regularly set and participate in updating the ripening program to grow business and proactively prevent customer issues.
  • Inventory Risk Management: conducting quality inspections, and the implementation of ripening cycles and processes, data recording, ripening room management and ripening.
  • Manage inventory on a daily and weekly basis and perform daily ripening inventory management and reconcile as needed with Finance
  • Data Capture & Reporting: Conducting inventory cycle counts to verify against the ripening schedule and promptly inform on risks on order fulfillment to sales or over-stocking risks from sourcing based on ripening chambers capacity and days required to ripen stock
  • Perform quality inspections of product upon arrival and ensure product and location documentation is maintained daily; to include inspection logs, inventory control logs, ripening room logs and warehouse supply logs.
  • Keeping Real-time records of banana inventory levels against sales forecasts and targets while ensuring minimal post-ripening losses.
  • Quality & Safety: Manage the quality standards for ripening to minimize ripening losses for all fruits as well as to deliver the organizations promise of low-cost quality and safe food.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment that is OSHA compliant; establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations.
  • Any other duties as required and as assigned from time to time.

Minimum Qualifications And Requirements

  • Excellent knowledge and training on ripening procedures, tools, equipment and systems
  • Previous technical, quality assurance, management or supervisory experience related to produce ripening
  • Strong understanding of mathematics and basic science concepts in chemistry, biology, and physics
  • Prior experience in banana/avocado ripening and/or produce warehouse operations, with banana ripening activities or similar
  • Knowledge of fresh produce transportation, retail produce handling and merchandising, and post-harvest handling of fresh produce
  • Experience in the food industry highly regarded
  • Understanding of Food Quality and Safety Standards
  • Personable and committed to working as a team – ability to take a cooperative and problem-solving approach

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Twiga is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We champion equal treatment of all applicants. Twiga does not charge its applicants any fees whatsoever and has not authorized any agent to levy any fees on its behalf. If anyone requests you to make any payment with respect to this application, please report the incident to or to our hotline on +254 (0) 709 258 000.


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