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Strategic Sales Representative

The Kenya UberEats team’s mission in 2022 will be to grow profitably. To achieve that we are working on topline order and GB growth. This person will help us grow orders by improving selection on our app!

What You’ll Do

  • Handle inbound leads and generate new leads to sell Uber Eats to restaurants/retailers and secure them on our platform, supporting the onboarding and improving their value proposition to the app e.g. generating restaurant-led promotions/offers;
  • Strategically prioritizing key restaurant/retailers i.e. develop selection criteria and prioritize effort on the biggest potential movers of top-line growth;
  • Support new vertical growth by securing and onboarding key retail partners;
  • Manage contract negotiations aimed at establishing the foundation of a strong working relationship with our restaurant partners, including sustainable economics for both parties.

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What you’ll need:

  • Minimum 2-years experience in Client management, sales, or business development;
  • Negotiation – posit the Uber Eats position vs. the stakeholders and find a common ground. Experience negotiating with a difficult client/context and getting a positive outcome;
  • Teamwork – being team-oriented. A lot of dependencies within this role on other members of Uber Eats Kenya and the broader organization. Ability to communicate progress/status effectively;
  • Goal-Oriented – Setting goals and adhering to them – previous experience in executional excellence in a project context;
  • Sales experience – converting and onboarding customers;
  • Problem-solving – thought development on initiatives to unlock the difficult situation.


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