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Maintenance Engineer

Job Summary

To Ensure overall day to day operations and maintenance of Hotel plant and equipment in accordance with the set guidelines as per the Equipment manual and the standard Operating Procedures.

Reporting to the chief engineer the main duties and responsibilities of the maintenance engineer include:

  • Reports to the Chief Engineer and attends briefings.
  • Supervises all Engineering Team members
  • Checks event orders and meeting any engineering requirements arising, including outside catering, festivals etc.
  • Allocates duties to the appropriate engineering staff as may be required.
  • Duty Roaster Planning and management.
  • Ensures that the Planned Preventive Maintenance is adhered to and records kept up to date.
  • Maintain and conform to Room Perfect Program.
  • Collects work assignment sheet from the Engineer during briefing.
  • Ensure availability of materials and spare parts before start of shift.
  • Assist, as directed, to perform other Engineering tasks as business demand requires.
  • Follow all standard operating procedures of Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club and Engineering department.
  • To immediately report all suspicious occurrence and hazardous condition.
  • To maintain the cleanliness safety of work areas at all times.
  • Ensures control and distribution of Trouble reports, breakdown reports and request from rented offices
  • Ensures control of store material issues to support day to day maintenance and repairs requirements.
  • Assigns duties to engineering team members accordingly
  • Liaises with sectional MANAGERs regularly for the update of ongoing works and projects
  • Ensures day to day repairs are effectively done, through prompt attention to emergencies and break downs especially in guest areas.
  • Provides competent hands-on skills to ensure all hotel systems including, Mechanical, electrical, sewage, plumbing, heating and lighting are maintained in good working order and to ensure any defects are corrected promptly and properly.
  • Ensures all hotel fixtures, fittings and equipment are maintained in good working order and that defects are corrected promptly.
  • Undertakes regular inspections of the building and report back any defects and repairs that require further action to the chief Engineer
  • Ensures quality workmanship by all sections.
  • Ensures material quality meets the required standards.
  • Ensures proper usage of materials.
  • Ensures Engineering Store is adequately stocked and not running out
  • Ensures Purchase requests on store and Direct items are made as per re-order levels.
  • Ensures Purchase Requests raised has enough and detailed specifications to ensure high good quality materials are sourced.
  • To perform other task, including cross exposure, as directed, or multi-skill in any other section.
  • Perform other duties requested by the Chief Engineer.


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