Vacant Jobs at FSD Africa

Vacant Jobs at FSD Africa

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FSD Africa Jobs, Senior Climate Specialist Jobs

Senior Climate Specialist

About FSD Africa

  • Established in 2012 and supported by UK aid, FSD Africa is a specialist development agency working to build and strengthen financial markets across sub-Saharan Africa. They work to reduce poverty through a ‘market systems development’ approach, which means they aim to address the structural, underlying causes of poverty by improving how financial market systems function.
  • FSD Africa believes that investing in building a financial system that is transparent, stable and accessible creates the conditions for a fair and sustainable future. This is one where inequality is reduced, corruption is tackled, and where individuals, businesses and governments alike are able to prepare for future challenges, from climate change to political instability.
  • From their headquarters in Nairobi, the team of financial sector experts work alongside governments, business leaders, regulators and policymakers to design and build ambitious programmes that make financial markets work better for everyone.  Depending on the project, FSD Africa can provide a combination of grants, investment capital, market insights or technical assistance to ensure they achieve their objectives.
  • They focus their work where the need is greatest, and where they believe the potential for impact is the most significant. They have a specific mandate to invest in breakthrough, innovative ideas that they believe can have a transformative impact. By sharing risk with their partners, they’re able to address more difficult, persistent, or higher-risk challenges, in more unstable or fragile geographies, than traditional development finance organisations.

About the role

  • This Senior Capital Markets Specialist role will lead the area of Climate Finance interventions in the various SSA markets. The position will lead in the identification of SSA market priorities, appreciation of market needs and requirements, and determination of opportunities for Capital Markets to contribute to transformational change and improvement.
  • The job holder will be accountable for the development and implementation of projects working directly with implementing partners and consultants in the delivery of the projects and ensuring the successful management of FSD Africa Capital Markets’ strategic and operational interventions.
  • In addition, the role will provide thought leadership in the space, providing strategic and tactical advice to partners and external stakeholders and driving the transformation of capital markets through effective influencing, advocacy and communication. He or she will be responsible for managing complex projects with a team of specialists and consultants, and will be a credible coach for the external stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities: 

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Thought leadership & strategy development

  • Participate in the development of strategy and programmes for the Capital Markets pillar
  • Ensure regular engagement with other experts & decision makers in SSA countries to understand the strategic priorities for the development of capital markets
  • Lead FSDA’s research into Climate Finance, developing a deep and comprehensive understanding of the financial systems in SSA and how to leverage beneficial change
  • Pay attention to personal professional development and learning in order to remain an expert in the fields of Capital Markets Development and Financial Inclusion
  • Contribute towards the development of strategy for the Capital Markets pillar; ensuring that insights in Climate Finance are incorporated into the design and development of relevant theories of change
  • Identify a portfolio of projects in the Climate Finance space that will enable them to have a transformative impact on the market; aligned to DFID strategy and FSDA development goals
  • Develop tools, methodologies and approaches (IP) which will guide the team and stakeholders in implementing best practice in Capital Markets Development

Project design & Implementation

  • Ensure the effective implementation of Capital Markets projects; ensuring that the results anticipated in the MRM framework are achieved
  • Conceptualise, design, and write investment proposals, including results measurement and risk management framework
  • Following approval, develop detailed implementation plans; including budgets and procurement of consultants / implementing partners as required
  • Ensure the effective implementation of projects so that milestones of the project plan are achieved on time and to standard
  • Lead monitoring, results management, and learning for all projects being implemented; ensuring objective analysis of results and appropriate corrective actions as required to optimise FSDA’s beneficial impact 
  • Provide high quality technical advice and support to Implementing Partners, Consultants and other project stakeholders in Capital Finance
  • Ensure comprehensive and timely communication with all project stakeholders

Financial management & fundraising

  • Contribute to the management of the finances associated with the Capital Markets Pillar aiming to optimise the impact that is achieved with resources and ensuring compliance with FSD Africa and Donor policies
  • Identify opportunities for fundraising and co-funding for the work of FSDA & support with proposal development as requested
  • Conceptualise how funds and other limited resources may be best allocated to achieve optimum impact; including supervising the work of consultants to optimise value for money 
  • Track and monitor budget spend and associated activities, ensuring cost-effective utilisation of resources and timely achievement of financial targets
  • Ensure that the accountability requirements of donors are met and that good relationships with funders are maintained at all times

Influencing & Communicating for Impact

  • Drive the transformation of capital markets through effective influencing, advocacy and communication strategies
  • Contribute towards stakeholder mapping for the pillar; identifying key decision makers/ power brokers and develop innovative ideas for influencing them and/or transforming their mindsets
  • Publish industry thought-leadership materials, particularly in the area of Climate Finance
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of FSDA’s Communications Plan; building FSD Africa’s web presence, supporting thought leadership activities (publications, briefing notes, case studies, conference presentations), coordinating events, seminars etc.; establish us as a leading voice in Climate Finance thinking and knowledge
  • Participate in networking events and/or convene stakeholders in order to build awareness and influence the thinking around capital market

Implementing partner engagement & capacity building

  • Support the Director of Capital Markets in identifying, engaging, and empowering key implementing partners, so that they are equipped to operate effectively and contribute to the development of their respective Capital Markets
  • Ensure appropriate selection of partners; ensuring optimal combinations of partners to bring out their synergies for the programmes e.g. political economics, due diligence, influence, etc.
  • Build and maintain relationships with senior leaders in chosen implementing partners, leveraging new opportunities that may arise and dealing promptly with relationship difficulties
  • Engage partners in joint strategizing and the development of projects that will leverage change and have a positive impact on capital markets development

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Does this sound like you?

  • You have at least 10-15 years of experience in the areas of technical specialism, including at a senior level, in a financial markets environment
  • You are able to manage project diversity and complexity, with a portfolio in GBP 1-5 million range 
  • You are able to manage significant complexity and conceptual sophistication
  • You have a successful track record of delivering results in the area of technical specialism and the provision of technical assistance
  • You have a track record of managing relationships and influencing key stakeholders at leadership or specialist level
  • You have experience in conducting and analysing research

Nice to have

  • You have an understanding of the developing world and strategic MRM (preferred)
  • You have experience of working in a multicultural environment
  • You have knowledge of donor policies and procedures
  • You have previous experience of working in DFID-funded projects 
  • Languages: French, local African languages
  • Persons of all gender, race, sex, orientation, age, and identity are encouraged to apply.

Role overview

  • INDUSTRY: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • FUNCTION: Finance, Investment & Accounting
  • LOCATION: Nairobi
  • YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 10-15 years
  • MUST-HAVE SKILLS: Experience in technical specialism Project Management Analysis and Research
  • Apply by 10-04-2020reply SHAREAPPLY NOW

How To Apply

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