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Digital and Multimedia Assistant


  • The SFA Foundation Corporate & Science Communication Department seeks a skilled and creative Digital and Multimedia Assistant to join the Corporate and Science Communication department. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing high-quality multimedia content, including short and long-form videos, social-first shorts and graphic design assets (static and motion graphics) that inform and engage our target audiences. The ideal candidate needs to be extremely tech-savvy and have a strong track record of producing visually compelling and engaging multi-platform content. In addition, we are looking for someone who is not intimidated by complexity yet possesses the sophistication and creativity to translate knowledge into compelling narratives that captivate existing and new audiences.  


Graphic Design 

  • Collaborate, brainstorm, and strategise with communication and wider organisational teams on the production of a wide range of print and digital communication products such as of web pages, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, banners, newsletters, social media graphics etc. 
  • Translation of organisational, departmental, and programmatic briefs into compelling visual assets, ensuring brand alignment and message pull-through. 
  • Design and production of corporate-branded materials including world-class communication templates e.g. business cards 

Video Production and Photography 

  • Support the delivery of a range of video projects at varying levels of complexity for both internal and external distribution. 
  • Support the management of external vendors and key stakeholders to carry out multimedia projects through each phase of the production and post-production processes, including planning/logistics, scripting, production, editing deliver and eventual publishing. 
  • Conduct photography in-house and externally as required. 
  • Support digital asset management on cloud services and physical locations i.e. logging, archival, and retrieval of multimedia assets. 
  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date register of in-house multimedia equipment, as well as maintenance. 

Website and Intranet Administration 

  • Proactively support the management of the SFA Foundation website including proposing measures that drive online, deliver excellent user experience, and drive engagement.  
  • Help manage content on the intranet. 
  • Support the management of third parties contracted for the SFA Foundation website, intranet, and other digital products.  
  • Support the identification of new opportunities arising in the digital space that will add value to SFA Foundation brand and keeping up with the dynamic trends and benchmarks in the digital landscape through continuous research and training. 
  • In collaboration with the ICT department, ensure the smooth running of all department owned digital platforms and dependencies. 

Social Media Management 

  • Support the management of the SFA Foundation’s social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube). 
  • Support the implementation of the social media strategy. 
  • Produce high quality social-first multimedia content for all channels. 
  • Support the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns across owned and paid media. Includes search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and e-mail marketing. 

Internal Communications Support and Analytics Reporting 

  • Support the management of content on the organisational digital signage unit. 
  • Support analytics data reporting for all departmental-owned digital properties. Applicants need to be conversant with native analytics tools for popular social media and video publishing platforms.  
  • Support the Human Resources department in producing staff engagement content. 
  • Perform administrative tasks as needed including regularly updating multimedia project trackers, creating multimedia best practices documents, scheduling meetings/shoots etc. 
  • Any other duties assigned by direct and dotted line reports


Required Competencies and Experience 

  • 3+ years of experience in video and multimedia production and editing, with a proven track record of producing high-quality, engaging content across multiple platforms. Please submit an up-to-date portfolio alongside your application. 
  • Overall technical competency (computer hardware and software) and a basic understanding of web development and the digital product development lifecycle. Familiarity with content management systems is an added advantage. 
  • Strong proficiency in multimedia production software and tools, including Adobe Creative Suite and other popular multimedia authoring tools. 
  • Excellent proficiency with videography and photography equipment. This includes but is not limited to DSLRs, drones, audio, external recorders, handheld gimbals, and lighting equipment. 
  • Demonstrated understanding of video and graphic design principles and the ability to execute creative concepts with a high degree of visual polish and impact.  
  • Extensive and up-to-date knowledge of social media channels and digital marketing trends, and the ability to optimize multimedia content for distribution across multiple channels. 
  • Exceptional project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and deliver on time.  
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels.  
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills; demonstrated writing skills with careful attention to detail. 
  • We acknowledge that you may not have all the attributes listed above. Our ideal candidate is one who can demonstrate a keen interest in self-improvement and a willingness to learn. On our part, we provide a collegial working environment that will expose you to the unique world of storytelling in science communication, as well as access to the latest cutting-edge tools and platforms in multimedia production. 
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Education Qualifications 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to the area of assignment i.e., journalism, multimedia studies, science communication or a related field is required. All degrees must have been awarded by appropriately accredited institutions. 
  • A deep understanding of digital and multimedia tools and processes is an added advantage. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with a broad range of stakeholders to implement organisational objectives is desirable. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, works collaboratively to achieve organisational goals; solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise is desirable. 

Programme Officer – Research and Results


  • Responsible for high-level programme technical support and coordination, working in a dynamic environment while managing the needs of numerous stakeholders globally and keeping a finger on the pulse of numerous projects. The Programme Officer works closely with the Programme Manager, programme team members and other SFA Foundation staff to ensure efficient implementation of the programme and effective collaboration with all role players within the programme. The PO will facilitate smooth flow of knowledge reports, financial reports, procurement processes, grants processes, technical presentations, and proposals, including ensuring partnership’s database management, updating, and timely submissions of deliverables and reports.
  • The overall aim of the Programme Officer – Research and Results role is to support research for public engagement, strengthen capacity of the programme to evaluate the impact of public engagement work, and knowledge transfer to enhance evidence-based programming and adaptive learning. Among other responsibilities, the work entails operations research and monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) activities within the programme, making sure the programme derives impact. The position will liaise with the Monitoring, Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) team, and the Social Sciences and Humanities (SS&H) programme.


Programme Goal Setting, Planning, Design and Implementation

  • Work closely with the Programme Manager and other stakeholders to set programme goals and objectives.
  • Provide big-picture perspective to manage multiple projects to ensure they are in line with strategic objectives. 
  • Develop & implement a rhythm of business that aligns with other stakeholders and positions the success of the institution.
  • Work closely with the Programme Manager in the development of various concept notes and proposals for funding, including the development of annual budgets; ToRs, annual objectives; procurement plans, and risk registers.
  • Support the Programme Manager, in collaboration with the Programme Support Office, in implementing the grants’ management process through stages of topic development/launch, triage, review, award selection, due diligence, and grant implementation.
  • Support team members when implementing risk management strategies, including various institutional policies and procedures.
  • Provide quality control checks to team members on various workflows to ensure compliance and good practice.
  • Work with the Programme Manager to develop and implement project work plans. Monitor progress and ensure that deadlines and deliverables are met.
  • Support the recruitment of programmatic consultants, including assisting with drafting RFPs, ToRs, MoUs and tracking payments against agreed milestones and budgets.
  • Support in the design, implementation, and tracking of various results frameworks (Theory of change, outcome, output, indicators of the programme, reporting tools/schedules).
  • Support the writing and editing of grant proposals and reports, ensuring that proposals are clear, concise, and meet the requirements of funders.
  • Support the development of new initiatives and programmes.

Research and Technical Support

  • Work with the programme manager to develop programme-relevant operations research agendas.
  • Perform programme-level operations research to inform the development and implementation of projects falling within the portfolio.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders in data collection and analysis to develop evidence-based positions on public engagement and policy issues linked to the core work.
  • Preparation and dissemination of findings and reports for internal and external use, including working closely with the programme manager and relevant stakeholders to draft manuscripts and publish on public engagement with science.
  • Ensure data storage in a user-friendly database accessible to all intended users.
  • Identify and network with like-minded stakeholders to build the evidence base for public engagement with science.
  • Assist in utilising the outputs, networks, and relationships created through the Programme to further the organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • Provide technical support to grantees, including providing guidance on various aspects of the project.

Programme Tracking, Evaluation, and Reporting

  • Liaise with the MEAL team and partners to co-develop a results framework and associated indicators.
  • In conjunction with the programme manager and stakeholders, design the programmatic MEL strategy and plan.
  • In conjunction with the MEAL team, SS&H, and partners, design tools for data collection, verification, management, reporting, and data audit.
  • Drive quality operationalisation of the programmatic MEL strategy with a focus on continuous improvement, adaptable evidence-based decision-making and regular knowledge transfer.
  • Offer advice on related programme change processes.
  • In close partnership with the Programme Manager, monitor, track and control outcomes, facilitating programme team meetings to ensure performance progress and address any emerging issues. Maintain accurate and up-to-date online documentation of program milestones.
  • Assist in tracking programme spending vis-à-vis agreed programme milestones and continuously check the budget reports for accurate reporting to the funder’s agreed milestones.
  • Prepare reports, articles, and presentations during programme inception meetings, annual grantee meetings, site visits and other meetings as needed.
  • Work in close collaboration with the M&E team to identify, collate, track, assess quality, analyse and validate, and report on programme-related data.
  • Track and perform relevant analyses on various aspects of programme implementation to identify and address important challenges to ensure effective and efficient programme delivery.

Communications and Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Provide support in developing and executing a programme communication strategy for all programme stakeholders to ensure timely reporting to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Capture comprehensive stakeholder meeting minutes including action items and deadlines and circulate them promptly to support program implementation.
  • Identify and build relationships with relevant stakeholders involved in relevant areas of research and research leadership, capacity development but not limited to universities and other research institutions. This may include relevant African government departments and policymakers, Africa-based and international Think Tanks, and intergovernmental organisations etc.

Collaboration and Facilitation

  • Represent SFA Foundation programmes at internal and external meetings when required.
  • Work in close collaboration with the SFA Foundation communications team to ensure all content (reports, images, videos, social media posts) is relevant and updated on a timely basis according to what is happening in the programme/programmes.
  • Deliver administrative team duties in support of the programmes within the portfolio e.g. work with SFA Foundation Procurement team to monitor deliverables (including supplies), and being the contact person for programmes within the programme.
  • Plan and organise relevant workshops and other activities in furtherance of the objectives of the programmes within the portfolio.
  • Maintain a risk register for the programme and a system to document, track and ensure programme issues and challenges are resolved on time.
  • Ensure better coordination of support provided by various SFA Foundation professional services departments and the Programme Support Office.
  • Liase with other programmes to enhance collaboration, exchange of information and optimal use of resources.

Event/Conference Planning and Management

  • Support various networking management activities/ events.
  • Plan, organise, coordinate and participate in high-level stakeholder meetings/convenings/round table meetings taking note of action points and following up thereafter to ensure stakeholder views are managed towards the best solutions – this entails high-level programme coordination skills in managing various competing priorities with various stakeholders through co-ordinating various meetings such as teleconferences, round table meetings, high-level annual meetings, review meetings that often run in parallel.
  • Scheduling stakeholder meetings and facilitating communication between the Programme Manager and stakeholders throughout the programme/project’s life cycle.

Programme Governance

  • Support the programme in complying with the SFA Foundation programme management framework.
  • Ensure implementation of audit findings/observations from internal & external audits and/or funder due diligence processes. Assist with consolidating audit-related tasks/documentation.
  • Ensure the programme complies with all its contractual obligations signed with stakeholders and adheres to all applicable standards.
  • Management of programme documents and records as per policies and procedures.
  • Efficient and effective management of programme team meetings, programme structures, etc
  • Provide administrative support to the Programme Manager including but not limited to managing budgets, scheduling meetings, and preparing reports.


Minimum Academic Qualifications

  • A graduate degree in a relevant Social Science/Humanities research field, obtained over the past 5 years; with exp carrying out research work for priority social science agendas.

Professional Qualifications

  • A professional qualification/advanced certificate or training in Monitoring Evaluation and Learning, or Statistics or Data Management.
  • Experience with research ethics is an added advantage.


  • At least 3 years’ experience working in research/research leadership capacity development, programme design and implementation on the African continent.
  • Experience in carrying out OR coordinating programme management work.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes 

  • Must have a high level of integrity.
  • Must understand and demonstrate the Foundation’s values such as respect, accountability, excellence, diversity and inclusion.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to manage strategic relationships.
  • Must be an effective communicator and have excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Must be a critical thinker and innovative.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to make decisions, plan, organise and manage work.
  • Must have a high level of adaptability, engagement readiness, and fast thinking.
  • Must have the capability to initiate action and be keen on quality.
  • Must be attentive to details.
  • Must have excellent presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to collaborate and build trust with others.

Leadership Competencies

  • Must demonstrate the ability to manage stakeholders. 

Key Result Areas 

  • Successful delivery of all assigned activities within budget, on time, within agreed targets and consistent with commitments to stakeholders and funders.
  • Strong working relationships with all key stakeholders including staff, other delivery partners, and beneficiaries.
  • Maintaining an attractive and accurate outward profile of activities through the website and other materials.
  • Strong knowledge of SFA Foundation policies and procedures, and their application in programme management.


Method of Application

Should you meet the competencies above, please submit a cover letter and a current Curriculum Vitae not exceeding 5 pages including three professional referees to

The cover letter should be no more than two pages long and explain why you are interested in this post and how your skills and experience make you a good fit. The documents should be saved in MS Word or PDF in the following format: Your First Name-Your Last Name-Document Name-Date (mmyy) e.g., DeusWan-CV-092022-SFA
Foundation or Deus-Wan-CoverLetter-092022-SFA Foundation

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