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Investigations Officer

Job Summary 

To Develop and manage full-time investigations processes, ensuring they are executed in a sensitive and confidential manner and with the highest levels of efficiency and propriety, through the use of investigating tools and methodologies. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Provides guidance to investigators to ensure that the work conforms to established standards and procedures and is completed in a timely manner.  
  • Conduct interviews, take statements, prepare case files, write reports, recommend criminal and/or disciplinary action or take part in criminal, misconduct and inquest proceedings. 
  • Liaising and working with law enforcement agencies, professionals and commercial organizations to ensure the closure of investigations. 
  • Conduct inspections and investigations into allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct. 
  • Ensure that all risks and/or emerging risks, which are identified during an investigation/interaction with clients, are escalated to line management upon discovery. 
  • Identify high-risk business units and where requested to do so, participate in awareness initiatives. 
  • Ensure completion of received reports and complaints before and after investigations and make recommendations through the Head of Operations.  
  • Manages investigations function efficiently in order to meet the needs of the Organization as well as the expectations of the clients; this includes the timely execution of investigations.  
  • Develops and implements guidelines and practices for the conduct of effective investigations, ensuring proper application of due process principles.  
  • Ensure synchronization and maintenance of a comprehensive case management system for the effective tracking, management and reporting of cases at all stages of investigations. 
  • Coordinates investigations and compliance teams of the commission in carrying out investigations on its own accord or on request from any institution, office or person on any issue affecting ethnic or racial relations.  
  • Coordinates investigations in very high-priority and complex cases. 
  • Develops, implements and receives policies, strategies, guidelines and procedures on investigations and compliance. 
  • Monitors and evaluates the extent of implementation of policies, regulations and laws by various stakeholders on integration and cohesion 
  • Verifies digital evidence gathered and prepares evidence reports for trial/ disciplinary action. 
  • Streamlines the investigations process to ensure timely execution of investigations. and Formulates, monitors and reports on annual work plans

Minimum Requirements and Competencies 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Computer Science, Data Communications, or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution 
  • At least Five (5) years of experience. 
  • Hold a professional qualification in a relevant field such as CFE 
  • A Security professional with a proven track record in security management, planning and coordinating. 
  • An ability to carry out the scope of work and produce the relevant level of paperwork to support such schemes. 

Transport and Fleet Administrator

Job Summary 

Responsible for overseeing a company’s fleet of vehicles. The fleet admin must be highly collaborative to manage costs and keep the fleet running smoothly. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Provide an efficient and courteous first point of contact dealing with telephone, and email enquiries.  
  • Provide an efficient administrative service including collating, inputting and maintaining data.  
  • Provide support to the Fleet Manager where required.  
  • Provide additional administrative support as and when needed to the wider team.  
  • Assist in the scheduling of maintenance of vehicles and facilities maintenance.  
  • Undertake health and safety stock checks on the vehicles and replenish where required.  
  • Work with the Fleet Manager to maintain and effectively monitor the tachograph database. 
  • Ensure all vehicles have valid statutory documents.  
  • Prepare fuel consumption report and vehicle cost analysis report on a monthly basis and submit to the Administration Officer. 
  • Ensure all drivers have a valid driving license.  
  • Conduct spot checks on vehicles to ensure that they are in good working condition.  
  • Ensure routine servicing and maintenance of program vehicles are carried out on time; initiate requisition for vehicle servicing and maintenance.  
  • Follow up on payments for all expenses relating to program vehicles including fuel expenses and servicing in a timely manner.  

Minimum Requirements and Competencies 

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college; preferably with a focus on supply chain management; Logistics 
  • 2-5 years of work experience in Transport and Logistics 
  • Working knowledge of multiple transport functions and transport. 
  • Relevant Transport management diploma course. 

Method of Application

 Interested candidates should send their comprehensive CV and cover letter to indicating on the email subject the position they are applying for by 8th July 2023. Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

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