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Anaesthetic Assistant, Operating Room

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the above position based in Nairobi Kenya. The position holder will report to the Nursing Manager, OR/Theatre.


  • Setup, test and calibrate physiological monitors and equipment such as anesthesia machines, airway devices, physiological monitors, infusion devices, nerve stimulators, patient/fluid warming devices and fiber optic bronchoscopes.
  • Perform equipment checks as indicated and maintain records of problems
  • Replace and change anesthetic equipment supplies as per routine schedule
  • Maintain a stock of drug supplies at anesthesia workstations.
  • Troubleshoot anesthetic equipment
  • Correct problems that have been discovered and follow up with the theatre manager, the biomedical technician/engineers, and manufacturer’s service representative.
  • Participate in operating theatre’s infection control program.
  • Performing duties such as maintaining cleanliness of anesthetic equipment in accordance with quality assurance programs.
  • Assist with the setting up of the physiological monitors such as ECG, Pulse oximetry and non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP).
  • Assist the anesthesiologist with the insertion of peripheral venous lines, arterial lines, central venous catheters and pulmonary artery catheters.
  • Adjust therapies (e.g. Ventilation, temperature control devices, fluid flow rates etc.) as directed by the anesthesiologist.
  • In liaison with the circulating nurse, provide diagnostic data for the anesthesiologist by performing random blood sugar sampling and arterial blood gas sampling as requested.
  • Arrange for transportation of emergency blood samples to the lab and collection of blood products from the blood bank.
  • Assist at anesthetic emergency by performing duties such as aspirating secretions from the trachea and pharynx, deflating airways cuffs, and provide emergency airway equipment. Remove monitoring equipment after surgery.
  • Assist with the transfer of post operative patients to the Post Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU) under the direction of the anesthesiologist, surgeon and nurse.
  • Assist with the transfer of ventilation and/or anesthetized patient to the intensive care or high dependency unit under the direction of the anesthesiologist, surgeon and nurse.


  • Diploma/ Equivalent Required or Completion of Anesthesia Assistant Course
  • In service Course on Basic Nursing skills and Anesthesia
  • Certificate in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the Theatre is preferred.


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