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Community Service Assistant

Job purpose

  • Community Service Assistant (CSA) position is primarily field based position which plays an important role as an interface between Dispensers for Safe Water and communities served with dispensers. This position ensures a sufficient and uninterrupted supply of chlorine and service & maintenance of the installed chlorine dispensers. This in turn enables the community to successfully access and use the dispensers throughout for improved community health.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Conducting dispensers hardware service and maintenance through regular spot checks to ensure proper functioning
  • Installing chlorine dispensers whenever necessary, in line with the organization’s protocols/specifications and guidelines.
  • Delivering chlorine to various chlorine dispensers located at water points by use of motorcycles.
  • Ensure safe handling and accountability of chlorine and dispenser stocks in the store/office and to the designated sites.
  • Proper Record Keeping by completing relevant forms/documents/records that are important in inventory
  • Engaging the target community to promote dispenser usage and handle any/all possible challenges and report the same to the supervisor.
  • Collecting all field data for program assessment and accountability, by use of smartphones
  • Maintaining good integrity and stewardship of the Organizational assets assigned to you for work execution

Key Performance Indicators

  • All assigned dispensers must remain functional in usable condition all the time.
  • Maintain an uninterrupted supply of chlorine to all assigned dispensers throughout the year.
  • Maintain good rapport with the target community, ensuring it is well engaged and embraces the chlorine dispensers and keeps using these for improved health.
  • Ensure Program data is collected within the provided guidelines and shared with the supervisor for the next action
  • The dispenser empty rates and all noted/reported dispenser issues are addressed within the stated timelines.


  • Minimum Certificate in, community work, Social work, project management, communication or equivalent.
  • Certificate in computer skills in MS Office suite
  • Stock management experience/qualifications are an added advantage
  • 1-2 yrs experience working with communities or social enterprises/NGOs
  • A must Motorcycle riding skills/experience with a valid Class A riding license from a recognized driving school.
  • The applicants should be fluent in English, Kiswahili.
  • An understanding of the local language is desired.

Required Competencies and Attributes

  • Excellent communication skills and good public relations
  • High-level discipline and good character while engaging with the community and their leaders, program teams and managers.
  • Community service attitude/ Passion to work in a rural community setting
  • High level of integrity and stewardship
  • Team work. Embraces teamwork and aspires and supports the ideals of working in a teamwork environment as a team champion
  • Good computer skills, data entry and management skills
  • Attitude. Positive attitude to work and to development in a fast-paced work environment.


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