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General Nurse

Job Objective/Purpose

Adhere to Avenue Healthcare’s defined policies, protocols, procedures and standards.

Key Responsibilities

  • Covering the Unit Manager when required.
  • Ensure proper inventory of the available equipment on a daily basis and ensure that they are in good working condition. Report any malfunction to Bio-Medical Technician/Unit Manager.
  • Ensure the unit is financially viable and demonstrate growth through;
    • Offering quality care to patients and ensuring good working relationship with our stakeholders
    • Ensure financial objectives are met by managing costs within budget, timely and accurate billing of drugs and services. Ensure an invoice rejection rate of < 3% by ensuring that proper pre-authorisations and documentation has been done.
  • Ensure that Avenue corporate governance policies are adhered to.
    • Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity
    • Liaise with the Nurse in charge to fully implement internal audit recommendations and attain satisfactory ratings in subsequent audits.
  • Read, understand and be conversant with all systems, policies and procedures as outlined in the Hospital Manual especially policies pertaining to provision of medical services i.e. Admission & discharge procedures, nurses’ reports, ward equipment and supplies, emergency protocols etc.
  • Record all sentinel incidents/events and report within 24 hours using the provided tools
  • Maintain and enforce infection control standards per the hospital manual and observe the infection control bundles (SSI, VAP, CAUTI and CLABSI) where applicable.
  • Daily compilation of government reports and submitting them to the Unit Manager (leprosy, cholera, maternal deaths etc)
  • Supervise patient attendants as per their job description Active participation in ward rounds and receive handover reports from the outgoing nurse on shift
  • Ensure recording and safe keeping of patient’s valuables
  • Proper documentation of patient notes and review; consulting with fellow clinicians, consultants when need be.
  • Ensure that all diagnostic requests (lab and radiology) have patient’s clinical information.
  • Ensure patients safety following the 6 International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs) (patient identification, effective communication, safety of high alert medication, ensure correct site procedure and surgery, reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls)
  • Provides patient and family education/teaching applicable to the patients medical condition. Discusses patient concerns and answers questions relevant to care.
  • Prioritization of patient needs in a documented nursing care plan.
  • Organize emergency trolley for easy use during resuscitation, drugs and supplies are well stocked, damaged equipment is removed and reported promptly A checklist should be kept and updated on the 1st and 16th of every month, and as needed.
  • Update doctors/consultants on patient’s progress and any critical values as soon as they are available
  • Perform all invasive nursing procedures under aseptic technique
  • Enter unit specific data daily and promptly
  • Ensure all the relevant consultants have explained procedures and have obtained consent
  • Complete official checklists for all patients prior to procedures (theatre, radiology, renal)
  • Ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times, as per policy.
  • Participate in emergency response
  • Drug administration;
    • Adhere to the 10 rights of drug administration (right patient, medication, dosage, route, time, documentation, client education, assessment, evaluation and client refusal of treatment)
    • Submit all new drug orders to pharmacy promptly and STAT doses given within 30 minutes
    • Keep D.D.A. drugs safe and drug register properly per unit requirements
    • Refund all unused drugs immediately
    • Ensure all verbal prescriptions should be signed within 24 hours by the respective doctor per the hospital policy.
    • Ensure all treatment sheets have patients biodata including information on drug allergies
  • Adhere to Government and respective professional standards of care and treatment of patients as guided by the Nursing Council of Kenya.
  • Client satisfaction (patient, consultants and others)- ensure client
  • satisfaction through optimal quality of care, effective communication, timely feedback and escalation of unresolved issues to the Unit Manager and demonstrate follow-up and improvement.
  • Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description

Personal Specifications

  • A BSc. In Nursing, Diploma or Higher Diploma in Nursing
  • Minimum of 2 years experience clinical practice
  • A Valid Nursing Council License
  • Updated BLS/ACLS/ATLS certificate
  • Organizational Awareness and detailed-oriented

Laboratory Superintendent II

Job Objective/Purpose

Ensure provision of high quality laboratory diagnostic services in the clinic as defined by Avenue Healthcare’s policies, protocols,procedures and standards.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the clinic has the necessary equipment and ensure that they are in good working condition and submit a monthly equipment status report to the Branch Manager.
  • Timely and accurate billing of laboratory services.
  • Stock management:
  • Do monthly stock takes of lab supplies and submit a stock take and short expiry report to the Branch Manager
  • Timely ordering and receiving of stock from the lab store to prevent stock outs
  • Proper storage of lab supplies.
  • Ensure that Avenue corporate governance policies are adhered to.
  • Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity 
  • Fully implement audit recommendations and attain satisfactory ratings in subsequent audits
  • Review and act on quality indicator reports (IQC &EQA)
  • Follow laid down Lab Board approved rules for medical lab profession and adhere to Government and respective professional standards of care and treatment of patients.
  • Ensure timely response to emergencies.
  • Carrying out tests based on outlined SOPs & policies.
  • Ensure all sentinel incidents/events are recorded and reported to the Branch Manager within 24 hours using the provided tools.
  • Ensure that the fridge temperatures and ambient temperature and humidity are charted twice daily and any error reported to the Branch Manager.
  • Ensure timely escalation of any urgent out of stock items to the laboratory store.
  • Ensure that any issue pertaining quality is escalated to the Lab Quality Manager.
  • Infection control;
  • Maintain and enforce infection control standards when carrying out lab tests.
  • There is proper disposal of medical waste
  • Equipment and other laboratory surfaces are properly disinfected with the right disinfectants
  • Ensure client satisfaction through high quality of service, effective communication, prompt feedback and escalation of any unresolved issues to the Branch Manager.
  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • Ensure adequate knowledge of all Avenue policies, procedures and systems as outlined in the HRMIS.
  • Prevention of lab related errors by following the laid down policies and procedures on sample handling during pre-analytical, analytical and postanalytical phases of testing.
  • Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description
  • Personal Specifications
    • A Degree/Diploma in Medical laboratory Sciences or related disciplines 
    • Minimum of 5 years experience 
    • A Valid practicing license from KMLTTB 
    • Organizational awareness and detail-oriented 
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, Teamwork and reliability

Method of Application

Application documents (CV and Certificates) must be emailed to with the job position you are applying for as the subject of the email by 26th January 2024.

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