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Senior Associate, Policy and Government Relations

Duties and responsibilities

Organize Program Committee Meetings

  • Organise meetings with stakeholders including the steering committee, management team committee, and the secretariat among other meetings.
  • Attend various programme committee meetings to offer support, and take and circulate minutes.
  • Follow up on committee meeting discussions and action points including signing and finalizing documents, letters and MoUs.
  • Build and maintain relationships with various partners and stakeholders in the committees and keep them continuously engaged.
  • Support the running of a functional NSBDP( National School-Based Deworming Program) Secretariat comprising Core Program Stakeholders to administer the program and handle program logistics.
  • Support program implementation for activities requiring cross-programme and cross-stakeholder coordination and follow-up.
  • Track the movement and transfers of key partner stakeholders and document the same for seamless coordination.

Program Processes and Learnings Documentation

  • Document and update program processes and procedures in consultation with Program Leads and other stakeholders including preparing process documents, writing one-pagers and tracking compliance with outlined procedures.
  • Prepare and maintain templates for contracts, MoUs, reports, presentations and other regular documents.
  • Document quarterly Government relations, policy and partnerships progress from programme team leads.
  • Prepare quarterly policy, partnerships and Government relations newsletters for internal dissemination.
  • Document and archive Policy and Partnerships material including meeting minutes, programme agreements, Letters, Memorandum of Understanding etc. on
  • Ensure that team members maintain program files on Box in an ordered and synchronized way.
  • Support the teams in policy, partnerships and Government relations training for effective program implementation.

Program Reporting to Partners

  • Tracking partner commitments in the MOUs including work plans, budgets and milestones.
  • Prepare presentations, reports, talking points and discussion briefs, and share them with relevant team members and stakeholders ahead of meetings.
  • Support team leads in documenting and disseminating the quarterly partner’s progress reports.
  • Visually design policy and Government relations communications material in a graphic presentation as the need may arise.



  • A Bachelor’s degree in political science, public administration, government or a related field
  • At least 3 years of related experience working with multiple systems in the Government and Private Sector.
  • NGO ( International Development ) Experience is desirable.

Attributes and Competencies

  1. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  2. Demonstrated success in forging relationships with government officials and engaging in policy decisions and partnership building
  3. Good graphic design skills, with demonstrated ability to generate high-quality content for various audiences.
  4. Ability to translate complex issues into smart and stunning visuals.
  5. Knowledge of policy and rules of procedure in governance spaces.
  6. Interest in the world of evidence-based research, program implementation and policy.
  7. Adaptable, self-motivated, inquisitive, and a team player who is interested in being part of a fast-paced, growing and diverse team.
  8. Detail-oriented with demonstrated ability to multitask and meet short deadlines.
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to navigate complex personalities.

Senior Manager, Carbon Financing

Duties and responsibilities

Carbon Financing

  • Lead the carbon asset development in collaboration with our external partners, in countries implementing Safe Water programs.
  • Collaborate with our program and monitoring and evaluation teams to execute the appropriate monitoring protocols and execute the program in a way optimized for carbon financing.
  • Manage the annual carbon program implementation budget.
  • Line manages the carbon financing team.
  • Working with 3rd party technical contractor, interpret carbon methodologies and proactively communicate the same to internal stakeholders.
  • Work with 3rd party technical contractor to lead the implementation of procedures required for the verification of country carbon clusters.
  • Ensure that we provide timely and high-quality data to 3rd party technical contractor(s).
  • Support with providing cost and revenue projections related to Safe Water carbon assets.
  • Proactively identify, assess and communicate internally any risks with regard to carbon processes.
  • Provide the context of carbon finance to evolving Safe Water operations.
  • Manage the records and administration of payments for carbon assets issued for Safe Water activities.
  • Advise Evidence Action leadership on evolving climate policy trends, challenges and opportunities in the carbon and climate finance landscape.
  • Lead Evidence Action in the development of a strategy for new carbon programs and in its implementation.
  • Support 3rd party technical contractor and Evidence Action in the development and agreement of new Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements for Safe Water carbon assets.
  • Represent Evidence Action in regional and international fora for engagement and decision making on carbon markets, climate finance and climate change in general.

Partnerships and fundraising Support:

  • Contribute to Safe Water partnership, fundraising, and donor reporting efforts, primarily by providing technical advice and content on carbon asset development, lessons learnt, and/or carbon milestones achieved.
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Working conditions

This job is based in the Evidence Action office in Nairobi, Kenya. Up to 50% of the time may be spent working from the field offices in Safe Water program countries of operation.


Professional Qualifications & Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with strong Management skill.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and Internet Explorer.
  • Should be an effective communicator verbally as well as through writing skills.
  • Adept project manager to keep a large number of stakeholders engaged and on target.
  • Experience developing projects and programs for the carbon markets.
  • Experience working in the water sector desirable.
  • Work experience in managing a cross-cultural team in East Africa.
  • Experience building robust partnerships with governments and NGO’s.
  • Experience influencing relevant stakeholders and working through others in a matrixed organizational environment.
  • A critical, analytical, and process-oriented thinker with a willingness to form and adjust opinions based on evidence.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks concurrently and under pressure.
  • Highly developed organizational skills.


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