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Decentralized Procurement Integrated Supply Chain Manager

Job Description

Responsibilities Include:

  • Achieve at least 80% on-time delivery (OTD) and on-time delivery in full (OTIF) by managing the progress of orders for products funded under the specific task order from the point of intent to request by the USAID Mission in country through delivery of the product to the country. Order management activities include directing a team to:
  •  establish and enforce procurement policies and procedures for processing requisition orders (ROs) and purchase orders (POs) on a timely basis,
  •  ensure viability and accuracy of delivery and financial commitments that are being made by GHSC-PSM,
  •  ensure procurement teams follow established protocols and seek necessary internal (Finance, Risk) and external approvals (USAID),
  •  track and conduct analyses of cycle times, sources of risks to signed and unsigned request orders, and proposed solutions, communicating problems and progress to the rest of GSC and the Task Order Director,
  •  liaise with GHSC-QA or FHI360 to ensure products are tested as required and are of acceptable standards,
  •  monitor orders/POs to ensure that the supplier fulfill commitments as per negotiated contracts,
  •  work with the Deliver/Return team to ensure products are delivered based on committed dates,
  •  works closely with the Market Dynamics and Plan teams to ensure that Regional Distribution Center (RDC) and forecast and supply plan data respond to changes to product approvals and product changes,
  •  ensure payment requests are processed in a timely manner,
  •  contribute to the development and delivery of onboarding materials and sessions to new task orders staff working on the GSC team to ensure understanding of products, processes and systems related to the task order’s products,
  •  contribute to catalog updates,
  •  participate in all relevant task order team (internal and external) meetings as necessary, and
  •  promote knowledge sharing across GSC and GHSC-PSM consistent with project priorities.
  • Evaluate, develop, and implement DCP Sourcing Strategy; as applicable in conjunction with the Strategic Sourcing team, Laboratory ISC Manager or other relevant parties.
  • Roll out Sourcing Strategy to the DCP countries, and guide countries during RFx, evaluation, contracting and implementation.
  • Review DCP expansion opportunities under GHSC-PSM.
  • Manage and support DCP specialist(s), in-country DCP supervisors and DCP teams with performance of day-to-day work.
  • Develop, refine, share and/or provide training of standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions, policies and tools relevant for DCP (and GSC).
  • Track and conduct analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as on-time delivery, cycle times, invoicing, and other KPIs.
  • Monitor risks (e.g. to signed and unsigned request orders), propose solutions, and communicate to relevant people and ensure internal procurement controls are established and followed.
  • Monitor adherence to SOPs and corrects data entry for each country, with input from DCP specialist, to jointly define gaps and corrective and preventive actions.
  • Foster relationship with Project Management Units (PMUs) of DCP countries.

Management and Communications:

  •  Promote knowledge sharing across the Supply Chain Management division, GSC and GHSC-PSM consistent with priorities.
  •  Foster and demonstrate a workplace inclusive of creating opportunity, serving others, building trust, innovation, and exceeding expectations.
  •  Develop and present workshops, trainings, and conference communications as needed.
  •  Ensure teams are adequately staffed, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, conduct performance assessments, and foster a collaborative environment.
  •  Perform other duties as required.

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  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field plus 10 years of experience in supply chain for developing countries preferred; alternately Master’s degree in a relevant field plus 8 years of experience in supply chain for developing countries preferred.
  • Experience working within one of following technical health areas: HIV/AIDS, malaria, family planning and reproductive health, or maternal and child health.
  • Experience working with USAID projects and other international organizations preferred.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team under time pressure with calm leadership while moving the team to achieve a time bound deliverable.
  • Ability to work across multiple teams and disciplines, communicating clearly and collaborating effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing, and lead presentations, training courses, and effective meetings.
  • Proven analysis and organization skills working in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Willingness to work overseas for up to 2 to 4 weeks per year.
  • English language fluency required. Foreign language fluency desired.
  • Supervisory experience required.
  • Supervision: The DCP ISC Manager will report to the Procurement and Deliver/Return Director, who is based in the United States.

Method of Application

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their updated CV and cover letter to

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