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Laboratory Technician 

About the role

The lab technologist is accountable for supervising the laboratory, running the laboratory operations, as well as other responsibilities of the laboratory manager position that may be assigned from time to time by the Lab Manager.

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Duties and responsibilities

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ensure proper device installation and functioning, by setting up and maintaining an excellent QC/QA system;
  2. Ensure that laboratory devices are kept clean, calibrated, and fully functional;
  3. Ensure the lab stocks the right amount of reagents and consumables, the inventory is updated weekly, and stock for reagents and consumables is replenished timely;
  4. Ensure the lab specimens are correctly received, labeled, registered, and stored;
  5. Ensure the correct and timely use of the Lab Management System to collect all necessary patients’ data and referrals;
  6. Perform the laboratory diagnostic tests as per SOP and ensure all payments are correctly received;
  7. Keep the lab and surrounding areas (i.e., phlebotomy room, waiting bay, toilet, area outside the clinic) clean and fully operational;
  8. Collaborate to expand the lab referral system to increase lab growth;
  9. Work with the team members to provide effective solutions to support business and quality objectives;
  10. Advice and assist the team with innovative projects in the field of diagnostics and healthcare;
  11. Ensure all the laboratory regulatory requirements are met.

Must-Haves & Cultural Fit

  1. Ensure the utmost accurate results are provided to the patients to support medics in decision making;
  2. Promote a culture of continuous learning, growth, and improvement for the lab;
  3. Be proactive and a team player;
  4. Ensure smooth communication with the team.

Laboratory Growth Associate

About the role

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As a member of the laboratory team, the laboratory growth associate will assume a key supportive role in the growth of the laboratory division and will be directly supervised by the head of labs. The Associate will be included in a fast-paced and exciting environment where every day will present chances to learn new things and have hands-on experience within the healthcare sector. The Laboratory Growth Associate will support the head of labs in carrying out several activities such as research projects, data analysis, and lab operations management.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Participate as a key team member to exploratory field research projects in different geographical areas in Kenya;
  2. Collect, analyze, summarize and present quantitative and qualitative data obtained from field research, peer-reviewed scientific articles, technical manuals, etc.;
  3. Contribute to the creation and execution of surveys to assess different aspects of the Kenyan primary healthcare system;
  4. Establish strong relationships with healthcare facilities and personnel, with frequent and effective communication and in-person visits to ensure success of projects;
  5. Follow up on the latest diagnostic technologies and trends in diagnostics;
  6. Collaborate closely with the team members to provide effective solutions to support business and quality objectives.


  1. BSc degree in relevant field
  2. > 1 year of working experience in fast-paced environment (e.g. startups, consulting);
  3. Committed to improving access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  4. Data collection, analysis and presentation skills;
  5. Conversant with Microsoft package and Google Suite;
  6. Ability to work as part of a diverse team with multiple expertise and support interdisciplinary collaborations.

Culture Fit:

  1. Able to move in a fast-paced environment;
  2. Collaborative attitude;
  3. Proactive and energetic spirit;
  4. Able to take ownership of their work and decision.


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