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Operations Assistant

VN No : IOMKCO/VN/025/2023

Core Functions / Responsibilities: 

  • Undertake field support activities in an assigned area or areas, such as at an airport, transit center, third-party facility, camp-based operation or sub-office, or in relation to transportation.
  • Perform airport services, such as providing custodial care of travel documentation; verifying identities and documentation, including exit permissions, visas, tickets and other items in the travel bag; assisting with airport formalities, including flight arrivals, curb-side assistance, check-in, luggage formalities, immigration procedures, security screening systems and customs clearance; escorting arriving individuals to ground transportation and departing individuals to their gates; visually confirming flights have departed; ensuring individuals with special needs or equipment receive appropriate support; and, as needed, sending notifications using relevant systems. 
  • Assist individuals at transit centers or third-party facilities, including upon arrival with sign-in, verification of identity, orientation, food and non-food items and room assignments; during their stay with food and non-food items, instructions, briefings, activities and resolution of issues; and upon departure for medical appointments, return travel or onward travel with briefings, luggage support and transition to transportation. Enter and update relevant data in the appropriate systems and ensure IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment. Internal and External candidates are eligible to apply to this vacancy.vulnerable individuals are assisted in a manner that ensures their safety, security and comfort; report all issues immediately to the appropriate supervisor(s). 
  • Provide assistance at transit centers and third-party facilities for extended periods of up to 12 hours and during overnight periods and weekends, ensuring the needs of individuals are met throughout their stay. Communicate promptly with third-party facility representatives and/or supervisors if issues arise. 
  • Assist in the coordination of transportation from consolidation points, transit centers and third-party facilities, including liaising with service providers, ensuring the identity verification, readiness and organization of individuals being transported, and providing relevant briefings. Assist with baggage sorting, tagging and handling and escort individuals on transportation as needed. Ensure individuals with special needs are provided with appropriate services and report any issues to supervisors immediately.
  • Provide selection mission support, exit permit support and/or interpretation services for individuals at the airport, in transit centers, camps, consolidation points and thirdparty facilities or during transport by air, ground or water. 
  • Provide regular feedback on work being accomplished to the Senior Operations Assistant – Field Support (Transit Center) and/or supervisors and team members and keep supervisors immediately informed of any issues requiring their attention.
  • Maintain and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all relevant paperwork in line with standards of conduct and data protection rules. Alert the Senior Operations Assistant – Field Support or management of any non-compliance to Standard Operating Procedures or codes of conduct by IOM staff members or partners.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • High School Degree/Certificate with four years of relevant working experience.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent with two years of relevant working experience.


  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Prior working experience with international humanitarian organizations or nongovernment institutions/organizations in a multi-cultural setting is an added advantage. 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


  • Fluency in English and Kiswahili is required. Working knowledge of Somali is an added advantage.

Operations Assistant, Movements

VN No : IOMKCO/VN/026/2023

Core Functions / Responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate, schedule and book travel for individuals upon receipt of travel-ready status and/or request in accordance with travel requirements, including but not limited to the distribution of Advance Booking Notifications (ABNs), updates, domestic flights, cancellations and departure notifications.
  • Organize and complete all bookings in a timely manner and in accordance with the Handbook of IOM Tariffs (HIT) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) from the Division of Resettlement and Movement Management (RMM). Under the supervision of the Senior Operations Assistant (Movements). distribute travel information to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Compile and analyze descriptive statistics, using I-GATOR to capture costs and prepare travel loan paperwork as specified in SOPs and in accordance with host government’s procedures. 
  • Create movement data files, by ABN, for all individuals in accordance with SOPs and for IOM accountability. IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment. Internal and External candidates are eligible to apply to this vacancy.
  • In accordance with local practices and RMM guidelines and standards, and in close coordination with supervisors, identify and assign escorts to accompany vulnerable individuals. 
  • In coordination with Senior Operations Assistant (Movements), process exit permission paperwork and ICRC Travel Documents in accordance with established standards and the local guidelines. 
  • Conduct identity and document verification prior to the distribution of travel documentation to refugees, immigrants and migrants.
  • Conduct pre-departure counselling on pre-embarkation procedures and special needs during travel (such as meals, medication, wheelchairs and medical conditions) as needed. Identify beneficiary vulnerabilities and coordinate appropriate action to ensure they are addressed.
  • Provide regular feedback on work being accomplished to the Senior Operations Assistant (Movements) and keep supervisors immediately informed of any issues that arise.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of relevant Movement Operations SOPs and Movements-related systems and databases (including iGATOR, MiMOSA, SAR and Amadeus), as well as the ability to remain professional, impartial and unbiased during all interactions with migrants and colleagues per the IOM Code of Conduct and instruction on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA.)
  • Maintain and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all relevant paperwork in line with standards of conduct and data protection rules. Alert Senior Operations Assistant (Movements) or management of any non-compliance to SOPs or codes of conduct by IOM staff members or partners.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Completed University Degree in a relevant field from an accredited academic institution with 3 years’ relevant professional experience.
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  • High School Certificate with or a related discipline from an accredited academic institution with six years of relevant experience 5 years of relevant professional experience. 


  • Prior Movement Operations, transportation-related and/or management experience a strong advantage.

Other Skills

  • Previous experience with Movement Operations’ related databases and systems (including iGATOR, MiMOSA, SAR and Amadeus) is a strong advantage.
  • Good computer skills – Word, Excel and Internet.


  • Fluency in English and Kiswahili is required.
  • Working knowledge of French or Somali is an advantage.

On-call Driver (2 Positions) Dadaab

Vacancy No. IOMKCO/CFA/027/2023​​​​​​​


  • In particular, the incumbent will perform the following duties: 
  • Drive IOM vehicles and execute the tasks as assigned by direct supervisor. 
  • Ensure the safety of passengers, cargo and vehicle and observe traffic rules, road discipline with most direct and safe roads to the destination. 
  • Perform day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle to ensure roadworthiness. This includes daily check of tyres, brakes, engine oil, fan belt, etc. 
  • Prepare and submit weekly reports on vehicle status. Fill in the inspection sheet of vehicle status and share with the supervisor. Report promptly, to the direct supervisor, any defects or malfunctioning of the vehicle that require immediate attention for planning and control of regular services. 
  • In case of accident, inform direct and overall supervisors immediately; prepare written incident report and obtain a Police Report/Abstract. 
  • Maintain the vehicle road logbook including the status of fuel and oil changes at all times. 
  • Complete the online database entry for the assigned vehicle in fleet database on weekly basis. 
  • Check daily status and availability of spares, jack, fire extinguishers and tools. 
  • Refuel the vehicle as required and perform compulsorily record in the log sheet.
  • Maintain assigned vehicle clean, tidy all the times and ensure it is road worthy. 
  • Ensure that the IOM vehicles are only used for official/authorized business. 
  • Ensure that the keys are returned for safeguarding at the end of the shift or handed over to the next driver. 
  • Ensure a hand over form is duly completed and signed by both drivers during the exchange of vehicles. 
  • Ensure that driver’s SOP is followed without any breach. 
  • Prepare convoy security clearances and forward them accordingly to the IOM Kenya Field Security Unit and ensure vehicle is kept secured at all times. 
  • Collect and deliver mail, official documents and other items as needed. 
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.



  • Completed High/Secondary school education with two years of relevant professional experience.


  • At least two years’ continuous driving experience; 
  • Valid Driving License (A, B, C, E class), PSV licenses is an added advantage; 
  • Possession of a Government driving test grade I and II; 
  • Possession of Mechanical certificate from an accredited school is a plus; 
  • Good knowledge of vehicle maintenance and repairs; 
  • Good knowledge of routes within the country; 
  • Good knowledge and working experience with HF and VHF Radios 
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills; 
  • Availability to work during weekends and after hours as requested; 
  • Mature individual, able to work independently, paying attention to detail and meeting deadlines; 
  • Good computer skills, especially in Ms Office: Word, Outlook and Excel. 

Senior Radiologic Technologist

VN No : IOMKCO/VN/027/2023

Core Functions / Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee the radiologic services in the Unit, and as needed, carry-out good quality chest X-ray images of migrants as requested by the panel Physicians and/or Radiologist in accordance with IOM and international radiographic standards and resettlement countries technical instructions. Take the appropriate additional chest Xray views using the standard procedures when it is requested. 
  • Plan and schedule the daily work in the Radiology Unit and assign duties to staff. 
  • Supervise the staff and the overall activity in the Radiology Unit to ensure proper application of the radiographic techniques and radiation protection procedures, fast and smooth X-ray processing, optimized workflow, and timely delivery of quality chest X-ray images and reports. 
  • Ensure proper and respectful handling of applicants at the X-ray reception, counsellingof applicants about the X-ray examination procedures, preparation of the equipment’s and examination rooms, proper identification checking, correct biodata entry to CR/DR IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment. Both Internal and external candidates are eligible to apply to this vacancy. machines and standard labelling of the radiographic images and avoiding substitutions. 
  • Review the accuracy and quality of X-rays with proper processing of digital images on CR/DR X-ray machine, correcting technical quality of the images, and taking repeat when the image quality is not acceptable. Report important/urgent information to the Radiologists and/or Physicians as needed.
  • Ensure consistently high quality CXRs through regular quality assurance and quality control, adherence to technical requirements of resettlement countries and radiographic techniques, checking and improvement of existing standard operating procedures, and close supervision and training of staff. And assign or take the role of quality assurance focal person for the X-ray Unit, as needed. 
  • Implement, monitor and maintain the radiologic safety measures in the Radiology Unit in compliance with the standard radiation protection rules and regulations, including regular use of lead shield to the applicants, use personal radiation measuring device to all staff and the regular reading, and proper protection of the X-ray room and keep all the records and assign radiation protection focal person for the Radiology Unit as needed by ensuring the safety of applicants, staff and the public. 
  • Maintain regular contact with the respective government authorities in the country for radiation safety compliance and getting license to operate X-ray Unit as needed. Schedule with IOM Units and the technical service providers outside of IOM regarding maintenance and repair of the equipment. Coordinate with Procurement Unit and Teleradiology Center for the purchase of equipment as needed. 
  • Communicate with the Radiologist or Teleradiology Centers for the reading of the chest X-rays and assign the radiology focal person for coordinating the chest X-ray reading workflow as needed. 
  • Ensure regular and timely quality assurance of the CR/DR X-ray machines, proper handling of machines and lead shields, and equipment performance assessment and reports. 
  • Ensure timely completion of the Radiology Units administrative duties, such as preparation of daily working lists, barcodes, checking refugees’ identity, counsellingof refugees, burning CXR images on CDs, uploading digital CXR images to E-Medical website, statistical reports and analysis of operational activities, and proper record keeping and when needed, directly perform the activities
  • Directly report to the Chief Radiologist or the Chief Medical Officer regarding issues with staff and radiology work related matters. 
  • Implement infection control measures and ensure a tidy and neat work environment in the Radiology Unit.
  • Suggest and implement additional technical measures, recommend new equipment, equipment modification, and crucial construction to improve the quality, speed or safety of the radiological procedures in the unit. 
  • Coordinate the purchase of supplies and equipment, make recommendations concerning the unit’s operating budget, implement proper record keeping of consumables and maintenances services.
  • Demonstrate new techniques, equipment and procedures to staff and provide technical guidance and training to new staff.
  • Perform such other activities as requested by the supervisors. 

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Technology from an accredited academic institution. 
  • In addition, preferably, a Master’s degree or higher from an accredited academic institution
  • A valid license to practice Radiography, if applicable.


  • Four years for Bachelor or Master degree holder with thorough knowledge and experience in radiology department processes especially chest X-Ray and digital radiography.
  • Knowledge and experience of radiographic techniques.
  • Knowledge and experience in management of radiography unit, radiation safety, and radiographic quality management.
  • Experience in screening chest X-ray and Health Assessment Programs an advantage. 
  • Knowledge and experience in radiology information systems and picture archiving and communication systems an advantage.


  • Fluency in English and Kiswahili is required.


  • Leadership skills (desirable);
  • Organizational skills;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Good computer skills, especially in Microsoft Excel is essential.

Closing Date: 7 th July 2023

Method of Application

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application by sending a Motivation Letter and the updated CV to the email address referring to this advertisement. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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