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GIS Contractor


In this role, you will…

  • Trees for the Future is seeking a highly skilled and experienced GIS consultant to support our Kenya Program in meeting the project design document, validation, verification, and reporting requirements of the VERRA’s Verified Carbon Units (VCU) and CCB (Community Climate Biodiversity) Standards. 

The consultant will be responsible for:

  • Conduct a thorough needs assessment and develop a comprehensive plan to design, implement and manage GIS data collection processes. 
  • Rollout survey 123 within mobile workers to take polygons on farmer land and training staff on its use to ensure the accuracy and adequate land size
  • Establish a GIS lab and provide technical support to identify GIS needs and requirements for TREES
  • Support Trees to pilot ArcGis and survey 123 in the western region in liaison with ESRI East Africa team, document the process flow, identify gaps, train technicians, and prepare a roll-out plan for GIS mapping of FGs
  • between July and December, set up all necessary infrastructure and coordinate all activities necessary for the acquisition and recording of polygons in Forest Gardens for 13,500 ha of land and synchronize with farmer records in Salesforce.
  • Manager (Do we need to specify this? Can we negotiate for 100 now that we are getting additional technicians? staff in the collection of polygons to ensure accuracy 
  • Capture electronic copies of farmer Carbon contracts and match them with the polygons. This information needs to be integrated with the farmer Forest Garden database in salesforce polygons and must be matched with farmer carbon contracts.
  • Work with the ME&L team to ensure a smooth flow of information Document other land use land cover changes within the project and land over time Develop a geo-database of GIS information for TREES Develop a geodatabase and Manage ArcGIS online for data analysis and QA/QC to ensure completeness of the data collected
  • generate regular reports on GIS data, write documentation for institutional knowledge sharing, and collaborate with program staff to support monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of program activities.
  • collaborate with other project design document contractors for the community and biodiversity components to overlay different GIS maps.

You’ll be a great fit if you have…

  • Work with validation contractor to ensure all GIS data is made available
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in GIS, geography, environmental science, or a related field.
  • At least 5 years of experience in GIS data collection, management, analysis, and reporting.
  • Strong knowledge of GIS software and tools, including ArcGIS, and Google Earth Engine.
  • Experience in designing and implementing and providing quality assurance and quality control for GIS field data collection processes.
  • Knowledge of programming necessary for GIS manipulation and analysis 
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret and analyze complex data sets and ensure that data collection meets contract KPIs.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical audiences.
  • Strong project management skills and ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities in a fast-paced environment.

Procurement Officer

In this role, you will…

  • Manage the planning process of procurement and supply chain activities, store management, and distribution of goods procured, ensuring timely deliveries to avoid unprecedented delays.
  • Prepare annual procurement plans and monitor implementation of the procurement plan.
  • Prepare prequalification documents, prequalify potential suppliers, maintain a roster of suppliers and manage relationships with vendors, suppliers, and contractors that facilitate a smooth flow of services. 
  • Ensure timely preparation of procurement processes for projects and monitor procurement, including receipt of requisitions, organization of RFQ materials and documents, RFP, receipt of quotations, bids, and proposals, evaluation, and negotiation of certain contracts in full compliance with Trees Procurement Manual. 
  • Evaluate all procurement requirements and ensure timely procurement and delivery of goods, works, and services based on purchase requests received from user departments and using the most appropriate and efficient procurement procedures. 
  • Ensure full compliance of all procurement activities with the Trees Procurement Manual, Financial Rules and Regulations,      relevant organizational directives, and administrative instructions.
  • Implement effective internal controls, process improvements, proper design, and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system for Trees projects and related reporting.
  • Maintain good supplier relations and negotiate contracts. 
  • Oversee travel arrangements, including planning and executing complex travel itineraries for international staff for TREES (Hotel booking airport transfers and coordinating travel logistics).
  • Manage and monitor all transactional procurement, including tendering processes, evaluation, contracting, contract management, legal considerations, payment conditions, contractors, performance evaluation, documentation, and risk assessment.
  • Support the functioning of the Procurement Unit, Committees, and Evaluation teams.
  • Prepare timely and accurate monthly procurement reports and submit them to the Director of Finance and Operations. 
  • Ensure all activities are compliant with standard reporting requirements and audits.
  • Overseeing all procurement and purchasing activities 
  • Maintain Country Procurement Plan and Blanket Purchase Agreements with selected vendors. 
  • Maintain and keep a current preferred list of vendors. 
  • Work closely with the field teams to better understand procurement bottlenecks and timing needs. 
  • Work with HQ staff to implement procurement processes, including open tendering to reduce collusion, overpricing, and fairness during the sourcing of goods and services. 

Work closely with the Logistician and Compliance Officer to: 

  • Initiate assets tagging, verification, maintenance, monitoring, and write-off/disposal as may be appropriate in compliance with established rules and procedures.
  • Ensure all stores and equipment held by the projects are stored safely, correctly and securely, depending on item classifications.
  • Organize and deliver training materials for the project personnel on procurement, supply chain, and assets management. 
  • Work closely with the Logistician and Compliance Officer to find the most cost-effective solutions for transport, warehousing, and distribution (reviewing the vendor to last mile chain)

Collaborate with the Seed Bank Officer:

  • Negotiate with identified vendors in cases where the seed is being procured from other vendors who are not our trained vendors.
  • Acknowledge together with the seed bank team the receipt of seeds.
  • Verify the delivered quantities against the requested quantities.
  • Verify the quantities going out. 
  • Inventory management for seed payments, stocks, and distribution


The following minimum professional qualifications, 

  • University Degree in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Commerce, or a related relevant field.
  • Three years of relevant experience working in Procurement, preferably in an NGO/and/or development program, with in-depth experience in managing complex sourcing processes and supplier relationships in the delivery and management of procurement and supply chain services, stores, and assets management.
  • Professional  qualification in procurement completed or ongoing (CIPS or CPSP)
  • Membership to a local/International professional entity (KISM) is essential.
  • Knowledge of NGO/ Donor policies and their compliance requirements regarding Procurement and wider supply chain activity.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and the use of computer applications and systems.
  • Fluency in both verbal and written English is essential.
  • Solid knowledge and experience in planning and implementing sourcing activities and processes.
  • Excellent supplier management skills and a strong ability to hold suppliers accountable to deliver on their responsibilities.
  • Excellent Contract management, negotiations, and relationship management skills.
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