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Care Manager- FAK (Mombasa)

Job SummaryTo perform all the case management roles both at the contact centre and back office, which includes but not limited to:

Job Description

  • Sensitise and Provide information to clients about their policy guidelines.
  • Continuously advise clients about the most cost-effective service options to Clients/Brokers/Agents/ company Human resource managers. 
  • Facilitate for member sensitization and registration.
  • Organize for hospital transfers and evacuations in reference to their policies.
  • Calls managements in line with the international call centre standards.
  • Organise and participate in Carrying out health forums for clients.
  • Professional Handling of clients and service providers grievances within the stipulated time. 
  • Managing requests for services from providers, intermediaries, and clients, providing information on the FAK provider network, available benefits per scheme policy and services and other routine information
  • Respond to all emails and give feedback within one 30 minutes of receiving them.
  • Critically analyse and give accurate response to all pre-authorization within the defined TATs and in line with member policy benefits.
  • The care manager to accurately to decode prescriptions and other bills to identify any anomalies. 
  • Negotiate with service providers for sustainable costs containment.
  • Mitigate fraud cases through hospitals visitation of admitted patients in various hospitals, and vet all inpatient bills. 
  • Ensure the service access turnaround time is within the stipulated Service Level agreement, Discharges within 30 minutes, outpatient responses within 10 minutes. 
  • Sending daily admissions reports to clients; Brokers/Agents/ company Human resource managers. 
  • Offer first aid to any emergency cases within/around First Assurance Office.
  • Response to all escalations from the contact centre, carrying out customer surveys, social media and email management.
  • Performs all other tasks as assigned by the Line manager.

Education Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in nursing or clinical Medicine and Surgery
  • Insurance Professional qualification
  • Minimum of 3 – 4 years’ experience in a similar role in the insurance industry.

Area Sales Manager Bancassurance

Job Summary

To build and develop a high-performing team through embedding performance development and coaching. Ensure that the team member receives coaching and feedback in order to develop and achieve their maximum potential, meet and exceed sales targets.

Job Description

Area Sales Manager Bancassurance



  • Act as enabler to the Bancassurance Officers (BSO) under supervision by providing them with the tools and information to optimize sales
  • Through delegation to the Bancassurance Officers (BSO), achieve set annual sales targets.  Monitor the performance of the Bancassurance Officers (BSO) on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis and provide coaching and feedback on how to improve performance
  • Agree individual targets with the team members for products, assets, liabilities and campaigns.
  • Manage daily attendance levels within the team in compliance with the relevant HR policies, including the management and approval of leave within the team.
  • On a daily basis, monitor the movement of the Bancassurance Officers (BSO) to ensure that planned meetings or activities are being carried out in the field
  • Motivate staff and ensure they are recognized through the Absa Bank PLC recognition schemes
  • Identify training needs of the team and arrange for these needs to be met through on-the-job coaching and formal training
  • Communicate a summary of the training needs to the Regional Sales Managers at least annually.  Ensure that the planned learning interventions take place particularly for compulsory training
  • Sit for Bancassurance Officers (BSO) interviews based on shortlist provided by Regional Sales Managers, HR and Resource Coordinator. 
  • Induct new Bancassurance Officers (BSO) and ensure that they participate in formal induction as well as the compulsory compliance training courses
  • Sit for disciplinary hearings for misconduct or incapacity charges together with HR
  • Ensure that Bancassurance Officers (BSO) understand the compensation plans in place
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SUPERVISION OF SALES ACTIVITIES                                                


  • Supervise product promotion campaign aspects by distributing material to Bancassurance Officers (BSO).  Cascade key messages, including training for products to staff members, including training on new application forms
  • Monitor sales performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and provide results to the Regional Sales Managers

BUSINESS EXPANSION                                                                              


  • Work with Regional Sales Managers to unlock sales in companies through sales activations and financial trainings
  • Work with the sales teams and Regional Sales Managers to bring leads on new company sign ups



Ensure that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Framework and internal Absa Policies and Policy Standards. Understand and manage risks and risk events (incidents) relevant to the role.”

  • Ensure accuracy of each new account application, loan document, Barclaycard application and all other customer documents. Bancassurance Officers (BSO) are held personally accountable for accuracy and quality of these and supporting documents that they complete and submit.
  • Achieve operational rigour excellence in all aspects of procedures and processes personally undertaken to ensure green audit.
  • Comply with general Absa operational risk & rigour requirements e.g. Health & Safety standards and security of premises, KYC and anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Effective leave management of LGs in the team to manage branch costs
  • Effective management of reporting of LGs and prompt notification of any unexplained absences
  • Effective exit management
  • Effective management of performance records and use of LG Management tools to monitor performance and sales activities
  • Ensure that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Framework and internal Absa Policies and Policy Standards. Understand and manage risks and risk events (incidents) relevant to the role.”



  • Share knowledge and experience with other Sales Managers in the team.
  • Provider cover for other Sales Managers in case of excessive workload or absence.
  • Share knowledge and experience and best practice with team members, Bancassurance Officers (BSO) and the broader business
  • Deputize for the Regional Sales Manager when required.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                                                                      


  • Agree annual performance objectives with the Regional Sales Manager, including specific sales targets.
  •  Pursue continued improvement in personal development by participating in development programs and training.

Education and experience required

  • Insurance Qualification- Minimum Certificate of insurance
  • Competitor product sales experience
  • Insurance sales experience minimum 3years
  • Knowledge of the Bank’s products, services and policies including standard tariffs.
  • A good understanding of overall Retail goals & objectives, including the outlet’s objectives growth of sales, cost control and income contribution.
  • A thorough understanding of the sales process and the use of LG Management Tools
  • A working knowledge of the procedure manuals
  • A good working knowledge and understanding of relevant of legislation e.g KYC , Anti-Money laundering, banking code, service standards, health & safety standards etc.
  • A thorough knowledge of the bank’s internal departments, systems & procedures as well as risk & rigour requirements.
  • Preferred
  • A sound working knowledge of competitor products and services

Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent planning & organization skills
  • Very strong communication & questioning skills
  • Good numeric & analytical skills
  • Networking
  • Good selling/influencing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Listening skills


Competency definition/descriptor

We drive high performance to achieve Sustainability results

  • We play to win and are accountable for results.
  • We innovate, we are decisive, and we act quickly.
  • We learn from our failures; we are bold enough to change course.

We are obsessed with the customer

  • We are curious, we anticipate the customer’s needs.
  • We each take ownership of delivering the “One Absa” customer experience.
  • We outperform by going beyond customer expectations.

Our people are our strength

  • We integrate diverse perspectives to invent the future.
  • We collaborate with courage, honesty and powerful energy.
  • We trust, value and  grow our people to achieve their full potential.

We have an African heartbeat

  • We deliver a uniquely Absa experience, across Africa.
  • We co-create across Africa to deliver better solutions.
  • We actively engage our communities to bring people’s possibilities to life.

Technical Competencies

  • Business product and process awareness
  • Communication
  • People management & Team working
  • Interpersonal & networking skills


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