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Field Sales Specialist

In this Field Sales Specialist position

  • You will implement field sales plans and processes, including providing input for sales forecasting, budgeting, etc.
  • You will deliver sales objectives and revenue growth for a defined geographic region, product line or market segment.
  • You will secure new business and build on existing core business through repeat orders.
  • You will answer inquiries, resolve problems, promote and sell products/ services.
  • You will identify and contact prospective customers and build relationships to generate future sales and repeat business.
  • You will check and understand type and size of customer requirements and suggest products/ service/ alternative products/ services.
  • You will develop and deliver sales bids, presentations, proposals and conduct product demonstrations to customers.
  • You will follow up and pursue prospects, conduct discussions on terms of sale and close business by connecting a customer need with a DHL solution and highlighting the value it may create for the customer.
  • You will introduce products and promotions to customers and deploy marketing campaigns as appropriate.
  • You will build rapport and trust with customers by being informed about their business and market.
  • You will coordinate with internal teams such as sales, marketing, operations and service management for enhancing sales and customer retention You will give feedback to each team member to ensure constant alignment with Country, Regional and Global goals.
  • You will support customer retention by staying in touch to ensure service satisfaction, providing information useful to the customer, and introducing additional services to the customer.
  • You will identify problems that may not be clear in own area of authority and modify work methods accordingly.
  • You will convince external parties such as skeptical customers, institutions, etc. who are skeptical or unwilling to accept proposals or where decision making process and standards are defined and mandatory.
  • You will provide support on issues and problems from less experienced/ new team members, provide direction and guidance as needed.
  • You will convince other subject matter experts to accept new concepts, practices, and approaches.
  • You will build strong, trusting cross-functional relationships with DPDHL managers.
  • You will understand customer and key stakeholders’ interests and concerns and advise direct reports, customers and key stakeholders.
  • You will provide technical guidance to line managers and employees.

Now, here’s what we need from you

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • 6 years’ experience or more

Sales Support Specialist

In this Sales Support Specialist position

  • You will administer sales administration/ sales support plans and processes to assist sales teams and for processing of sales transactions.
  • You will assist in administration and planning of sales contracts as per specifications and expectations.
  • You will collect information and customer data to support sales teams with identification/ qualification of leads and preparation of quotations and contracts.
  • You will draft standard commercial documentation such as sales contracts and maintenance agreements to support sales.
  • You will answer queries on stock and shipment of orders and deal with customers/ sales teams including informing customers about shortages, expected delivery dates, price changes, etc.
  • You will follow up on orders and resolve problems related to orders
  • You will collate feedback from post implementation review and prepare reports on customer complaints, delivery/ service problems, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • You will compile reports and statistics for supporting sales teams in conducting business reviews.
  • You will periodically update sales price tables and prepare reports and statements regarding sales efficiency.
  • You will support pre- and after-sales activities.
  • You will explain facts, policies and practices related to job area.
  • You will support and interact primarily with colleagues of own sub-function.
  • You will develop a network of contacts to build up relationships and strengthen the organizational, product and market knowledge.

Now, here’s what we need from you

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience/qualification
  • 2 years’ experience.


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