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Manager, Strategy Enablement & Business Support


  • The purpose of the role is to provide support to the Head of CIB Kenya in business planning, administration, strategy execution and risk management, covering the CIB business units namely Client Coverage, Transactional Products and Services (TPS) Global Markets and Investment Banking.

The core functions of the role are:                         

  • Strategy Enablement & Execution:  Support the Head of CIB in the preparation of key strategic documents, tracking performance against set targets and coordinating the various CIB units to ensure delivery against the set objectives, and implementation. This includes actively participating with the CIB Manco for the formulation of the key strategic intent and using strategic level thinking.
  • Business Planning Support: Support the Head of CIB in the business planning and monitoring activities, coordinating with the various teams and stakeholders to ensure activities are aligned to the overall bank and CIB strategy. This includes all types of administrative support that is required by the Head of CIB on a day-to-day basis.
  • Risk Management Support and Coordination: Responsible for coordinating first line risk management support for the CIB Business, driving the risk agenda through the various business units, maintaining the CIB risk dashboard and championing proactive risk culture development and embedment within the CIB business. This includes maintaining and actively following up on a tracker for all pending Audit and Compliance matters as well.

Business Planning

  • Support the Head of CIB with the Execution and monitoring of strategy against set targets.
  • Coordinate and support the overall budget planning activities across the key CIB functions in coordination with the product Heads.
  • Ensuring the preparation of clear strategic and associated documents that outline the strategic intent and direction of the CIB business as well as being actively instrumental in understanding and contributing towards formulating of this strategy.

Business Performance Management Monitoring, Administrative Duties and Reporting

  • Preparation and analysis of CIB input to Board and Exco Packs (Monthly, Quarterly, Mid-year & Annual ) and follow-through actions.
  • Preparation of quarterly presentations of performance against budget, strategy update-Architecture updates for Quarterly staff feedback sessions
  • Coordination and Preparation of CIB EXCO packs, minute taking and actions follow-through
  • Analysis & Preparation of CIB Kenya input to CIB Africa Regions Manco
  • Support the CIB Management team in defining KPIs, data and reporting requirements in support of the business and performance management processes.
  • Undertake ad hoc and thematic research across the CIB network, analyse and interpret the results making inferences and recommendations as required.
  • Support the business performance review process by tracking and analysing readiness and performance against the business targets and strategic goals.
  • Support the business planning process across CIB teams to ensure full alignment of activities and business plans are evidence-based.
  • Benchmark performance against competitors and market trends and make recommendations on key performance drivers.
  • Participate in and coordinate CIB EXCO and other committees. This includes the administrative functions of minute taking, drafting of the agenda as well as noting and tracking of action items.
  • Assisting the Head CIB in all administrative tasks which include, but are not limited to, preparation of any reports, travel arrangements for Head CIB, filing of claims and maintaining of minutes/registers etc.
  • Responsible for coordinating and calling of all required CIB related Governance meetings including the CIB Leadership Council, CIB Manco Meetings
  • Responsible for the logistical coordination of all CIB Head related activities such as team buildings, strategy sessions etc.

Continuous Improvement

  • Undertake research on new business continuous improvement initiatives across CIB
  • Analyse and identify metrics for continuous improvements.
  • Conduct post Implementation benefits review of productivity improvement solutions to ensure client and business requirements are met.

Governance and Risk Management

  • Responsible for consolidated reporting on all aspects of Risk management for the Wholesale Clients business unit, covering but not limited to: Operational Risk, Business Resilience, Credit Risk, Data and Information Risk, Market Risk, Third-party / Outsourcing Risk, Cyber Risk, Financial Crime Risk, Model Risk, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Legal Risk, Internal & External  Assurance (Audit Performance), Regulatory Compliance Risk, Client Risk, Conduct Risk (Compliance), Reputational Risk, People Risk, Physical Assets, Safety & Security Risk . This includes maintaining and actively tracking all Audit and Compliance related matters with the respective Business Units.
  • Understanding and evaluating, with the support of second line risk coaches and the business unit champions, the applicability and materiality of all the risks in the CIB business unit.
  • Championing proactive risk culture development and embedment within the CIB business unit including appropriate awareness campaigns, promoting open discussion regarding risk for all the risk types
  • Convening and in liaison with the Head of CIB, chair Risk management forums for the CIB business unit. These forums will deliberate on risk matters at the BU-level, ensuring that key risk exposures are addressed effectively
  • Coordination of all risk related matters including liaising with Internal Audit, Non-Financial Risk, Compliance and other second and third line risk stakeholders to ensure closure of risk issues, and that risk environment within Wholesale Clients remains at acceptable levels.
  • Oversight and reporting on overall CIB Business Risk and Compliance i.e. Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and Risk and Control Self Assessments (RCSA) processes.
  • Leading the CIB Business Continuity Management (BCM) coordination and update of BCM plans and call tree
  • Reviewing, managing and reporting of RCSA process and breaches.

Administrative support

  • Maintain and update the calendar and schedule of recurrent meetings for the Head of CIB.
  • Stationery Management-Manage the reorder levels for stationery, control the access and use of stationery.
  • Office Organization-Manage the cleanliness and orderliness in the floor. Manage the subordinate staff assigned to first floor.
  • Leave management for CIB Manco on behalf of the Head of CIB

General Coordination and Communication

  • Coordinate distribution activity scheduling and management.
  • Provide support to formal corporate performance review meetings where necessary.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Type of Qualification: Post Graduate Degree
  • Field of Study: Business Commerce
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Experience Required

  • Business Management
  • Business Support
  • 5-7 years
  • The role requires a seasoned, holistic professional with considerable business acumen and understanding of the organisation and industry, gained from a track record of 5+ years in advisory roles, who is capable of providing insights and guidance to the executive.
  • 5-7 years
  • The role requires an experience professional with a sound understanding of local, regional and international economic forces, gained through research and insights gained in key strategic roles.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Developing Expertise
  • Developing Strategies
  • Embracing Change
  • Empowering Individuals
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Examining Information
  • Generating Ideas
  • Pursuing Goals
  • Seizing Opportunities
  • Taking Action
  • Team Working
  • Valuing Individuals

Technical Competencies:

  • Client Retention
  • Customer Understanding (Business Banking)
  • Economic Research
  • Product and Services Knowledge
  • Project Definition
  • Strategic Planning and Reporting

Manager, Personalization

Job Purpose:

  • To be accountable for the complete Personalization capability in country, including insights generation, direct campaigns, conversation portals, the creation and management of a multi-disciplinary insights and analytics team that partners in the design and delivery of personalized client conversations for Consumer and High Net Worth clients.


  • Accountable for developing, productionising, and maintaining statistically robust and accurate campaign models to facilitate conversations in main markets, take-up optimisation across acquisition, retention, right-sell, and cross-sell interventions.
  • Accountable for risk management and adherence to all governance standards for the continued sustainability of the CHNW Clients, country and segment. Accountable for the management and execution of personalised campaigns, which is supported by appropriate analytics and behavioural economics principles.
  • Adhere to various domain guidelines.
  • Collaborates with other segments, Client Solutions, Innovation, platform enablers and Corporate Functions for the enablement of multi-products and services.
  • Conduct experiments on the combination of data and tool sets to best fit business requirements and this require constant adaption based on feedback. 
  • Creating in-country champions and ownership in driving effective provincial adoption of insights, triggers, and platforms.
  • Define and implement remedial actions in collaboration with country, other segment heads and Client Solutions.
  • Define and implement the financial outcomes required for Personalisation in line with CHNW Clients requirements and in close collaboration with domain heads, Innovation and Platform enablers.
  • Define and lead the implementation of the Personalisation value proposition in country with input from segments and capability heads and in alignment with the CHNW Clients value proposition. Define appropriate processes for the management of the conversation portal demand from business and on going implementation of new conversations.
  • Deliver on the Group’s shared purpose and instilling a culture which enables the Group to evolve into a client led platform organisation.
  • Design and formulate a campaign management process (aligned to best practices framework) that is geared at achieving the strategic objectives as co-defined with countries and segments.
  • Design, development, execute and adopt for a complete client conversation portal, in partnership with the Domain, enabling bankers to have contextually relevant and meaningful conversations with clients.
  • Develop appropriate recovery and resolution plans to protect segments client journeys’ data from any untoward event. Develop client risk appetite based on the defined framework, which is signed off by CHNW Clients, Country in conjunction with Risk.
  • Development and enhancement of a complete Customer Conversation Portal models / engines to improve relevance of conversations and introduce advanced conversations in country Customer Conversations Portal front-end design with user experience / visualization for both Relationship and Main market segments.
  • Develops strategy for targeted campaigns through identifying business opportunities and translating those into informing high-impact campaigns across all phases of the customer lifecycle.
  • Direct product / customer engagement campaigns based on contextual relevance, right time and right channel. Drive satisfactory audits and ensures that there are no repeat unsatisfactory findings as gauged by operational losses.
  • Drive scalability of user experience design based on digital and physical integration points around product, campaigns and go-to market timelines (must take market relevance into consideration).
  • Drive, track and report on adoption and provides feedback to relevant domain owners and capabilities.
  • Enable integrated ways of working and collaboration across the value chain to deliver for the client.
  • Enable segments in country to deliver through SBG and 3rd party products and services to the Consumer and HNW segments through client centric ecosystem platforms. Ensure alignment to the People and Culture standards with regards to all employee-related matters. Ensure original and innovative thinking, informed by deep customer understanding, in solving for customer conversations.
  • Ensure that campaigns are designed in accordance with Personalisation principles and in alignment to customer outcomes expectations (i.e. Improvements in NPS, Reduced Opt Out Rates)
  • Ensure that campaigns confirm to internal risk appetite standards and customer contact and consent strategy is in alignment to country regulations.
  • Ensure that the country Personalisation capability is built within prudent market risk and conduct parameters. Follow the parameters of the key trade off decisions at client level (i.e. risk appetite, pricing etc.).
  • Identify current and potential employee skill requirements in consultation with the People and Culture function.
  • Identify opportunities from prospective and existing customers (Switching, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, and Right-Sell triggers / campaigns). Implement and monitor risk management across Personalisation capability (e.g., operational risk, credit risk, ecosystems risk and partner risk management). Introduce Portfolio Management capabilities on portals and commercialise developed insights & analytics
  • Lead the implementation of the Personalisation value proposition and all related toolbox(es) in country and customises accordingly.
  • Lead the implementation of user experience design (through relevant insight and analytics) approach to help guide domain owners better understand and detail the client journeys as they change Leverage data and advanced analytics to inform proactive and reactive protection / retention strategies.
  • Link various components in order to solve business problems (e.g., understand business challenges, source and analyse appropriate data and translate it in such a manner that business understands).
  • Maintain alignment with other segment heads in order to ensure client value proposition delivery and reduction of duplication across segments.
  • New real-time use cases to cater for time sensitive requirements of clients.
  • Partner with Client Solutions and 3rd Party partners and ecosystems for the delivery of integrated multi-products and services for the client.
  • Provide client insights and analytics to support business in understanding the customer, such as segment deep dive analysis, entrenchment scorecards.
  • The outputs can be used for targeted customer engagement, CVP design, etc.
  • Provide country data, analytics and insights and approach to help understand and measure scalability, uptake and investment on products through user experience design. Provide input into financial and non-financial metrics (e.g. client attrition, profit growth and return on investment, etc.) for countries.
  • Essential Functions Provide input into other ecosystems in order to provide our clients with convenient access to a range of diverse products and services.
  • Provide input into talent strategy developed by People and Culture.
  • Provide original and innovative thinking, informed by deep customer understanding, in solving for customer conversations. Set the example in line with the Group’s leadership identity, core values and People Promise.
  • Stay abreast of market and competitive developments in order to provide input to innovative and value-added services to gain market share.
  • Strike a balance between the provision of analytics for rapid turnaround (e.g., campaigns) and longer term (e.g., value driven analytics for identifying ideal customer).
  • Support business decision making through the provision of customer insights and analytics.
  • Support the delivery of a consistent client experience through all engagement platforms. Support the implementation of client value proposition in country with approved customisations.
  • Track and monitor the client conversation portals in country in order to provide input and insights to shape personalisation for CHNW Clients.
  • Track and report on adoption and provides feedback to relevant domain owners and capabilities.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Type of Qualification: First Degree
  • Field of Study: Mathematical Sciences
  • Type of Qualification: Post Graduate Degree
  • Field of Study: Business Commerce

Experience Required

  • Personalisation, CHNW
  • Consumer & High Net Worth
  • 11 years
  • Proven experience in deep quantitative, analytics, and modelling environments with proven track record on delivering both customer and commercial outcomes.
  • Proven track record in customer insights and analytics environment with end-to-end accountability on translating data in to insights and translating the derived insights in to actionable customer conversations delivering both customer and commercial outcomes.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Developing Strategies
  • Embracing Change
  • Empowering Individuals
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Generating Ideas
  • Making Decisions
  • Producing Output
  • Pursuing Goals
  • Showing Composure
  • Taking Action
  • Understanding People
  • Valuing Individuals

Technical Competencies:

  • Business Acumen (Audit)
  • Economic Capital Management
  • Financial Acumen
  • Financial Analysis
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Reporting
  • Risk/ Reward Thinking.


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