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FAST Business Development Manager, VisionFund International

Job Summary

  • The FAST (finance accelerating savings for transformation) Business Development Manager be part of part of the FAST team and will employ VisionFund International (VFI) collective experience in supporting savings groups with THRIVE- tested interventions to expand these models and lessons to the broader financial sector.
  • VFI as part of its 2030 strategy seeks to impact an additional 9 million children by enabling 3 million clients to have access to financial services outside of its present network of MFIs. This work is positioned within the World Vision Inclusive Finance Group as part of its partnership strategy.  This new position is being created to grow access to formal financial services for savings groups (VSLAs/ S4T) globally as a result of the learnings coming out from THRIVE 2.0. 
  • Through the available learnings from THRIVE 2.0, including from DreamSave data-sharing and THRIVE MandE systems,this position will seek to expand FAST-type lending into other countries where VFI does not have an MFI affiliate.  The position will work directly with interested World Vision field offices and other NGOs to explore what needs exist among savings groups to access additional financial services through the formal financial sector, and then to work with financial institutions to develop and deliver appropriate products and services.  

Key Responsibilities

THRIVE 2.0 knowledge management (10%)

  • Responsible for THRIVE indicator tracking
  • Responsible for collecting and sharing lessons learned amongst relevant stakeholders
  • Build THRIVE learnings into new partnership models for new countries

Market assessment (15%)

  • Support on the ground: market analysis (mapping) of existing groups
  • Support in research and analysis of survey data to understand needs of savings groups for financial services
  • Analyze context including financial sustainability calculations to evaluate feasibility to start FAST in new locations.
  • Map out initial potential financial institutions including interest, existing products and geographical spread
  • Document outcomes and recommendations

Negotiating, adapt products and start partnerships (25%)

  • Identify the zone of possible agreement where both groups, the NGO and the financial institution can see common ground or value for each.
  • Working with WV field offices and other NGOs to confirm interest to explore financial solutions identified in the market assessment.
  • Working with identified MFIs and Banks to build understanding and buy in to serve underserved markets through a group-based FAST product.
  • Adapt the product to fit different client groups (e.g migrants, refugees, those impacted by disasters)
  • Support in designing and implementing pilot testing
  • Operations support in product testing and roll out/scaling of FAST lending (20%)
  • Capacity building of implementing staff covering FAST product, processes, digitization, monitoring, compliance etc.
  • Support hiring and training of new field officers
  • Work with DreamSave and other digital applications
  • Adjustments to loan policies, procedures, and internal systems

Funding and reporting (10%)

  • Support funding proposals from WV field offices, support offices or VFI grants team as a technical expert
  • Support in preparing regular THRIVE 2.0 and other grant-related reports
  • Wherever possible generate revenue opportunities for VFI
  • Monitoring and partnership relational management (10%)
  • Continuous follow up on quality implementation including refreshers for all relevant staff
  • Continuous monitoring via powerbi & other tools
  • Provide monthly progress and compliance update
  • Responsible for developing impact reporting including survey from partner entities
  • Capture relevant lessons and practices to build internal capacity and knowledge in savings group lending.

Other work (10%)

  • Support FAST team members on other country tasks if necessary as part of Thrive 2.0
  • The position as part of the WV Inclusive Finance Group is expected to support and engage other team members to build effective partnerships

Required Professional Experience ​

  • University degree
  • A minimum of 7 years’ work experience in the microfinance/ retail banking sector; and a minimum of 3 years supporting savings groups/VSLAs.
  • Hands-on knowledge of how savings groups are formed, operate and grow is essential. Experience working with NGOs
  • Research, writing and knowledge management skills
  • Experience leading projects that engage with partner organizations
  • Worked in multiple countries, whether full-time or consulting
  • Remote project management and support

 Preferred Knowledge/qualifications for the role:

  • Work with financial services linkages to savings groups is a preferred skill set
  • Has worked as a consultant
  • Experience in PowerBI, ArcGi and other data-based tools
  • Experience of working with WV is preferred
  • Proven ability to document clearly findings and communicate them in English
  • Proven ability to present in meetings & on zoom
  • 40% of Travel for work requirement
  • Locations: Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia to name a few where WVI is registered
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Travel and/or Work Environment

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel internationally, potentially 30% of the time.
  • Able to work from home if required

Programme Officer – Global Hunger Response

Job Purpose

  • The purpose of the position is to lead all programming-related matters for the Global Hunger Response, including but not limited to serving as the programmes lead for grants in the Response with oversight on the financial portfolio, coordinating with IM and Resource Development, development of reports and key publications for GHR, leading on the situation reports development, organizing best practices and learning platforms/meetings, supporting Field Offices(FOs) and Support Offices(SOs) with the revision of concept notes for PNS and providing Disaster Management (DM) team in revisioning of FO/NO strategies as needed.

Major Job Responsibilities           

Lead programme development for GHR

  • Provide analysis of the hunger situation of the countries that are part of GHR to aid in key decision making
  • Lead the development of monthly and quarterly situational reports in coordination with the rest of the GHR team
  • Lead the development of the content for GHR-related capacity statements and other reports in coordination with technical and communication teams.
  • Lead on organizing best practices and learning platforms/meetings that would bring together technical leads and the NOs/FOs around specific topics in the scope of the hunger response (urban, fragile context, F&D, etc.).
  • Track and capture factors influencing program adjustments and funding within ongoing 4UN+ programs for purposes of generating advocacy information and messages i.e. ration cuts, pipeline breaks, prioritization of assistance based on IPC levels, cuts in programs, and suspension of planned activities, etc.    

Lead resource development for the Global Hunger Response     

  • Oversee the GHR funding portfolio in coordination with the information management and finance teams, including validation of funding with Support Offices (SOs).
  • Provide guidance to Support Offices on the use of private Non-Sponsorship funding, including revision of concept notes from field offices and ensuring alignment with GHR objectives.
  • Track donor trends and intelligence in coordination with DM Resource Development and Regional Offices teams and SOs; coordinate with advocacy to influence donors         

Support in preparations for key meetings 

  • Coordinate the development of presentations for both PET and PCT forums 
  • Actively participate in GHR coordination team meetings and share key highlights with the Response Director following each meeting.
  • Perform other related tasks as required by the line manager      

Requirements & Qualifications For The Role     

  • Minimum 5 years experience working in a related field. (programme development, report writing, academic research, international non-governmental work).
  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to community development work preferably in fields such as sociology, international or political studies, humanitarian law, public health, population studies, and others.
  • Experience working with several public and private donors.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Good research skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Computer literate with a high degree of proficiency and productivity

Language, Travel and/or Work Environment & Physical Requirement:

  • This is a remote working role.  Based in any country where WVI has a registration.
  • The role requires proactiveness, flexibility, and dedicated self-care to enable one to function well during a crisis situation.      
  • Excellent written and spoken English – French, Arabic, and/or Spanish will be an added advance.


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