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Senior Accountant (Treasury)

Overall Purpose of the Job

  • Assist in daily cash management, including the preparation and review of the daily cash flow and cash reporting and prepare reports on income, balances and investments for incorporation into month end treasury reports.
  • Supervise and check payroll inputs, reports, and statutory deductions on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy before forwarding for final review and payment.

Specific Duties


  • Safety of funds where large volumes of funds are required for project activities; by arranging bank cash deliveries, travelling to field sites or countries to ensure proper procedures towards safety of cash, provision of correct supporting documents and accurate disbursements are done.
  • Proper operation of office cash imprest/floats within departments and projects, reconciliations, accountability, and disbursements.
  • Download bank statements on a weekly basis and forward to the accountants, ensuring that Donor incomes are given correct budget codes and descriptions and that receipting is done promptly.
  • Approve the correctness of the bank statements against all assigned ledger accounts and follow up on the reconciling items.
  • Prepare monthly reconciliation summaries to ensure completeness of bank reconciliations and explanations for outstanding items.
  • Check and approve interest receivable journals to ensure correct ledger codes are assigned, reviewed, and ensure the journals are uploaded promptly into the financial system.
  • Approve payment requests, allocate correct payment modes, review the payment amounts according to acceptable guidelines.
  • Approve payment batches and upload bank EFT–ACH and international wire payments and verify the preliminary payments, confirming correct values, account names and bank accounts.
  • Approve payments for specific expenditures e.g. travel advances, utilities, final dues etc.
  • Assist in preparation of reports on currency revaluation, income, cost, interest, balances and investments for incorporation into Treasury reports, or any ad hoc reports as requested by the Treasury Manager.
  • Preparation of internal monthly exchange rates.
  • Manage bank relationships; communicate to the banks to clarify items on the bank statements such as returned payments, bank service fee, interest accruals, etc.
  • Responding to audit queries in a timely manner and liaise with auditors to confirm bank balances as at the end of year.
  • Support SFA on incoming funds and initiation of payments for funds requests.


  • Ensure timely preparation and payment of both the SFA and Short-term payroll.
  • Ensure accuracy of the payroll by verification of input, reports and reconciliations for Grants, Ethiopia and RSIF payroll and upload in the online bank platform.
  • Provide proper support and customer service to staff, projects and auditors in handling payroll issues, responding to queries and providing reports as required.


  •  Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and CPA (K) or equivalent professional qualification.
  •  Excellent skills using MS Word, Excel, Access and Internet Explorer.
  •  Familiarity with Sun-system accounting.
  •  Knowledge in human resources and payroll software.
  •  Understanding of payroll/labour legislation and processes.
  •  A minimum of 5 years of work experience in a relevant area.
  •  At least 3 years of relevant experience in an international NGO or an international organization.
  •  Experience in payables and payroll operations in a multi-currency environment.

Other Desirable Attributes

  •  Coordinate activities of the Treasury Accountants and attachees performing accounting and bookkeeping tasks, ensuring efficiency and completeness of all tasks.
  •  Supervise and check payroll inputs and reports monthly to ensure accuracy before forwarding for final review and payment.
  •  Preparation of monthly/quarterly schedules for incorporation into Treasury reports.
  •  Exceptional analytical reasoning skills: ability to think through problems thoroughly and generate solutions with minimum supervision.
  •  Request for support details relating to receipts and respond to bank on payments support details.
  •  Arrange for availability of cash for Partner/Projects activities within and outside the country.
  •  Provide payment information to suppliers.


  • This position reports to the Manager, Treasury Accounting

Accountant (Treasury)

Overall Purpose of the Job

  • Preparation of the Centre’s monthly Payroll, – Main and RSIF Payrolls, ensuring accuracy and timeliness, to meet the internal and statutory obligations.
  • Reconcile Payroll Control Accounts in the ledger and submit monthly Statutory Returns.
  • Ensure correct Payments & Receipts through verification and confirmation that payments are timely, correct, and accurate.
  • Ensure journals are captured correctly including e.g., correct amounts, budget codes, tax deductions, etc.
  • Ensure bank reconciliation are timely prepared and outstanding items resolved promptly.
  • Support and coordinate the Institutional Audit process within the unit.
  • Support the Senior Treasury Accountant.

Specific Duties

  • Create the profile for new employees from contracts, ensuring that the correct employee numbers, contract periods, personal details, tax status, basic salaries are captured.
  • Update the employees’ profiles with contract extensions, terminations, promotions, resignations, etc.
  • Prepare payroll upload templates for deductions and incomes, reconcile with previous month and upload into the payroll system.
  • Print the Payroll reconciliation reports and verify the totals against individual Payroll reports and forward for verification by the Senior Accountant.
  • Upload the NSSF and NHIF monthly returns onto the respective websites.
  • Initiate payment for statutory deductions and send remittance advice to the respective institutions, e.g. ISA, Sacco, ISCA, Pension service providers, etc.; after payment is done.
  • Reconcile the Payroll Control Accounts (e.g., Withholding tax, NSSF, NHIF etc.) in the ledger, ensuring that payments net off the Payroll Journal amounts posted.
  • Provide the payroll reports, documentation and/or information internally as required i.e. pay slips, audit reports etc.
  • Maintain proper filing of all payroll reports and supporting documents.
  • Provide excellent internal relations with staff and deal with all payroll-related queries.
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  • Initiate payment requests, print approved requisitions, attach support documents, ensuring correct
  • bank details and amounts are captured and forward for approval. i.e. for Suppliers, Partners,
  • Education advances, Consultancies, Terminal dues, subscriptions, staff refunds, RSIF payments, honorarium and scholar’s tuition fees ensuring correctness of transactions.
  • Initiate receipt requests, ensure accuracy of income and generation of receipts.
  • Prepare the payment journals templates, ensuring correct budget codes, amounts, descriptions are captured and upload in the ERP to ensure preparations are prompt to avoid delays in posting and committing expenses in the ledger.
  • Prepare bank reconciliations, ensuring they are done accurately and promptly and follow up on outstanding reconciling items with the bank or project and ensure closure.
  • Provide various bank reports e.g. funds received, bank charges analysis.
  • Coordinate and provide supporting documentation and/or information on internal process that is required for audit purposes.
  • Request for year-end Audit confirmation on bank balances from all our banks and follow up to get the bank responses.
  • Stamp, allocate and maintain proper filing of all payment reports and supporting documents.
  • Support the Treasury team and perform any ad hoc tasks as required by supervisor.


  •  Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and CPA (K) or equivalent professional qualification.
  •  Knowledge in human resources and payroll software is preferred.
  •  Understanding of relevant labour legislations.
  •  Excellent skills using MS Word, Excel, Access, and Internet Explorer.
  •  Familiarity with Sun-system or other accounting system.
  •  A minimum of 3 years’ experience in a similar area.
  •  Experience with Payroll operations.

Other Desirable Attributes

  •  Staff can solve problems in conjunction with others.
  •  Supervision of Accountants at lower level and attachés
  •  Preparation and confirmation of the necessary payroll reports.
  •  Prepare various bank reports e.g interest income, funds received, bank charges analysis.
  •  Provide payment information to Suppliers, Staff, Project Partners and Statutory institutions.
  •  With the approval of the supervisor, staff is responsible for decision making in his job function.

Method of Application

Applications will be accepted up to 23rd June 2023. Interested applicants should submit:

  • a confidential coverletter;
  • detailed CV with names and addresses of 3 referees, including e-mail addresses; and
  • a statementillustrating suitabilityagainst thelisted qualifications/competencies/abilities, and skills.

Candidates are required to apply online through: or by Email:

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